Tatva Sanshay Nivaran

This page is exclusively for the discussion of doubts over Dvaita siddhanta and Vedic phrases . Readers are encouraged to discuss in depth the tenets of Dvaita philosophy .

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  1. namaste guruji -^- i have a doubt, what is meaning of mantra & tantra ? , in some parts of kerala people named thantri , what is the meaning of this ? astamangala prashne is should be done by a thantri ?

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    • Mantra means , doing manan of which , it relieves , nourishes etc ,,
      Tantra is accompanying kriya which nourishes
      Ashtamangala gives details of querist to a very minutest levels . Query can pertain to devata temple disease or kingdom etc
      Since it involves placement of gold piece to know exact arudha ( this should reflect Gods will ) a eminent spiritually inclined adept in shastra sadguni person who can invoke daivik forces should be employed . One can call such person as tantri

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  2. Sir,
    At the time of posting the comment, my mind was very agitated. I went and asked my mother the question and her response was ” what can I say, Kamsa did it because it was written in his fate to meet his end like that and that’s why he did it ” and I too pretty much felt the same. So many times, even we do things knowing very well what the results will be, we leave it to chance, so that is what Kamsa also did. For people who want to criticize Hindu dharma, no amount of explanation will suffice. I apologize for asking that question. It is just that when the mind is calm and peaceful, these kind of jokes and comments sound irritating and cause anguish.

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    • Kamsa actually wanted to kill DEvaki , but Vasudev who is Kshatriya seeing his wife in danger was actually prepared to FIGHT war with KAnsa , but then he had extreme belief in AKASHVANI so not to let go his opportunity to get a SON [ LORD KRISHNA ]he instead used yukti , he Convinced KANSA , that it is child that is of interest to him why kill his beloved sister and get stree hatya dosha and also apakeerti in LIFE .. VAsudev promised he would himself hand over the child to HIM in lieu of granting them life … .. thus BOTH Kshatriyas abiding by the WORDS given to each other KANSA put them in prison …

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  3. Sir,
    I am asking this question just to know. Somebody that I know raised it up and I felt I should get it clarified. If Kamsa knew that his sister’s offspring would cause his death, why did he let her live with her husband? Why he could not separate the wife and husband? I have no knowledge of the vedas, but since you are well read about them, I felt I should ask you. I am actually feeling guilty, that all these years I never thought of this, but why suddenly am I thinking about it. I am feeling very disturbed.

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  4. VIJAY KUMAR said:

    1961 9 5.50 PM, Bangalore, 6 betel leaves, nuts ans six plantains, 11.10 am , mumbai 27/051961,right ear, debts and wealth problem

    Hari om

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  5. Raghu Rao said:

    Respected Guruji,

    Hare Sreenivasa
    My humble Namaskara. For some reason, my previous question did not make it to this section. Hence, I am penning it again. Kindly provide some answers.

    1. Does performing Ekadashi and other vrathas (like Chaturmasya) in Mletcha lands or any lands other than Punya Bhoomi yield any results?

    2. If Mletcha Desha does not give Phala for Sandhyavandane, etc, does that mean non-performance of Karmas in those deshas will also not result in Paapa?

    Please oblige and answer.


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  6. Raghu Rao said:

    Hare Sreenivasa.

    Respected Guruji,

    1) Is there phala for doing Ekadashi and Chaturmasya vratha’s in Mletcha Desha or any other Bhoomi apart from Karma Bhoomi?

    2) If there is no punya accrued for acts like Sandhyavandane etc in Mletcha Desha, then Papa should also not accrue in case of non-observance of the same in those lands. Is this valid?

    Kindly advise Guruji.

    Thanks much

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    • when a punya kaarya is done in Mletcha Desha ,, it gets destroyed immediately due to patit sanga .. but punya definitely comes by doing sandhyavandana ,.
      ekadashi should be done at all condition chaturamasya should also be done
      even mletcha should ekadashi ,, it is nitya

      the concept of bhoga bhumi is wrong .. it is karma bhumi only .. but paap karma will be more as patit are more ..

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      • Raghu Rao said:

        Dhanyavada Guruji. I heard from some scholars that in Bharata Desha, it is like walking on a razor’s edge because one has to be very careful. Though even a small punya karma result in a very good effect, but even a small paapa karma can result in adverse effects. Is this true? In Kaliyuga, this may actually deter people from the above situation and may prefer Mletcha since punya paapa both are zero there ??? Just curious….. i am in no way supporting Mletcha desha, but wanted to understand this better.

        SIncere Thanks

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  7. bhaarateesha.acharya said:

    i have asked abt avatara of abhimanyu wheather he is CHANDRA OR BUDHA. but til nw no tatvasamshaya nivarana, YOU told earlier u wd giv d scan of leaf from vyasankere prabhanjanaachar book. bt no reply…..,…

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  8. […] ? Soni SP : I cant find sadana access page – can someone please post link here Sree Chulki : http://chiraan.com/tatva-sanshay-nivaran/ Sree Chulki : http://chiraan.com/your-questions-my-answers/ Usha Srinivasa : thank you Sree… […]

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  9. Guruji

    What does Madhwa shastra say about neutral people and their characteristic?

    Is it right to remain neutral where right and wrong is concerned?

    Do these kinds of people value freedom above everything else?


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    • neutral people actually ahrbour inner ANGER towards GOOD and in the name of being neutral would actually support unknowingly the other side .. THey woud rather act as BUFFER for otherside in rasing uncomfortable question which other may not be able to ask but in the name neutrality asks that unabashedly

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