Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

Astrology brings peace ,prosperity to those who are Godfearing,who honour preceptors and speak only truth , for a heterodox and a crafty person,it increases miseries day by day without doubt.-Sage Parashara

How fast does karma of a person change ?

narad muni.  It changes every suxmamsha kaal in lagna ,

How much small is this unit of time 

  • 1 day = 60 ghati = 24 hrs 
  • 1ghati = 60 pala = 24 minutes 
  • 1pala = 60 vipala = 24 Seconds 
  • 1vipala = 60 tatpar = 2/5 seconds 
  • 30 tatpar is the time taken to  blink for a healthy man sitting in relaxed posture .
  • 30 tatpar is 1/5 th of a second 
  • 100th part of this called truti .
  • So truti is 1/500 of  a second  = 2 micro second 

1000 th part of the above is called suxma lagnakaal 

Ie 2 picosecond  ….This the. Time taken by human to perform one karma .The karma that results into some sukh dukha.

Ie one gets sukha dukha in real life. In GHz frequency .

In general pratice  an  EXPERT  astrologer sees only SHASHTIAMSHA OF LAGNA ,

that is karma done every 0.45  seconds .. ONLY  Shashtiamsha changes every 0.45 seconds 

but in one shashtiamasha rishimunis  are saying .. More than 1 lakh karmas get enacted by body mindans speech by a jeeva soul . Thus shastismsha can still be divided into 1 lakh division to get more accurate results 

Suxma lagnamsha chart gives  million  times more accurate details than rashi chart .

But Narad muni says even devatas cannot know karma at this suxma level so HOW CAN AN ORDINARY MORTAL HUMAN ?

Thus treat human astrologer as nimitta only . Destiny shubhashubham is not in the hands of an Astrologer , but destiny is ur own poorvajanma karma . Operating at such an high speed in ur life . 

 Worshipping planets navagraha pooja , Vishnu sarvottamatva gnana , bhakti in Parmatma , dev bramhan  samaradhan atithi satkaar  and varnashram dharma mitigates ashubh and gives shubh phala .

As VISHNU PANJAR ( armour) stotra says 

Vaasudev  bhaktaanam na ashubham vidyate kwachit 

never untowards ever happens to devotees of VASUDEV .


  • If you are in rashi dasha of shani or venus 
  • Venus in cancer karka rashi
  • Moon in aries mesha navamsha 
  • Budh mercury in 6th house 

One will have durgandha bad smell  emanating from mouth while talking ..

Once there was a young bramhana who had not married , a bramhachari , he had a very aged mother who was dependent on him . 

But one day a boy decided he has to do tapasya , so he informed his mother and went to forest to do tapasya , much to the dissatisfaction and misery of his mother . 

He did very intense tapasya .. One day while he was in tapasya  two birds hovering around his head were chirping loudly , disturbing him .

He became annoyed and opened his eyes and looked angrily at the bird . Birds burnt and ashes  fell to ground . 

The tapasvi now felt satisfied that he has attained siddhi ..  So he decided to go into the city dwelling to get Bhiksha. . 

In the city there lived a pativrata women . Who spent all her time whole day serving her husband engrossed in him  and worshipping lord Vishnu as present in Husband . 

She treated the body of her husband as pratima idol of vishnu , as having sannidhana of laxmi vishnu inside the prana ( vayudev ) of her husband .

She did shodash upachar of her idol as  washing feet , giving madhupark , bathing him , clothing him , anointing him with gandha perfumes , dhoopa , then  serving sumptous meals cooked hygeinically, with khadya choshya lehya peya bhakshya bhojya types of food , then engaging in all types of koutuk for him . 

This was daily routine as worship . 

Now  the tapasvee came to her house asking for bhiksha ..

The lady a bit engaged in kitchen delayed to bring bhiksha , tapaswee became angry and looked at her angrily. .. But nothing happened to her .. 

Surprised tapaswee closed his eyes and again opened now concentrating on the lady in anger 

Lady smiled and said ” I am not those birds who would fall to ashes with your angry glance ” 

Now totally baffled tapaswee asked hey shresth stree exalted woman what tapasya u do which  mantra  you know that has given u more siddhi than mine , please enlighten me 
She says i do only my routine seva engrossed in my husband ,nothing else ..this has given me siddhi to know ur events ,  But u have left your  mother unattended  thats why u have durgandha in ur mouth ,,foul smell ,

And ur siddhi is not working m,go back to ur mother serve her whole heartedly u will get better siddhi .

Those who ill treat their motherv, disregard her ditch her in old age .. They get bad smell in their mouth .

Serve ur mother well serve ur husband whole heartedly u will get all siddhis . So says parmatma hayagreeva in the form of kumar to bramha .


Full moon in eigth house with strength in paaravatamsha gives access to best of best medicines always .
Hanumanji is sarvagnya he knows all shastras veda vedanga upaveda purana itihassa upanishads smritis  more than anyone else in universe .

Upaveda are 

  1. Dhanurveda
  2. Gandharvaveda
  3. Ayurveda

Ayurveda gives application of herbs as medicine to cure diseases and increase longevity

Hanumanji knew ayurveda too ,

Yet when meghnaath killed entire vanarsena with naagastra , even Parmatma Raam chose to be silent 

Hanumanji acted as per the vaidya doctor advice … To bring sanjeevani .

Self medication should NOT BE DONE IS THE MORAL OF THE STORY 

always take qualified doctors advise do not take medicines all by self diagnosis ..

Along with sanjeevani hanumanji brought three more herbs 

  1. One which puts out all iron poisonous material that had pirced the body all by itself without surgery
  2. When iron pellets fall out muscles bones body parts might have got mutilated , the second herb joins all bones muscles skin restores it to original condition 
  3. Even if all is restored skin colour might have got discolored due to stitches joints , third herb evens out and restores original skin texture and gives beauty to the person hurt in war 
  4. Even if one is unconscious or dead sanjeevani brings him back to life 

Hanumanji brought such wonderfull medicine and restored life of entire army of vanar and they were ready to face meghnad once again with renewed vigour .

Laxmanji brought back to life kills indrajit . 

Siyavar raamchandra ki jai 

Srimanmoolramo vijayate 

Plava naam samvatsar shubhashayah .


If atmakarka is with jupiter in siddhamsa D24 of one’s horoscope, one will be a great expounder of philosophy

If atmakaraka is with venus then one will be well known author of granthas but not as prolific as  one with jupiter 

If atmakaraka is with mercury then one will be good writer but ordinary in quality ..
Raghavendra swamiji is a great vyakhyankar  . Let us briefly see and appreciate the ingenious  style of expounding in his granthas . 

Vedas are infinite ; it is impossible to fathom the real meaning of vedas just by learning them , knowing them .So lord vedavyasa parmatma ;an incarnation of Lord Vishnu ; composed Bramhasutras to compile actual meaning purpose and methodology to study vedas and progress in sadhana ; and reach ultimate goal of life .

Bramhasutras are highly encypted and difficult to understand ; also subject numerous contradictory interpretations by various commentators ; thus Madhwacharya great Dwaita philosophy ,expounder of what is  popularly known as Tatvavada;  composed bramhasutra bhashya . 

(Madhwacharya is incarnation of Hanuman . When Lord Vishnu took avatara as Ramchandra , the foremost amongst souls jeevottam Vayu incarnated as Hanuman to serve lord Ram , burnt lanka killed Ravanas army rakshasas showed us all entire humanity the Greatness of Raghupati Raghav Rajaram  .

when lord Vishnu took avatara as Lord krishna Vayudev  took birth as Bheemsen the mightiest Pandava to serve lord Krishna  and killed kauravas and killed keechak jarasandha bakasur dushashan hidimba duryodhan and did bhubhar haran ie relieved earth of burden of evil .

When Lord Vishnu came as Vedvyasa to do division of vedas and write 18 puranas the great bhagavat mahapurana for welfare of humanity to tread right path ; Vayudev took avatar as Madhwacharya to propagate philosophy of BHAGAVAT  to deserving souls through writings cutting down Untenable logic of 21 misinterpretations of Bramhasutras )

Bramhasutra bhashya gives exact purport of vedas as SET  by lord vedvyasa in his works.  In other words it reflects the Intent and purpose for whichVedavyasa had written Bramha sutras . 

Bramhasutra bhashya is form of prose , so madhwacharya has written shlokatmak ,anuvyakhyana to delinieate why other philosophies are wrong and how Vishnu is the Only God and all names convey Vishnu only . 

The various tenets used to establish Supremacy of Lord Vishnu has been separately compiled by great Madhwacharya in a grantha  called Nyayavivarana . 

Finally to enable serious pursuit of sadhana and quick recollection of all the tenets of Bramha sutra a very small grantha compendium , called Anubhashya  has been written by Madhwacharyaru for the benfit of sajjanas .
These bhashya anuvyakhyana nyaya vivaran anubhashya are still very difficult and beyond grasp of intellect of ordinary people like me ( chiraan ) 

Raghavendraswamy says  Anubhashya is like  Lord Krishna showing Entire universe Bramhanda in his small mouth as a child to Yashoda devi his mother . Universe is very vast even though it is seen in tiny childlike krishna , he is still  omnipotent parmatma ,age not withstanding . So also are vedas and its meaning in Anubhashya though tiny .  

