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shri gurubhyo namaha

Yudhistira was an expert in gambling . He could command dices to give out his favourable number.So was Shakuni adept with mystical dice in his hands. Pandavas , the last among whom Sahadeva was an excellent astrologer. He would always predict there would be great war and kauravas would be defeated. He knew they(Pandavas) would be defeated in the gamble.( such was greatness of Sahadeva that even duryodhana had his muhurta for Mahabharata war set by Sahadeva though a rival).

what made Yudhistira lose his magic touch. why did his knowledge of dice betray him on that fateful day? mind you dice was played twice in his life one succeeding other . The first one brought insult to his wife. second one robbed him off his kingdom of entire universe earned in Rajsuya yagna. Man can make mistake once  , but here is the wisest of all men succumbing to vice twice.

Was it really a vice? could Yudhistira put so much on stake? Did Sahadeva not forewarn him as astrologer. In case when we meet with misfortune our Astrologers suggest many remedies. mostly consisting of prayers. So it is meant to appease dieties and get away with the miseries written in destiny. But in our example Pandavas had very God Krishna by their side always ready to lend a helping hand whether asked or unasked for.( such was his love for Pandavas). Then why did he not give success in the Gambling to Yudhistira. Worst still his very art of dice control slipped away in favour of Shakuni.why in this case mighty men of the earth faced defeat/deciet ?

Is astrology really meant for changing our destinies?

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Comments on: "Could Pandavas have avoided the dyut krida and Vanvaas?" (13)

  1. Lakshmi said:

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    Q: (Hand touching throat)
    The boy indicated for marriage says ‘NO’. The Lord says it is due to karma; however, I must keep faith, for grace can always change matters.
    What is the way forward? Mind is disturbed. Please suggest a remedy.
    With gratitude:


  2. Sri Krishnaya namaha,

    I have read somewhere in the blog yudhistira was having Anisht punya…so dyut could not go as sin….over that GOD’s will was there.
    So its means that GOD never insists anyone to commit sins…..untill and unless it is beneficial somehow…that could be only great fortune that GOD is helping some how to remove the anisht punya in case of Pandavas.
    But what is that thing which provokes us to commit sins??we are destined to exhaust prarabdh…if we are experiencing prarabdh and exhausting it by living it…then why new sins?? Is there some conditions or some prarabdh are like which excites us do those new sins??
    Please answer this..

    Thanks and Regards,


  3. Raguraman said:

    Om Om Namo Narayanaya Om
    Om Shri Gurubhyo Namaha

    Waiting eagerly for your explanation Sir.


  4. Responses to ur queries, given below.

    1. Some time before the infamous dice game, Yudhishtira was warned by sage Vyaasa that, in a months’ time, HE (YUDHISHTIRA) would become the direct cause of a great fratricidal war which will occur in 13 years time, which would result in the killing of millions of kshatriyas and universal destruction. Yudhishtira was so much horror stricken to hear the news that he immediately decided that he will never refuse anything demanded by his brothers, Pandavas as well as Kauravas. That was why, even knowing that the dice game is fraught with evil, he still agrees to play it, for fear of offending his cousins. That one motive directs his entire future actions. See how destiny plays with man! Even when Duryodhana arrogantly calls for Draupadi to be dragged to the Sabha, Yudhishtira’s mind was so preoccupied with the future war and he wanted to get as many allies as possible, so he secretly tells the Prathikami (messenger) to inform Draupadi to come to the Sabha in a single dress, so as to win the sympathy of the all the warriors present there. Obviously, the absolute reliance he placed on sage Vyaasa’s words made Yudhishtira neglect Sahadeva. Having a good astrologer in your ranks is no surety that your actions will be crowned with success. In Homer’s famous epic Iliad, the Trojan princess Cassandra had the gift of predicting future happenings, and she accurately predicted that the wooden horse brought inside the city walls would be the cause of destruction of Troy. But nobody listend to her. Rather the Gods willed that people’s minds are diverted away from her predictions.

    2. Same reason as above. For fear of displeasing Duryodhana (maybe Yudhishtira thought, if he refused to play dice, that would automatically result in angering people on both sides, and kick off the War) Yudhishtira neglected his better wisdom and acquiesced to everything that Duryodhana wished for.

