Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

One of the strongest points that  followers of Karna [ as invincible] have is the words of Krishna  praising Karna ,on the eve of death of Ghatotkach . Krishna say’s

  • Karna is given to austereties
  • Karna is one abiding by bramhins and Devatas
  • Karna is not given to falsehood .
  • [He says to PArshuram ,I am anatha , all orphans and other creatures as well  are children of GOD,You are GOD and YOU are Bramhin , thus I said I am bramhin  ]
  • KArna cannot be slayed by INDRA ,YAMA ,VARUNA
  • KArna , cannot be vanquished not even Sudarshan Chakra 
  • All this because He has Kavach kundal.

    What was so great about Kavach Kundal . It was an armour given as boon to KARNA by SURYA .

    Can a boon by Surya make Karna invincible even to Devatas and Narayana ? let us analyse ;


    • Nivat kavach rakshas too had boon of kavach , Nothing could pierce the kavach . Kavach could not be cut or destroyed by Devatas . This was the boon given to nivat kavach by BRAMHA .
    • Indra gives his vajrayudh and Kirit [ hence ARJUN is called KIRITI] to ARJUN and sends him to fight with nivat kavach . Arjun destroys the Kavach of nivath kavach and makes Indra happy . [ boon is overtaken]
    • Jarasandha had boon of SHiva , never to die and be immortal , but BHeema kills him [ boon is surpassed ] .
    • JAyadrath had boon that he would be invincible to all PAndavs , but as Pashupat astra was given to Arjun , Shiva made it clear that except Arjun he would be invincible over Pandavs but only for a day . Bheema earlier had overtaken Shiva boon , but here HE let the boon happen , for Abhimanyu had to die .[ boon honoured ]
    • Kaalyavan had a boon by SHiva that He would Kill Krishna , but contrarily he died at the sight of MUCHIKUNDA . [boon overtaken][ boon to muchikunda honoured]
    • Samshaptakas had boon from Shiva [ not to lose in a battle ] but lose terribly to Arjun [ boon overtaken]
    • Kritavarma had a boon from Krishna , that he would be Invincible on a chosen day [ boon honoured ]
    • Satyaki had a boon from Krishna , that he would be invincible for a day [ boon honoured when he defeats all the kauravas]
    • Bhagadatta had a vaishnav astra from VARAHA Vishnu [ boon honoured ,as no PAndav ventured as long as he had the astra , when Krishna took on himself , he was killed by PAndav ] boon nullified .
    • Shrutdhanva had a mace which would make him invicible but would hit him back if he used it on unarmed , it fell on Krishna and his head blew up . [ boon nullified ]

    SO at times boons were honoured and at times boons were dishonured to show that KRISHNA is the master of the UNIVERSE and not the bestower of these boons . Thus he indicrimintaley ,randomly , honoured or dishonoured at his will . The fact that boons were dishonoured shows mere boons does not make one INVINCIBLE .

    Krishna’s Sudarshan has never come back without destroying the enemy when used . SO karna cannot be immuneto it , As even greater Rakshasas having boons of invincibilty are known to have succumbed to SUDARSHAN CHAKRA . Bhagavat is testimony to it , Entire puranas sing glory of VISHNU with CHAKRA having never failed .  Krishna has shrouded SUN himself with the Chakra [ jayadrath killing ], when SUN himself was overpowered , where his boons stand .

    KARNA is mere a mortal and pitiable mortal at that .

    WIth KAVACH kundal on he was vanquished by many . There is a incident in the mahabharata where , bheema hits the kavach during RAJASUYA digvijay , it hurts KArna to the point of death , just to honour Parshuram’s words and Surya’s boon , he does not break it .

    Karna accepts the soverignty of YUDHISTHIR and pays taxes . RAjsuya yagya is completed .[ without KArna accepting defeat , this Yagnya would not have deemed complete as Raajsuya is meant for rulership of all the world , KArna was part of world .

    No great warrior gives /accepts Superiority till his life/death , only when HE has love of LIFE , he accepts defeat . Karna feared losing LIFE despite KAVACH KUNDAL . This is also reflected in GANDHARVA episode , KARNA was captivated , a warrior will give life rather than get captivated , One gets captivated when he is helpless and fears LIfe . otherwise war takes place unto death .

    SO kavach and Kundal were not something that could save KArna’s LIFE . Sudarshan is a highest weapon , its use  would definitely KIll KARNA , but as lord VOWED not to use weapons , using SUDARSHAN was unwarranted . ALSO as PArshuram Lord has promised protection to KARNA as long as he is without jealousy . BUT KARNA could never get rid of JEALOUSY towards ARJUN to the point he could not abide by LORD KRISHNA and KUNTI and SURYA [ the giver of KAVACH] .

    It was KArna’s inability to overcome SHADVAIRI [ KAAM KRODHA LOBHA MADA MOHA  MATSARYA ] that made him lose despite all the boons . ALl the good fortunes became useless ,

    • His repentance of not having Drona’s tutorship was well compensated by PARSHURAM [ Drona ‘s guru ] that made him equal to Drona himself [ is it not good fortune ]
    • He was made KING of ANGA even before YUDHISTHIRA could acquire a KINGDOM [ is it not good fortune ]
    • His skills were acknowledged and was parised everywhere [ is it not good fortune ]
    • He acquired ANother half of ANGA rajya from JARASANDHA [ is it not good fortune ]
    • EVEN when PAndavs were langusihing in forests , HE always had a Kingdom of his own and an emperor as a freind [ is it not good fortune ]
    • He had the protection of highest KInd [ KAVACH and KUndal] is it not good fortune .
    • His father SURYA always spoke to him in the times of distress [ Is it not good fortune ]
    • He was recognised by the whole world as a potential rival to ARJUN by whole world [ takshak’s son chose him to take revenge ] is it not good fortune . [ getting support of enemies enemy ]
    • He was even offered a chance to Rule over his Rival ARJUN by KRISHNA [ is it not a good fortune ]
    • Except for the sanskara of SUTA all his life he led a life akin to a glorified  KSHATRIYA .[ is it not a good fortune ]

    He turned a blind eye to all these fortunes and out of ego , pride and jealousy , sided with the evil and lost all the fortune and perished . KAvach KUndal were for his safety till He grew into an adult , boons are meant for doing good in this world , when one misuses them they are taken back . INDRA took back the KAVACH because KArna had to be killed for his misdeeds . Boon of SURYA would be falsified . GOD CHOSE TO HONOUR SUN . [ ALSO IT SAVED KARNA FROM UTTER DISGRACE again good fortune ].

    MORAL : Never succum to shadvairi[ KAAM KRODHA LOBHA MADA MOHA MATSARYA] , all your good fortunes notwithstanding you shall perish unaided by LORD KRISHNA .



    Dear Readers , If you are asking a query , Kindly do not forget to worship SRIMAN NARAYANA and HANUMANJI and then write a number within 1800 followed by single digit number [ within 1-8 ] ,kindly Give time and current Place where you are asking query from ! , followed by number of virtual beetle leaves ,nuts and fruits you would like to give astrologer , and clear place ,time and date of birth . [take your hands off keyboard ] TOUCH a BODY part and kindly mention which part of the body Your hand is touching [ sprishtanga ] .... state your problem clearly , let us know what is it that your are looking for without ambiguity ! start and end with salutation to HARI ! If above procedure is not adhered to ,then no answers will be given !

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