So Raghavendra swamy writes TATVAMANJARI -a vyakhyana on Anubhashya .

what is the specialty of Tatvamanjary .?

Bramhasutra has following  structure  ,schema 

1 the subject is divided into 4 Adhyayas  ie 4 chapters .

2. Each chapter is divided into 4 padas – 4 sections 

3. Each section is divided into several Adhikaranas – topics .

4. Each topic comprises of several subtopics enumerated as Sutras 

A collection of sutras make an adhikarana grouped as Topic 

  • A subject 
  • A doubt against the  subject 
  • Which has a poorva paksha .. An argument
  • counter argument 
  • An illustration to establish the facts
  • And siddhanta THE  CONCLUSION



CHAPTER DEALS WITH A TRUTH – all names  all words Refer to lord Vishnu only 

This chapter is divided into four sections 

  1. Names that are not popularly refering Vishnu ( how they refer to vishnu ) 
  2. Words that dont refer to any names but how do they convey Vishnu 
  3. Words and names tgat are used in context of Both vishnu and other dieties or souls popularly Yet how they refer to lord Vishnu only primarily 
  4. Words and names that popularly are  neither used in reference to Lord Vishnu and nor to any other devatas just ordinary words how do they refer to Lord vishnu .. 

Here each section has sevearl topics.  Like 

  • do bad words too convey lord vishnu
  1. If so sutras ask. But lord vishnu is only auspicious bad words convey inauspicious in such case either vishnu has to be inauspicious or bad words should be okay ,,and good . 
  2. What about ordinary words like me you i he she how do they convey vishnu ..In other cases 
  3. Does the  name shiva durga surya chandra indra mean those respective dieties or lord vishnu 
  4. Whom shud we take into consideration if a veda mantra say Indra is all powerful ,,does it mean indra is god. But u say vishnu is god mmthis contradictory m,how to reconcile .. 

These form adhikarana. With set of sutras discussing intricacies of a topic .

Madhwacharya has conveyed all the intricacies related to a topic  comprising  several sutras  in JUST ONE WORD 


  • HE COLLECTS ALL ARGUMENTS  against  particular topic ie obections opinions etc.. Poorvapakshas
  • Then he mentions which word in anubhashya , addresses all such apprehensions  in several poorvapaksha 
  • What  tenets , logics prameyas are hidden in that words while answering these poorvapaksha 
  • What grammar ( Panini sutras in sanskrit ) rules apply to elaborate that Single word  conveying each and every severally different answers to different questions raised in poorvapaksh.   All through single word (” adbhut “) 
  • How is this done ? 
  1. Avrutti 
  2. Anuvrutti
  3. Padasanyojan

These are vyakhyan tantra  mechanisms of expounding 

  • Then eumerating conclusions by quoting entire shloka in anubhashya conveying  such resultant fact The truth
  • In the process Rayaru our Raghavendra swami the great saint  who is popularly known as Gurusarvabhauma ; gives examples from other great commentaries known as teekas , references to grammar , jaimini naya kumar bhatts poorvamimansa , tarka by his gurus like Vijayeendra teertharu Jayateertharu ..

Let us see one example 

First sutra in bramha sutra  says 

Om om athato bramha jignyasa om 

Question arises who is bramha ?

Is it popular bramha shown in tv serials sitting on a lotus with white hair beard  having four heads 

Or shiva or durga or any other god 

Madhwacharya says Vishnurevavijignyasa  

Vishnu is bramha the God 

Question arises how 

Bramha is a sanskrit word , sanskrit words are made up of dhatu root and pratyat ..

Here ‘ brah ‘ is root meaning vruddhi ‘manin ‘ is pratyay  when they conjoin it becomes bramha which means vyapti 

All pervading  auspicious complete powerful 

Vishnu ,,the word is from root vish which means vyapti.  Nu added means vishnu most auspicious most powerful all pervading auspicious 

Thus bramha means vishnu .

Question ok but why should we do jignyasa 

Ie contemplate on vishnu the god ; See i know there is someone called “Me ” inside my body … He does all activity 

I know this ‘ Me ‘. I can realise i am soul ,,i have known him the me ,,.  I dont see any god 

I do not feel anyone else except me inside .. So. Since i know me what ekse to know why vedas why this God business 

Answer : bramha  is all pervading exists everywhere … You cannot what is going on in another body …

Thus this God bramha ie Vishnu is different from you he has all pervading quality  , you do not per ade beyond your body 

Thus u must know him .

Question : There is no subject  here except the word God .. Subjectless matter why should i pursue ,,

Answer : whether this God vishnu has a form shape size ie Saguna  or no shape size form ie Nirguna 

This is doubt and hence subject of Contemplation … Thus Jignyasa must be done .

Question : what is the use of knowing through jignyasa ? Why shud i be spiritual religious 

Answer : in this life death miseries old age diseases separations are unavoidable truths . 

To get relieved from cycle of birth one must permanently Enjoy happiness without deat separation etc .. This is called moxa 

Moxa is got by jignyasa as a grace of God vishnu . 

So one must contemplate on Vishnu 

Om athato bramha jignyasa om 

Vishnureva vijignyaya:

Shree krishnarpanmastu

When saturn is in 64 th navamsha ,death will be on account of a beautiful women 

In mid 14th century …in the flourishing kingdom of karnataka there lived a king who was surrounded by ministers adept in neetishastra  The kingdom was  always under atack from forces of tughlaq .

Once a general of tughlaq camped on banks of river tungabhadra .. River was flooded.

Hindu king dispatched his best men to check insyrgence ..

Both armies were camping on either side of rive to attack each other. .

Floods were not receding ,,
Adept  in neetishastra minister activated sleeper cells in the city of modgul ..

The detectives spies were excellent musicians too. ,

They soon found out. Mthe general khan was given to vices and was mad after local  dansuese ..

He befriended the dancer and acted as having fallen in love with her 

One day dancer said she has to go to cantonment for entertaining general ..

The spy fell on her feet not to keave her. She said no one except musicians can enter cantonment.  Spy said he can play same instrument as her. And he gave a demonstration … She was very happy and thought taking this  man will get her reward .. She took the troop of spies as her musical accompaniment all of them dressed as women 

All the moslem troops were intoxicated inebriated condition.  Did not check thoroughly the troops who performed with daggers the dance on a music ,,making many steps with dagger movements going further and further nearer to  general. ,,  finally all the men in disguise  of dancers pierced the dagger into chest of khan ..the soldiers in drunken state could not figure out what happened amodst chaos  .. The dancers pulled of the curtain and extinguished all lamps and escaped in darkness 
Thus a troop of 30000 soldiers were defeated by handful of men spies with neeti .

An aparoxa gnani is one , who has learnt understood and meditated  on all four vedas  deeply along with six vedangas ie aparoxa gnani an expert astrologer too as astrology is one of the vedangas. 

Shastras proclaim aparoxa gnani as knower of. Vartamaan ateet anagat ( present  past and future )  .

Aparoxa gnani is essentially  a jeeva ready for attaining moxa .. He is a perfect being .

All characters in purana are aparoxa gnanis ..
How did they behave when it comes to knowing longevity forms the subject of this post .

In astrology there are elaborate methods to  Know  time  of death ,, time of death is arrived by estimating. 

  1. Niryan  saturn …approximation to two years of. Death nearing phase ;  rashi in which saturn would be at the time of death  is niryan  saturn 
  2. Niryaan jupiter … The year in which death could occur 
  3. Niryaan sun …….the month in which death could occur 
  4. Niryaan moon … To give day of death …

The cycle of saturn in which death could occur is known by yoga ayus and other methods.   ,
But  did any astrologer expert ever apply these to know his or others death ..


It is beyond human scope to know exacr  time of death . 

Upanishads give laxanas of approaching death.  , like absence of reflection in mirror 

Loss of hearing in eardrums of ocean waves sound…. Etc 

These laxanas are to be known by a yogi to withdraw from the world and sit in dhyan to attain moxa ,,so prana leaves from bramha randra ..

Shri gurusarvabhauma Raghavendra swamiji when he wanted to end his avatara and  undertake sajeeva brundavana pravesh for asampragnyaat samadhi .. Being aparoxa gnani himself  he should have known his time .. But there is an incident in his life ,

When he was teaching students one day , he suddenly stood up in reverence. And looked towards the heaven  and asked ..how much time left ..

The devata travelling in his vimana through heaven waved thrice his palm with two fingers ..indicating two years two months and two days,,
Rayaru ascertained his time of  sajeev brundavan pravesh by asking devatas ..
King khatvanga was invited to become senadhipati in deva asur yuddha ,,

King successfully defeated demons ,,.mafter many devamaan years .

Devatas wished  him to  give boon .. He wanted moxa , they said they cannot give moxa ..

Then khatvanga raja asked devatas to tell him how much time left for him before death strikes ..

Devatas said 24 minutes .. He requested them to take him back to his capital and then he had half ghatika remaining .. 12 minutes .

In twelve minutes he meditated in padmasan on hari sarvottam vayu jeevottam gnana as laid by vedas and attained moxa 

Why such great gnanis did not calculate themselves time of death .

The answer is  it is not in the human domain to tell time of death .

One can only tell maraka dasha is in operation ,,but never proclaim death

Ayurveda too says one must try to revive a rogi till praana leaves the body. ,,but never give up on patient ..one must keep doing remedies  spiritual and aushadhi upachar always and never say astrologer says it is no use ,,

There are 101 types of mrutyu yoga for every person ,,of which one is kaal mrutyu rest all 100 are akaal apamrutyu

Kaal mrutyu nobody can avoid m,mapamrutyu can be avoided by remedies ,,

Thus one must always engage in increasing the Ayushya ..by doing utsavas to Parmatma .

Shrikrishnarpanamastu .

what is intuition ?
Sutra :  Shunyam saamyasamucchaye !
(a_1 x +b_1) / px +q_1 + (a_2 x+b_2) / (px+q_2) = (a_3 x +b_3) / px +q_3 +  (a_4 x + b_4) /  (px+q_4)
Solution: -x = (q_1+ q_2)/2p
example 2
find roots
Sudheendra teertharu has written special treatise on shulva sutras , kalpa vedanga
now , in example 2 .
we have seen an answer
now let us understand what is intuition that people normally attribute to an astrologer
some people
as soon as they are given a problem [ horoscope ]
some adrushya shakti
[ it can be kshudra shakti too ]
whispers in an ear the solution
[ for example , when will I get married asks one person :
astrologer does not look at horoscope or any calculation  he just closes eyes and waits for the whisper
and then he tells 28th year 7 th month ]
for some this becomes accurate , they will say ASTROLOGER is great , he has told exact time of my marriage
but did astrologer use SHASTRA ?
he has used KSHUDRA SHAKTI
such usage is prohibited in shastra
Varahamihira says consulting such astrologers gives Naraka ad BAHUDUKHA in future
such astrologers who use kshudra shakti are always always born illicit to bramhanas SO says SMRITIMUKTAVALI
some others who have never studied astrology or are just started to study astrology just TRY TO TELL SOMETHING which comes to their mind
without application of brain or theory
they may sometimes say
SOME what close to 27th year you will get married
these types of astrologers are known as NAKSHATRA SUCHAK [ soothsayers ]
most of them will say IF they get it RIGHT  oh my intuition is stro
some starters  will say now a days I get feeling in mind IT ALMOST comes true
[ these types think NOW whatever they think would become true
and suddenly one fine day ask genuine astrologers now a days I am feeling a strange , I am falling from sky , will I die ?]
if we observe both the above types of astrologers are THEMSELVES not sure
what  will be outcome of their prediction ,
EVERYTIME they will say something and wait if it will become true IS their INTUTION correct ?
what is intuition 
NOTHING but hallucination
true Shastra is NOT knowing end result
but in knowing how you get that result from original equation , how to solve the equation
more expertise and THAT which gives HARI preeti is in knowing which SUTRA gives this solution and how to apply it
when one has siddhi of sutra EVEN he gets such instantaneous answer in a flash
but that is siddhi BECAUSE he knows from where this answer has come
AND HE IS 10% sure that yes this is the RESULT
he will not wait for OUTCOME to happen to confirm his prediction
INSTEAD he will say THSI will happen fro sure
Smritimuktavali written by Krishnacharya shishya of SHRI RAGHAVENDRA SWAMIji
also his this grantha is approved by RAYARU
says ONE must not invite NAKSHATRA SUCHAK for Shraddha
it destroys Shraddha phala
one must not partake food along with them for he carries immense sins paap with him ..which cannot be absolved in a day by any japa
SO one muts enevr visit quack astrologers even if he says accurately by kshudra upasana or by conquering a KARNApisachini
One must always approach satvik astrologers who are RAYAR upasaks , who know hari sarvottam  vayu jeevottam tattva
WHO tell jyotishya by APPLYING  Sutras and not by closing eyes and telling blindly
such astrologers attain bramha loka
what are qualities of an astrologers ?
shastra is always reliable. Then whom should we consult. According to Parashara rishi :
astrologer should be a pious man with clean habits ,a good looking with well proportioned limbs,smiling and rich in appearance,pleasing manners, excellent grasp on language,never falling short of words , expert in mathematics ,geology,astrophysics knowing clearly the 10 types of movements of planets ,well versed in the philososphy,mantra shastra,rituals ,puranic lore, he should have excellent grip of the existing socio-political geographical and economic conditions of the place and time he is delivering the predictions. Above all this he should be able to create the confidence in the people that ‘\yes here my problem would be solved\’ . Such a persons’ words never fail .

||Kushagramataye bhanudyutaye vaadibheetaya aradhitshreepataye Sudheendrayatatye Namaha ||
Today is Shri Sudheendra teertha Aradhana
Shri Sudheendra teertharu was Guru of  Shri RAGHAVENDRA swamiji of MANTRALAYAM .

Mathematics is everywhere !

Madhwacharya has given Mathematical gradation to apply for various limbs of  sadhana

shouch asan pranayama vairagya ahinsa satya asteya bramhacharya tapas tushTi , each is greater than previous one

in this shaouch and asan are NOT SEPARATELY counted as DHARMA [ they only aid dharma ]
so doing Yogasan with twisted arms legs early in the morning sweating and spending hours to do this asan that asan DOES not give any PUNYA .. it is just deha shrama [ physical strain ]

MADHWACHARYA says ” Shouchasane tvangamatram na pruthak DHARMakaaraNam”

who can start practising YOGA ?
one who has completed SHRAVANA mANANA nidhidhyasan.
so initially one who KNOWS nothing he should only indulge in SHRAVAN listening to right and wrong and Vishnu sarvottamtava gyana FROM a good guru .

without knowing anything one who does manana he falls victim to vipareet gyana

after listening if one does not do manan soon he will forget everything .
manan should be under supervision ONLY

after manana when doubts have been set to rest ONE must do DHYAN
not before that .

when one is not able to have complete view of entire concepts in one go it is called KHAND smriti and it is DHarana only

when one can grasp and visualise entire concepts in one go it is called AKHAND smriti this qualifies as DHYAAN

when such prolonged DHYAAN akhand smriti comes effortlessly without prayatna IT is called SAMAADHI

when such SAMAADHi is for exceedingly LONG duration one get APAROXA

Darshan of LOrd without BHAKTI is of no use .

so when one has full BHAKTI in LORD and he is samaadhi then HE gets APAROXA by grace of GOD .
BHAKTI alone is criteria for APAROXA which gives MOXA

without undergoing above steps just doing DHYANA is called halucination

shoucha is given a point of 100 units
Asan is given a point of 200 units

pranayama = 400
vairagya = 800
ahinsa =1600
satya =3200
asteya =6400
bramhacharya =12800
tapas = 25600
tushTi =51200
Gurumukha shastradhyayan =51200 X 10000000
HAripooja [saligrama pooja etc ] = 51200 X 10000000 X infinite

[ infinite is to denote there are infinite ways of TANTRA of doing pooja as much we know that much multiplicative effect we get .. scope is infinite ]

so here depending on YOGYATA and Upadesha one gets “P” = 51200X10000000 X Y[ yogyata ] phala

Dhyan is three times more phala = P X 3

Shastra avalokan = P X 3 X 10

Giving a pravachan = P X 3 X 10 X 10

Giving a Vyakhyana [ writing teeka tippani ] = P X 3 X 10 X 10 X100

Doing Khandan = p X 3 X 10 X 10 X 100 X 10000000

so one can start sadhana for APAROXA when one has amassed

A= 51200 X 10000000 X [ infinite ~ Yogyata ] X 3 X 10 X 10 X 100 X 10000000

A=153600000000000000000000 X [ YOGYATA ]

after this is when sadhana BEGINS .

This is how YAMA evaluates .

Venus in 1st Bhava !

Venus in First Bhava


  1. Ganitshastragnya [ good mathematician ]
  2. Deerghayu [ good longevity ]
  3. Daarpriya [ loves wife very much ]
  4. Vastralankaarpriya [ loves good dresses jewellery ]
  5. RoopLavanya priya [ loves beauty ]
  6. Gunarva [ talented ]
  7. streepriya [ loves company of women  ]
  8. dhani [ wealthy ]
  9. vidwaan [ scholar ]
  10. if venus is associated with Jupiter or mercury moon will possess many ornaments
  11. swarnakanti deha [ will have excellent hue in body ]
  12. if venus is afflicted by aspect yuti or neecha astangat one will be thief scamster diseased
  13. if lagna lord is with rahu one will have hydrocele
  14. if there are benefics in 4th then excellent vehicles elephants
  15. if venus is in own house Maharaj yoga
  16. if venus is 8th or 12th lord and weak then two wives
  17. also wavering mind and cruel nature
  18. one will be kaamtantra kushala [ expert in lovemaking ]
  19. expert in various crafts and liked by women
  20. will engage in DHARMAkarya and will be respected by many
  21. will be attractive
  22. Will have happy disposition .

Moon in 1 st house mesh lagna one will be dumb , deaf blind or slave
in taurus he will be wealthy
second house vidwaan dhanwaan
third house cruel violent
fourth house fruit according to rashi , ( happiness , house mother ) will be complete
fifth house many daughters , lazy
sixth house troubled with obesity , indigestion , flatulence , less enjoyments , violent
seventh house , jealousy , lusty
eighth diseased
ninth , good friends wealthy
tenth house moon religious intelligent wealthy
eleventh , famous , intelligent , wealthy
in twelfth lowly and handicapped .

Moon in aries lustful brave and grateful
taurus handsome ,charitable daani forgiving
gemini always thinking about sex , gambling expert
cancer small frame , subservient
leo hates woman anger haughty brave and of still mindset happy disposition
virgo religious soft and good natured
libra pandit tall and wealthy
scorpio diseased , honourable , hurt accident prone
saggitarius poetic , sculpture wealthy
capricorn udaseen , uninterested , non enthusiastic , unnecessary wandering , beautiful eyes
aquarius usurping others wealth and women
pisces witty, engineering brain wealthy
if moon and lord of moon rashi are strong then above result will be full if both are weak it will be opposite , if medium result will be in tartamya .


  1. If in Navamsha  Lagna is MESHA then one will have tendency to steal [ chor swabhaav ] 
  2. if in Vrushabh navamsha Bhogi [ addicted to pleasures ] 
  3. if in Mithun navamsha Dhani [ wealthy ]
  4. If in Karka navamsha Buddhimaan [ intelligent ] 
  5. if in Simha navamsha Raaja [ King ]
  6. if in Kanya navamsha napunsaka [ impotent ]
  7. if in tula navamsha shoor [ wins over enemies ] 
  8. If in vrishchik navamsha vishTikrut [ labourer ] 
  9. if in dhanu navamsha dasyakarma [ service sector ]
  10. if in makar navamsha papi [ sinner ]
  11. if in kumbha navamsha hinsra [ violent ] 
  12. if in meena navamsha buddhiheena [ dull headed ] 

if this lagna becomes Vargottama then one will be Leader among his GROUP .

that means if Mesha lagna is vargottama then one will be leader of Thieves [ choron ka raja ] 

if karka lagna is vargottama  one will be KIng among Wealthy people 

if one has Kanya ;lagna vargottama one will be Leader of impotents 

if one has makar lagna vargottama one will be leader among sinners 

if one has meena lagna vargottama one will be leader of  Fools group . 

Saturn in 12 bhavas !

  1. Saturn in Lagna one will be in poverty , diseased , lusty , dirty unclean untidy , severe health troubles in childhood and lazy 
  2. But in own house like makar kumbha or exaltation it makes one own lands , village head , scholar and one of handsome disposition
  3. in second house one will get RAAJ dand , punishment from authorities and have diseased face 
  4. in 3rd house one will be brave and expert 
  5. in 4th one will be devoid of happiness and troubled 
  6. in 5th one will be devoid of happiness of children and no wealth 
  7. in 6th house one will be strong and win over enemies 
  8. in 7th house one will be troubled by woman 
  9. in 8th house one will have less children and eye troubles 
  10. in 9th house one will be happy , and wealthy 
  11. in 10th house one will be valourous 
  12. in 11th house one will have fortunes and honour 
  13. in 12th house one will be lowly nature and in poverty .
  1. Jupiter in Lagna one will be scholar {vidwaan}
  2. In 2nd house one will speak sweetly agreeably 
  3. In 3rd house  one will be miser stingy {krupaN}
  4. in 4th house one will be joyful happy {sukhi}
  5. in  5th house one will be expert , professional {vigyn}
  6. in 6th house one will have no enemies 
  7. in 7th house one will be prosperous {sampatti yukta }
  8. in 8th house one will be unscrupulous {neech}
  9. in 9th one will be full of austerities {tapaswi}
  10. in 10th one will be wealthy {dhanvaan} 
  11. in 11th one will always have gains 
  12. in 12th one will be of polluted heart {dushTa}

Venus in 1st house makes one highly lustful but happy disposition

in 7th one has excess lust 

in 5th one will be always happy 

rest in all other places it will give similar results as Jupiter .

  • Good results will be complete when planet is in Exaltation 
  • 3/4 in mool trikona 
  • 1/2 in own house 
  • 1/4 in friend’s house 
  • 1/8 in enemies’ house 
  • nil in debilitation or  combustion 
  • Evil results are full in debilitation
  • 3/4 in  enemy’s house 
  • 1/2 in friends’ house 
  • 1/4 in own house 
  • 1/8 in mool trikona
  • nil in exaltaion house 

If one has one Planet in own house he will be equally wealthy and successful as his Father 

If two Planets are in swarashi one will be HEAD of the Lineage [kulshreshTa] 

if three Planets then one will be respectable among his Relatives 

if four planets are in swarashi one will be very very wealthy among his Caste and society 

If five planets then he will be very very happy and satisfied  person 

if six planets then HE will have all kinds of enjoyments 

if seven planets are in own house then One will become KING 

  • If only one planet is in Friend’s house , mitrakshetra he will be looked after by others [ salaried or dependent ]
  • if two planets are in friendly house then he will be living on wealh of friends [ usually such friend will be in high position ] 
  • if three planets are in friends’ house then relatives will be taking care of such person 
  • if four planets are in mitra kshetra then one will live purely on ones own Physical strength 
  • if five planets are in mitra kshetra then one will be giving wages to many 
  • if six planets are in mitra kshetra then one will be SENAPATI 
  • if all the planets are in mitra kshetra then one will be a small KING 



Parvati devi asks Mahadev , oh lord , why do people suffer from childlessness ? What are the causes ? What poorvajanma sins lead to this situation ? Can they be solved ? If so how ?

Shankar says there are 13 doshas types in stree that leads to childlessness
And there are 8 types of doshas in men that leads to childlessnes

Doshas in women are
1 ratibhinna
2 dattaputra parigraha
3 garbhasraav
4 santaan Nash
5 mrutaprasav
6 garbhashosh
7 paat
8 krimikoop
9 raktasraav
10 bhootgrass
11 shuklatoyatva
12 parimesha
13 garbhpaat

Among these dattaputra and santaan naash have no prayaschitta

Doshas among men are
1 alpa santosh
2 bahusantaan
3 ekapatni ekaputra
4 eka kannyaka
5 stree santaan
6 keval purush santaan yoga
7 anya kshetra santaan
8 anyabeeja santaan

These are all result of poorvajanma paap punya .
Rudradevaru says daivagnya dooshan leads to anapatya yoga .. Devata shaap leads to anapatya yoga

Each combination in astrology , horoscope shows which type of dosha exists.

So one must know it from good daivagnya

With good buddhi clean mind if one does prayashchitta to his poorvajanma sins paap , one will get suputra ,
Just like medicines cure diseases. Prayashchitta graha chikitsa gives suputra .
Each dosha has unjque parihaara , when done in Vaishnava way one gets suputra .

Garga muni says

One who has learnt jyotishya samhita and is e pert in sidhdhanta vibhaaga , if the king of that place does not honour him , his kingdom will soon perish and he himself will be reason for it

People adept in indriyanigraha , do not have asakti in women , they might have got relief from sansar bandhan , they might have lost asakti in ashram taken sanyasa Yet even such people will show asakti in knowing future from a vidwaan jyotishi

Absence of jyotishi is like lampless night , day without Sun , a person who does not believe in astrology is like traveller looking for path in deep jungle on amavasya night .

Without jyotish shastra how is it posdible to know muhurta tithi nakshatra rutu ayana ?

One who knows rahasya secrets of yudhdha shastra , yagnya yaaga agni jwala laxan shastra one who is adept at , one who can with mantra shakti give right advice to place properly the rajtantra only he can be called a daivagnya jyotishi

Such a persons words never fail

If one wants to become famous one wants win , wealth success fame honour and if one wants to enjoy his life , for all these comes by advice of jyotishi only

One must not stay in a place where there is no jyotishi

Those who know no shastra but try to tell astrology saying they have intuition not only do they go to naraka but also those who seek their advice befall bad luck and reach nether worlds
Such nonastrologers sooner or later get entangled into controversy and will face samaajghatauk apavada !

Only devabhakta vinamra prucchaka ( querist ) must be given answer . And an astrologer should be sadguni satyvanta vinayvant vedaadhyanyut ganitshastra nipuna ,unnat bhavanasheelsampanna vaagmi .
For such a jyotishi where he stays he destroys sins of the people around ,
He relieves from narak koopa and jyotishi himself gets bramhaloka , and then moxa !
Such is the mahima of jyotishya shastra


Today is yugadi , beginning of the solilunar new year .
Today begins the vedic new year
Chaitra shukla pratipada of Sree jaya sanvatsara .
Shalivahan shaka 1937 .
Sree Madhwacharya shaka 815
Sree Raghavendra Swami 345

How should we spend this day ?
Get up early morning remembering Lord Raamchandra and do smaran of moon . Taking permission from elderly eat the flowery seeds of neem , nimbakdal bhakshanam .
Take a plate or bowl pour ghee into it , and see once face in it ,then look into a mirror .
Invite a good astrologer friend with contentment and happy frame of mind , listen to panchanga , excited and with enthusiasm , kings and organisational heads must participate in muhurta pariksha , observe the shakun . ( this will help in noting down events particular to kingdom organisations for that year )

In the morning one must take mangal snana ( head bath with multiple select herbs invigorated with mantras ) along with friends and family . Anointing the body with precious jewels and new clothes one must stay suchi ( pure and pious ) all through .

Worshipping Devatas and Dwijas with shodashopachaar , having done archana one must especially strive to take asheesh ( blessings ) of bramhanas .

Having consumed nimba patra ( neem leaves ) one must proceed to listen to Yearly predictions ( its results phala , varshajam phalam ) .

One must take oil bath , this will save from Naraka for the soul .
Oil is laxmi swaroop on this day and all waterbodies ( even tap water ) is gangaswaroop , and this tithi of year beginning is very auspicious for tailabhyanga . This will ensure relief from alaxmi ( all inauspicious ) alaxmi parihaar .
Eating leaves of neem prepared as concoction with jaggery and fruits , ensures happiness pleasure honour destruction of diseases , complete longevity all through the year .

Shatayurvajradehaay sarvasampatkaraay ch sarvarishTa vinaashaay nimbakam dalbhakshaNam !


Note – All of you do vishesha panchamrutabhisheka to Sree RaghvendraSwamiji to get complete anugraha for the year .

Kaalchakra Mahima !


  People do karma ! what is the guarantee that can be given to them yes YOUR KARMA will fructify ! It will fructify here in this world in this janma OR it will fructify in some other janma .. > how can anyone tell this WITH authenticity  . ?

LORD VARHA says ” graha chaaram nirikshet parvakaalasya vittaye || tato gnyatva prakurveet karmaaNi trividhani ch |

[ most important ]  ADHIKAARAM deshkaalou jnatva karmaNI kurvat: ||

jaayate  phalam yasmaajjaniyaat trinyata: sadaaa ||

One must know the motion of Planets and know the right time to do the karma in Parvakaala , then engage in doing the three types of karma

One must know ones ELIGIBILITY and desh kaal paristithi and then do KARMA  . one who knows this HE WILL DEFINITELTY get the fruits of his action as prescribed in shastra .

SOME yogas give phala in this IHA JANMA only some in other janma ,,

EVAM dwadashmaasa vai jaayanteatra muhurmuhu : | “alaatchakra ” sankaasham etat chakram sadaa dwij ||

haratyaayunshi lokanaam satatam KESHAVAagnyaya  | jnaninastadvijananti  NAIVA jananti MOHITA ||

jnani charati vai punyamagnani : na kathanchan |

12 months of chaitra etc  keep coming again and again as KAALCHAKRA .

it is like [ alaatchakra ] string attached to a stick when moved circularly makes a RING over the head … Similarly all planets are tied to DHRUVA with VAYU string and they due to their motion make a ALAAT chakra a circular ring over all HUMANS .. THIS kaalchakra rotating over heads continuously is consuming  away the LIFE of all  jeevarashis in this universal by the ORDER of KESHAVA ..

a JNANI [ astrologer] can alone know this mahima of KAALCHAKRA , deluded [ MOHITA ] cannot  not understand or know this A JNANI works according to this KAALchakra and gets PUNYA and phala DEFINITELY [ iha and para ]

AGNANI does not get any PUNYA at all .

Note – all those who feel astrology is not Important LORD is terming them as AGNANI and MOHITA i.e. deluded and says they don’t get any PHALA   – VARAH PURANA ..

sometimes people say I want this in this life only … so an able astrologer can guide how to do KARMA that gives result in this JANMA only .and some people think its enough NEXT time I want a good birth . so what should I do .. again just mere bookish readers cannot help .. ONLY a gnani can !  by saying do this and you WILL DEFINITELY get this .

Vayupurana says there are six angas to a Pradhaan karma :
1. Shastra vimarsha -Introspecting shruti smriti about the karma we are engaged in ,
2. Astikyabuddhi ( this karma kartavya if done , i shall get the result as mentioned in shastra , this faith )
3. Sajjan sahavas ( satsang , company of satvik bhaktas )
4. Upasana murty bhakti ( devotion towards the devata whose ipasana is being undertaken )
5. Totally abstaining from the thought that ” i am the doer ” one. Must shun the ahankaar that he himself is kartaa ,
6. Not allowing lapse in the vrata started till end ,

From the above 6 angas further 4 anga sprouts , they are

1. Getting up at correct time and engaging in the kartavya
2. Abiding by the shastras to maximum possoble extent as per capacity ,, shaktysnusaar .
3. ManA:swasthya – being healthy and of sound mind
4. Shuchi – bahya antar nirmalata , being clean .

The above Lord himself has said and assures us that it will lead to Haripreeti . And kaaryasiddhi ,
Apart from above there are upangas
1. Gandoosh – rinsing the mouth after shouch ie ( toilet etc )
2. Brushing the teeth with dantakashta ( herbal toothpaste )
3. Mruttikashauch , cleaning with white mud the body while bathing ( multani matti ,
Herbal soap etc )
4. Achaman
5 snana ( proper vidhiyukta snana )
6 wearing shuchi vastra ( madi saula ) etc
7. Urdhwapundra dharana

After observing folowing anga upangas only one must sit for sandhya , nityakarma etc .
If done procedurally only then one gets Gyana relevant to moxa . Else even if one does karma for centuries there wont be any change in his status . Ie there will be no abhivruddhi .

Casually doing nityakarmas saying m God knows everything , he will reward me irrespective of my doing karmas without following procedures , is FALSE NOTION . here Paramatma himself is giving upadesha that if not done properly , he will cause no change in the status of the person , he will remain as he is for years without progress .

Katyayan rishi says before attempting any karma following rules must be adhered else karma does not fructify

1. Manah prasannata
2. Satyavachan
3. Tapas
4. Snana
5. Achaman
6.deha shuddhi
Always all satkarma must be accomplished with right hand only .

Krishnarpanamastu .

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Illicit Births !

If sun is aspecting the 12th house
sun and moon are respectively in moon and sun’s vargas or together in vargas in sun or moons varga .
the child born will be that born to an unmarried girl ..

if lagnadhipati and fourth lord are in each others Rashi
and they are elsewhere together associated with rahu or ketu
the child born is from a parapurush [ to the person other than husband ]

person born on dwitiya tithi swati nakshatra and sunday [ three together] is born to others [ other than husband ]
person born on saptami wednesday and revati nakshatra is also parajata
dwadashi sunday dhanishtha nakshatra person will be from others semen [ anyaveeryotpanna ]
person born on saturday , tuesday sunday with bhadra karana tithi [ 2 7 12 ] and stars punarvasu vishakha purvabhadrapad will be parajaat .

Even if above yogas are present but , if lagna or moon is apsected by jupiter then person will not ILLICIT birth .
if the moon or lagna is in navamsha or dreshkana of jupiter then also person will be born to his legitimate father only ..
if moon or lagna is not apsected by jupiter or does not gain even one varga of jupiter then birth will be illicit .

but if moon is in varga of saturn , aspected by sun and venus , or saturn and moon are in fifth then child will be born to a remarried woman ..

if jupiter is not aspected by mars but sun and moon are in own navamshas with mercury then child will be born to woman by a person recommended by the husband with permission of husband ..

If 11th Lord is Lagna then one will earn wealth as per yogakaraka graha

if 11th Lord is in second house , one will earn wealth by banking , pawn broker or chitfund etc .

if 11th Lord is third house one will earn wealth through brothers or music .

if 11th Lord is in fourth house one will earn wealth with the help of mother or through agriculture .

if 1th Lord is in fifth house , one will earn wealth through sons , or through a man of large heart or a DEVATA .

If 11th Lord is in sixth one will earn wealth through wars , debates , bouts ,competitions ,consultation or diplomacy .

If 11th Lord is in 7th house then one will earn wealth due to women or women related work or through Foriegn sources

If 11th Lord is n 8th house , one ill lose wealth if in benefic house initially there will be gains but ultimately there will be losses

if 11th lord is n 9th one will earn wealth through teachers guru father or elderly people or through some work of Greater purpose involving benefit of all .

if 11th Lord is in 10th one will earn wealth through business through vedic kaary , varnashram dharma .

if 11th Lord is in 11th one will get all the desired , one will be settled all through the life

if 11th Lord is in 12th one will lose all the wealth , elderly in house will be ess lived one will get less paid for his efforts .

If 11th lord is in bad nakshatra one will face poverty and at times will have to seek funds desperately .

if 11th house is aspected by Benefic and 11th lord is in own house exlated in a good bhava one will have suparijaat yoga . In ths yoga one will be always engaged in mantra japa anushthana wll ahve bhakti ,will always engage shubhakaarya mangal kaarya , devata archana pooja on a daily basis and will earn lot of wealth and be happy looking after a large family .

krishnarpanamastu !

13-Oct-2013 Sun Siddhi Yoga U.Shada Navami

balaarkayutasuprabhaam kartale lolambamaalaakulaam |
maalaam sandaDhateem karairstrinayanaam mandosmitodyanmukheem ||
mandam mandamupeyusheem varyitum shambhum jaganmohinim |
vande devamuneendravanditpadaamishTarthadaam Paarvateem ||

PHALA – This mantra will give quick marraiges .. brings solace in troubled marraiges . avoids divorce , and if spouse are living apart [ due to transfers , inconvenience or mental incompatibility ] it brings them together .. It gives marraige with person whom one likes or marraige with a person as wished for . it removes obstacles in getting married .. if any of the family members is not pro marriage or if some force is obstructing marriage .. it paves way for smooth marriage ..

12th house and gains !

Ketu in 12th house gives dhanalaabh while all planets in 12th house gives expenditure .

sun gives heavy tax liabilities , loss of money through govt agencies
moon gives ill fame loss of reputation and dissatisfaction , unnecessary expenditure plus lack of food .
mars gives expenditure on account of enemies , crime etc
mercury gives expenditure on account of education
jupiter gives savings
venus gives long-term savings
Shani rahu gives bad habits and expenditure due to them
ketu gives gain of money

malefic in 12th give foreign travels if aspected by benefic gives progress in foreign countries .
if aspected by malefic one will lose wealth in foreign lands sometimes have to beg also .
malefic if aspected by malefic one will involve in crimes
if 12th lord is with sun one will go to hell after death
if mixed planets in 12th and lagna well placed one will get swarga

12th lord in own house and 12 th aspected by benefic MUSAL YOGA
one will lead difficult life , after many insults and expenditure will stabilise in life BUT still one will go to SWARGA ..

1-Oct-2013 Tue Ananda Yoga,Siddhi Yoga Ashlesha Dwadashi

1-Oct-2013 Tue Ananda Yoga,Siddhi Yoga Ashlesha Dwadashi

30-Sep-2013 Mon Siddhi Yoga Pushyami Ekadashi

25-Sep-2013 Wed Siddhi Yoga Rohini Shashti

24-Sep-2013 Tue Siddhi Yoga Krittika Panchami

22-Sep-2013 Sun Ananda Yoga,Siddhi Yoga Ashwini Tritya

16-Sep-2013 Mon Amruta Yoga,Siddhi Yoga Shravana Dwadashi

Saturn in its exaltation sign , native will leave his native place on force ( देशभृंश) , mentally afflicted , unhappy sorrowful , losses in business , destruction of agricultural produce cattle land , conflict with superiors , authorities , king and subsequent anger shown by King .

Saturn in deep exaltation i.e. 20 degrees libra will get in its dasha head of dept. , village , division , state etc .. Will engage in various modes of amusements .. But will suffer death / separation / deserting of father , there will be difference of opinion and clashes with relatives .

In own sign saturn in its dasha will give dislike hate towards ones own family ..even as fame will increase , power will increase status will be high .. Favours from govt ..he alone will be benefited from his acts , there will be increase of gold ..
However he may die in this dasha. But that will be peaceful death .

In mooltrikona saturn in its dasha will live in isolated distant land .there he will have a alternate name pen name or a title .. If he gets fortune of heading a village or institution or city , he will be deprived of wife son relatives .. He may be hated by women .

Exalted saturn is aspected by malefic he will get best comforts happiness of highest kind .there will be loss of profession only to take up profitable business or become a ruler .

1.sun in lagna gain of lands house and happiness , will have a good job
2.sun in second house too heavy expenses but good earnings
3.sun in third house , earning not sufficient , however hard one tries one will always be in deficit no svaings .
4.sin in fourth house ,will ahve power in hand , will become a good offcier secretary general manager etc
5.sun in fifth house inheritance of house lands property , much earningss from a job .
6.sun in sixth house will spend away all the properties got from ancestors and also self earned properties . lossof eductaion , debts and troubloes frome enemies . loss of health
7.sun in seventh , good married life with spouse having good qualities yet person will not be happy with good natured wife .
8.sun in 8th troubles in urinating ,break in education , obstacles in growth , tight financial position ,troubles from authorities
9.sun in 9th house increase in fortunes , increase in education , increase in opulence of place of stay
10.sun in 10th house political power , teerthayatra ,devatakaarya , favours from higher officials will do good deeds , recognition from govt .
11. sun in 11th house , will get good job , house lands and fame .
12. sun in 12th house one will spend like anythinga nd finally will have to beg . loss of lands house .always trouble in office , if saturn is in second even business will not be favourable . if with staurn life will be difficult .
if shani si alone in kendra he will be a achiever liked by all .

Sun in

  1. lagna – Politicla life . Govt related jobs
  2. second house sun whatever perosn earns not a single paisa remains
  3. third sun ,average progress in life , income status not according to Talent [ less than expected ]
  4. 4th house sun mothers health troublesome , one will get steep progress in life
  5. 5th house sun special awards and recognition from Govt  and authorities , govt job , Power and also signing authority .
  6. 6th sun one will lose PAternal property due to laons
  7. 7th house sun father will be in troubles , break in education , problems from married life
  8. 8th sun trouble to children, break in education , trouble from Govt , fera from police .
  9. 9th sun one will be specialised in HIGHER education ..
  10. 10th house sun , one  will not be independent , but will do devata karya , wil have fame and name .
  11. 11th sun will give many avocations business and high position
  12. 12th sun will make one spend heavily his pAternal property , will do teertha yatra , devata karya , and will spend on children’s secure FUTURE
  • Badhakadhipati shani aspecting both lagna and laganadhipati
  • badhakadhipati guru aspecting  both lagna and laganadhipati
  • badhakadhipati mars  aspecting  both lagna and laganadhipati
  • seventh lord in badhaka rashi
  • badhakipati in seventh
  • all the above gives drishti dosha
  • shani budha PRETA drishti
  • GURU devat drishti
  • MArs shatru drishti
  • PARIHAR – for ravi arun homa , rudra gan shraddha kali pooja homa
  • chandra sreechakra parivaar devata  homa
  • mars DUrga Homa  khanga RAVAN bali , bhairava homa
  • budha – rakshoghna homa sudarshan homa
  • guru – bramha satra homa
  • shukra – chandi homa kali homa matruka homa
  • shani – Preta sanskaar , ekaah , Rudra yaaga , ayuta gayatri homa
  • RAhu – sarpa sanskaar , nityavidhi sanskaar dashaah follwoed by ekaah dwdashaah + sapindikarana shraddha [ ayuta homa tila gayatri ]
  • ketu KAli homa , graam deavta homa chandi homa  


  • BADHAKA rashi should be mesha or vrishchik
  • if there is SUN in either mesh vrishchika rashi / navamsha
  • there will be pitru dosha
  • GAya shradha with ganga snana after returning one must do DEVATA kalyanotsav
  • followed by PAVAMAAN til homa .
  • then tripindikaraNa shraddha must be done .. [ all above to get rid of pitru shapa ]


  • Badhaka being mesha vrishchik
  • moon in mesha vrishchik rashi / navamsha
  • matrushaapa should be predicted
  • parihar  – RAAM setu snana followed by Ganga snana 
  • follwed by 1 lakh /10000 ashwath pradakdhina
  • laksha homa / ayut homa [ gayatri ] 
  • pavamana til homa

Ancestor shaapa

  1. Badhak rashi simha/kataka  occupied by malefics
  2.  6th lord in 9th,  9th lord in 6th
  3. RAvi with 6th lord in 6th
  4. 6th lord with enemies in 6th
  5. ancestral curse will be reason for suffering
  6. parihaar –  Vishnu sahasranaam ,vishnu yaaga
  7. ganga snaana ,chaturved parayanna ,rudra yaaga
  8. sarpa yaaga [ if simha lagna kanya lagna ] , shani homa
  9. mithun lagna – subramhanya homa   ,sarpa homa
  10. vrushabha lagna – srichakra homa lalita homa gayatri homa
  11. kumbha lagna – somayaaga
  12. meen lagna – arun homa rudra homa

Bramhan shaap

  • antagonising a Brahmanaleads to kula nasha
  • badhak rashi dhanur meena
  • occupied by malefics in rashi or navamsha [ badhaka ]
  • if malefics have meen dhanur navamsha
  • then Bramhan shaap occurs along with dev shaap
  • Parihaar – pacifying the same bramhan who has been hurt .
  • bramhan santarpana , devata utsava , rathotsava , annadaana
  • chaturved paryana samhita  homa .





There will be Sarpa dosha if ,

  • Badhakadhipati jupiter in 6 8 12 , in kendra to mandi  and RAHU .
  • Rahu in kendra or 6 8 12 to lagna with above combination .
  • Rahu in chara rashi Lagna the dosha causing sarpa will be one having  11 hoods .
  • Sthir lagna with Rahu sambandha the sarpa will be 9 hooded .
  • Ubhay rashi lagna Rahu sambandha , the sarpa will be 7 hoods .
  • If it is ubhaya lagna one must do pooja of SARPA made in GOLD as remedy .
  • If it is Sthira   the sarpa should be made of Silver and pooja dana should be done .
  • If it is chara Rashi sarpa should be of copper .
  • Parihaar – ashlesha bali , sarpa sanskaar , naagpratishtha .


In our lives we see however good dasha be there , the dasha of planet exalted or mooltrikona well placed be there yet daridrya , dukha is seen . THEn we check whether planet whose dasha is operational is it weak , to our surprise we find this shadbalapoorna .. THEN the thought strikes why am I suffering , is ASTROLOGY bogus ? because as all books give good result to planet in exaltation mooltrikona , even when such a dasha comes no significant changes occur in life , LIFE carries on with same set of problems similar ashanti in life and same story of being unsuccessful and no solution or change !

WHAT could be the reason ?

Our ancestors take some [ Mannt harike  oath ] regarding a DEVATA that such and such pooja utsava naivedya vastra daana rathotsava  koopa tataak nirmaan etc and they do not fulfill it . sometimes some ancestors ould have destroyed them in ego pride of wealth power . that dosha runs generation after generation into the family giving ashanti dukh daridrya failures litigatons diseases chronic ailments deaths total loss of peace . even if good dasha run they will not be fruitful to the expectation .. there will never be  bHAGYODAY ..  these are knwon as KARMA dosha ,

Till such karma doshas are remedied through parihaaras good days never strike . IT is the duty of astrologer to first FIND out such karma doshas in a horoscope and suggest suitable remedies by POINTING out the DEAVTA concerned and dosha troubling and its exact solution to PLEASE the devata . 

These situations issues can be known only through NADI astrology written by SAGES [ not the famous thumb  nadi types ]  .

After knowing them proper shaap parihaar graha shanti if undertaken , dasha bhukti PHAL in auspicious way start FLOWING .

Role of badhaka graha is very important in such analysis .

CHARA rashi will have 11th bhava lord  as their badhaka.

STHIRA rashi will have 9th bhava adhipati as badhaka .

DWISVABHAVa rashi wll have 7th bhava lord  as badhaka .

arishTA stahnas for these are 3 6 8 12 the bhava


badhakadhipati in 4th house 4th lord in badhak rashi indicates kuladevata shaap .

if 6th lord aspects  or associates  either two lords , one would have stolen devata property .

if it is 8th lord connection there would be curse of devata concerned . if badhakadhipati is in good position then curse would get mitigated n the same birth else it will continue

if in neech asta rashi . if in enemy rashi one must do shanti parihaar devata pratishtha . if mild abhisheka would regularly remove curse .

if the connection is of 12th lord , there would be excess of sins and thus sufferings , BALI punarpratishtha jeernoddhar is the solution .

ALl these parihaars work only when DASHAkARMA sanskraas have been done to devata concerned else parihaaras wont work .  any amount of homa japa tapa devalya pratishtha seva upavasa will be FRUITLESS causing more agony and loss of faith .


  1. if badhaka is RAVi , in 3rd drekkana [ dwisvabhava ] – Rudraradhana
  2. ravi in 1st drekkana [ dwisvabhava ] subramhanya
  3. in 2nd drekkana [ dwisvabhava ] Ganapty shanti
  4. moon if full then DURGA
  5. if ksheena chandra then bhadrakaali
  6. if vrishchika moon then Chamundi rakteshwari katreri gramdevata , banamati
  7. if mars subramhanyam if in mithun tula dhanu meena
  8. bhairava in mesha simha kumbha
  9. chamundi in kataka kanya vrushabha
  10. makar vrishchik bhadrakaali
  11. if mercury last drekkana VISHNU
  12. other drekkana Gopal krishna 
  13. as per teh rashi dashavatara
  14. if guru is badhaka , saumya rashi VISHNU , dwisvabhav bRAMHA , ugra rashi SHIVA
  15. badhaka shukra ,it is bhagavati kamala saraswati shyamala tara annapoorna lalita bhagamalini laxmi bhuvaneshwari yakshini PArvati .as per rashi
  16. if badhak is shani yama , bhairava or Shasta

All the above devata shanti will give solace and peace and prosperity .

next we shall see sarpadosha pitru shaap etc  …….. contd

Dear readers ..!

I have updated my kernel ..
all of you can expect better answers more useful remedies from chiraan NOW !
wait for these days will definitely pave way for good in your lives !
RAYARu bless you all and lead you all into path of BHAKTI towards LORD NARAYANA !

to get DIGITAL answers like yes NO .. start your querry with name of flower of fruit , do not wrte I or my favouirte fuirt is etc .. just start the querry [ after prayers and numbers ] with name of fruit and your querry ]


  1. Sun if along with moon , one will live outside his birth place and will fight with his family members and will be given to pleasures .
  2. SUn in second to moon will be successful person , will have many assistants and will be liked by superiors and appreciated and awarded for work .
  3. sun in 3rd one will be endowed with precious stones and have gold in house will be rich and kingly
  4. sun in 4th will be inimical to mother and mother will suffer on acoount his birth , will be devoid of respect towards mother
  5. sun in 5th one will have sons but will yearn for girl child
  6. sun in 6th one will win over enemies and will engage in war
  7. sun in 7th from moon one will have good natured wife very beautiful and native will also be very good natured and kingly in disposition , honoured by kings .
  8. sun in 8th one will always have troubles in life and also be troubled with diseases
  9. Sun in 9th one will be religious , truthful and will have difference of opinion with relatives
  10. Sun in 10th , one will be highly respected , very wise and important person in his family famous and head of his race .
  11. sun in 11th one will gain from many business and become rich
  12. sun in 12th from moon one will have tremondous expenses and will have diseases of eyes .


April 15, 2013:
Monday, Sukla Panchami till 21:43,
Mrigasira (whole day), Sobhana yoga till 3:37*,
Bava karana till 8:41, Balava karana till 21:43,
RahuK: 7:44 – 9:16, GulikaK: 13:53 – 15:25, YamaG: 10:48 – 12:21,
Varjya: 11:10 – 12:57, Durmuhurta: 11:56 – 12:45, 15:13 – 16:02,
Sunrise at 6:12, Sunset at 18:29,
Moonrise at 9:39, Moonset at 22:51, Moon in Ta till 18:15

April 14, 2013:
Sunday, Sukla Chaturthi till 19:41,
Rohini till 4:57*, Soubhagya yoga till 3:01*,
Vanija karana till 6:44, Vishti karana till 19:41,
RahuK: 16:57 – 18:29, GulikaK: 15:25 – 16:57, YamaG: 12:21 – 13:53,
Varjya: 20:08 – 21:54, Durmuhurta: 16:51 – 17:40,
Sunrise at 6:13, Sunset at 18:29,
Moonrise at 8:51, Moonset at 22:00, Moon in Ta (whole day)

Saturday, Sukla Tritiya till 17:51,
Krittika till 2:29*, Ayushman yoga till 2:32*,
Garija karana till 17:51,
RahuK: 9:17 – 10:49, GulikaK: 6:13 – 7:45, YamaG: 13:53 – 15:25,
Varjya: 13:24 – 15:09, Durmuhurta: 6:13 – 7:02, 7:02 – 7:51,
Sunrise at 6:13, Sunset at 18:29,
Moonrise at 8:06, Moonset at 21:09, Moon in Ar till 6:49

April 12, 2013:

    Friday, Sukla Dwitiya till 16:22,

    Bharani till 0:18*, Priti yoga till 2:17*,

    Kaulava karana till 16:22, Taitula karana till 5:04*,

    RahuK: 10:50 – 12:21, GulikaK: 7:46 – 9:18, YamaG: 15:25 – 16:57,

    Durmuhurta: 8:41 – 9:30, 12:46 – 13:35,

    Sunrise at 6:14, Sunset at 18:29,

    Moonrise at 7:23, Moonset at 20:18, Moon in Ar (whole day)

Rayara Seva Mahima

Om haam  Hayagreevay Namah


Did Rayaru ever ask for Navarathna Ratha, gold kavachas etc.??? Why can’t these money be spent on vidya paatashala students who can’t spend money, people struggling for money, several people struggling without house, food and so many to count.

Till now, every year I used to save some money every month and will give it for Rayar mutt during Rayar aaradhana… Last year I realized that why should I give to mutt which has everything. I could rather give some bed sheet, umbrella, mat, dress and such basic needs to people living on streets during aaradhana by thinking am doing a seva by Rayar anugraha… This is what I thought. Why is this not done by many Acharya?


1.         NAVARATNA rath will give opportunity for numerous people do SEVA, RATHOTSAVA Seva of RAYARU. ROI will there … so it’s a good decision …

2.         If we pull RAYAR RATHA , RAYARU will pull and make easy our JEEVAN RATHA

3.         If one gives bed sheet food to a street side person , only  that person gets satisfied but  if one gives dana to the satisfaction of a BRAMHIN [ a learned BRAMHIN ] , if he is satisfied all the DEAVTAS gets satisfied . If he is completely satisfied and gives you boon, then The LORD within him being completely pleased makes those words true.

4.         Giving your money to RAYARU and objects that serve RAYARU comes back to you manifolds. It also destroys sins..

So, donating for such activities like Rathotsava is more fruitful than donating to street side urchins.

Lord should always be given first priority in whatever act we undertake and then the prasada should be given to people outside. One should not shun the seva of Lord putting beggar at a higher pedestal.

In front of Rayaru we are the needy. Parent child relationship .. He is not benefitted. We are the beneficiaries of dana..

Question:  Is it not that, the seva should be done only to help the needy and we should not expect any returns. Then, why should we even think that we are giving something to Rayar Ratha and pulling it will be great as Rayaru will pull our Jeevan ratha? So, it means that one is giving that dana with expectation. So how does it become fruitful?

Answer:  Poverty  is the factor that leads these people to do Shastra patha  else everyone will do Engineering,  Medicine course etc. So, they being in poverty is not a situation,  it’s a compulsion of their own prarabdha. Let’s take up a case study.

Case Study :

Introduction –

Are we making optimum use of money  we have ? Is giving to the poor an optimum use or donating to RAYARU optimum ? Beware, making  this decision is not about expectation in return.

While giving it to Rayaru or KrishnarpaNa does not mean that nothing will come back [ just because we have not expected ] , it would  still give its effect . So is the case with poor or orphans .

Why have they become Orphans?

Because they  have tried to separate people previously , they have done sins. So, helping a sinful entity only augments sins not punya . Man born out of sin spreads sins , sponsoring him makes “YOU”  part of sin.

 While donating to Brahmana , reduces your  own sins,  sponsoring him makes  way for more Punya Karya. Rayaru  being the highest Brahmana, giving it to RAYARU makes it MORE useful.

Personal Experience of  Acharya  Chiraan–

 In my twenties I had good opportunity of visiting mutts daily and spending lots of time with mutt workers.

While spending time with workers [ archakas , managers , cooks , other small time workers all Brahmanas ],  the only tone I would listen to was that of being oppressed, low payscale , no life of their own , no recreation , no modern amenities , a stale life , no support from management and an abusive atmosphere.  Management is prospering day by day ! This view point gets bombarded and one feels pity. “Mohavash”. I had also implemented some schemes  which I discontinued later .

 In the earlier days ,  I had taken for granted that what these people are facing is indeed not correct but I was negated strongly by some forceful events .

 So, in the initial days , wherever I was living , medical  bills of workers were paid from my company. I was initiating my local friends who  were very  rich to conduct  homa , festivities in mutt so that archakas would get lot of money [ like into tens of thousands , at that time, the  pay of archaka was Rs 3000 only ] . Functions of workers were sponsored. Also, in mutts where there is no frequent activity , there was a corpus fund established to give archaka an additional salary from the company .

Initially I was praised , people flocked for their smaller needs and things were in good  mood . So far so good but  then two groups bifurcated in mutt . One  a group of beneficiaries and other Non- 

beneficiaries. So, restrictions/ impediments started to occur in the homa / japa affairs that were being conducted in the mutts . Some people objected saying mutt has become a commercial entity ..

[ when the issue was forced that HOMA havan japa are integral part of our culture and MUTT should be the place where it should be carried out ] … the real issue was put forth .. Why  only archakas  be benefitted? Archakas fearing loss of job or transfer offered  to share his dakshina with all the members’ equally.

Impediments like not allowing  archaka to do japa , overburdening him with work on the day of homa , so that yejamana may get irritated at not getting proper ” service ” for the money being paid Such impediments stopped once sharing concept evolved  but in the whole process people of other mutts propagated that even Chiraan  gets his share by recommending such poojas in the mutt .This  was too much .

As the commercialization  increased , the actual RESULTS never came to the person getting these homas  and slowly it became a simple monotonous act rather than a remedy.

One day some demands came like , restructuring of entire organs to a worker , which costed a huge amount. Why restructuring/ plastic surgery?  because he felt currently due to disfigurement he was not acceptable as purohit   else he would do that and earn more.

 In ecstasy [ around the same time an eminent pandit and sadhaka was being harassed regularly in mutt  too.  So, I offered him an alternate employment  which  he accepted , but  it never materialized . Calamity after calamity struck . ]. Even such simple offer it did not materialize. I asked an astrologer as to why this  is happening ?

Astrologer,  a great RAYAR bhakta and great pandit said , these are worthless people [ otherwise in practical world ] owing  to Rayaru [ and management ], they have got a life  where they can follow their Varnashrama dharma , and have roof , food and upon that do daily Rayara seva leading to better spiritual future,  knowingly and unknowingly.  These people have forgotten  their yogyata  and have started dreaming for more. Now that  you have stepped in, you are taking them away  from Rayara  seva and by giving them alternate employment they will  in fact be  sinning which is not  the  wish of Rayaru,  but given their thinking its better they remain as they are. It’s Rayaru’s wish too.

From  that day after that prashna I stopped  giving an ear to problems [ especially one regarding poor lifestyle ] and also stopped sponsoring.

A  person earning 3000 even after getting 70000 a month was never happy , in fact he started behaving wayward by actually doing abhisheka to RAYARU chewing pan paraag

Moral : So,  donating to Rayaru for Navarathna  ratha , doing sarva seva , kavach mahotsava fetches  more punya rather than doing samaaj  seva / social service.

Elaboration :

Why and How!!!?

 People  rush to Mantralayam , for many problems . One with money will do Navarathna seva and in return , he will get more punya  and his problems will get solved. Such sevas will give more money to organizations and they will expand meaning, more employment to Bramahnas,  more salaries , more mutts more vibrancy.  More people in trouble will get punya and relief.  Will this recurring effect come  if done any other way ?

Rayaru  is the  King Gururaaja. More  taxes one will pay to a benevolent  King , more conducive atmosphere / environment  King will be able to create  for us.  Rayaru is most benevolent king,  paying our taxes to him  will only benefit, even for orphans and beggars in the kingdoms.

So, what is the work of a King? To look after poor and underprivileged. We need not burden ourselves with that work . We must pay our taxes properly.

A man is poor or hungry owing to his own  “karma”. Why should other person be apologetic about it ! [ DO NOT have a doubt that JUSTICE is not delivered here ] . MADHWACHARYA says NOT a drop of water or grain does the HARIDWESHi deserves

 Power Thoughts:

–           Raayaru is venture capitalist par excellence for all saatvik entrepreneurs.

–           Many artisans would have been in penury but for construction of rathas and temples. Many skills in India were lost for want of support.

–           Giving daana to a Vedavid dwija who is well off is always infinite times greater. The purpose of dana is to give your sins to him.  The person whom sins don’t touch , [ when sins come in their contact it burns to ashes due to power of sadhana ] so by giving him sins through daana one gets rid of one’s own sin ..[ so by taking daana one does upakara a favour ] non dwijas do not have punya [ that is the reason they are born non dwija ] that punya which can destroy others sins neither their sadhana creates such punya excess to be given to somebody. They will further get bogged down by sins and their life will become hell so giving daana is like killing that person or burdening that person with more miseries

–           Daana is like donating hiv infected blood [Should the blood be donated to a patient who is in need of blood or to a healthy healer who can cleanse the blood ]

The donor has forgotten that it is he who is actually infected but out of mada of donating he is feeling I am donating blood … so why give to healthy man why not to a patient .. [ but donor is unaware that he himself is patient ]

Personal experience from Members:

•          All this has been only possible only because of the grace that Rayaru had tried to shower and nothing else. For the last few years, whenever I had wanted to donate anything for 

•          Rayaru, I have always found that money had come to me from unexpected sources back – again he wanted to re-iterate that whatever we are giving to him is what he has in the first place given to us, which we use to satisfy all our loukika desires and then out of the remaining, we seem to think that we are donating to him back…. This is the lesson that I always take each time that I try to do some small donation as his seva consistently without fail.

•          Whoever you serve, you will get a portion of their paapa punya. So if we serve Vishnu dweshi we will get their karma. This is what my personal experience. I got into deep unimaginable trouble when I gave food to beggars outside a temple. If you serve rayaru, you will get only punya of an aparokshi whose karma is paramaatma abhimaani, will get us closer to Paramaatma and help in moksha sudha.

Conclusion :

Rayaru Seva is the best, a person can do. This does not mean that one should not donate to poor.

You must get some work from the poor and donate. One must give daily as per his capacity , once income is for others as well. So, why be judgmental , decide whether  you want to give or not ? if yes , engage them in some work and pay them.

Rayaru Seva is the best service one can do for humanity. Do this first, the rest follows!!

Note :  For list of Sevas’, do not forget to check the below link:


Shri Krishnarpanamastu



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