    3. Yudhishtira was over confident of his success in gambling, much like any addict to gambling does. It’s always the thinking – so what if I lost this one time, see all these people are watching me – and the Kauravas are goading me with sarcastic words – I will play just once more and put them in there place.

    There is a sanskrit saying ‘Vinaasha kaale Viparita Buddhih’ – your mind will not work properly when the time is bad for you 🙂

    4. Regarding your query on why Krishna did not give the Pandavas success in the gambling. Krishna’s purpose of incarnation is to support the structure of Dharma, (Dharmasamsthaapanaarthaaya). Gambling is Adharma as it is wastage of god given gifts to man. The Vedas explicitly forbid one from gambling, through the mouth of the God Savita. So there would be no question of Krishna giving the Pandavas gambling success. While the Pandavas live in the forest, Krishna, Balarama and Satyaki visit them. There, after listening to the lamentations of Yudhishtira – what Krishna says is highly illuminating. He says “I was away from Dwaraka at that time, as I was fighting our enemy Salva. If I were in Dwaraka or Hasthinapura at the time the gambling took place, I would have immediately used my influence with Dhritarashtra to PREVENT the gambling from taking place. I would have even pressured Bhishma to stop the gambling.” See, Krishna’s point is – the gambling itself should not have happened. These are some of the most insightful aspects in the great Mahabharata work.

    If there are any doubts on the above, you can contact me at my email id.


    • Your answer seemingly shows wisdom but lacks the purport of The article ,, Yudhisthir was no addict to gambling . There is pressumption that Yudhisthir did not know the vedas and its dictum owing to his gambling vice . there is another blunder , in the answer Yudhisthir feared great war , Another foremost blunder is thinking yudhisthir should have given more importance to sahadevs astrology than Lord Vedvayasa ‘s dictum .

      Some other minor follies are Yudhisthir wanted Draupadi to come in single dress . Such gross misrepresentation of the apostle of Dharma !

      The article has been written to highlight the point that despite knowing many things prarabdha requires one to obey destiny . The war was a must it was desire of LORD which was conveyed by Lord himself as Vyasa . Yudhisthir had vowed never to say NO to gambling . He did not gamble to please Duryodhan .
      Those who have God by their side always win ,. God saves them from vices as well . But here in this case , War was a necessity and gamble was a roo for it because it gave a valid reason to kill . It was Krishna’s wish . Krishna not being at Gambling is falacy finally It was Krishna who gave saree to Draupadi in the sabha SO Krishna was there; he is everywhere . To save the most dearest bhaktas Pandavas is nature of LORD . here in this case knowing Lord’s wish and acting according to it was a great karma by Pandavas . even at the cost of losing kingdom pleasures and insult . Such a karma is no ordinary and cannot be replicated by any human being .

      Yudhisthir was a great warrior , The great kshatriyas never fear war they eagerly await it . Draupadi was in menses and peole in the olden days remain on single dress [ Draupadi did not change her dress for Yudhisthirs’ words ]
      Vyasa is Lord whose words never fail thus consulting Sahadev would mean doubting LOrds words . Yudhisthir had no loss of buddhi during gambling .Yudhisthir could not have avoided this war even with his wits and dharma or efforts , here MAHABHARAT was destined as it was written much before Yudhisthir was born .

      Mahabharata is very difficult epic without the words of scholars it should not be interpreted .


      • Respected Sir,

        Pandavas were devata Amshas and hence knew the will of the Lord and happily abided by it as you have mentioned above. But, what does a normal human being has in in hands to do in such situations ? If the Lord has already decided that a person is going to commit a sinful act on a specific day at a specific time, what remains in the hand of the native to do to please Shri Hari.

        This also brings up the question of free-will Vs destiny. If we are destined to do everything that is already written, then what remans in our hands to attempt ? What are the expectations of divine from a soul under these situations ? In Shrimad Bhagvad Gita, the essence of the teachings has been the effort to put irrespective of all situations. So, can we say that even such effort is predestined ?

        To be honest, I am yet unable to frame the question properly sir. But I am sure you have got the gist of my confusion. Kindly advise.



        • This is a general confusion , which remains as long as one feels his individuality lies only in doing an act independent of Lord [ aka karna] . when we say we are individuals unique and different from lord . and also we are utterly dependent on lord . both are true .
          effort is predestined , yes !
          result is irrespective of efforts ? yes it is
          the consciousness that i am doing by the will of GOD and whatever is sin it is due to my previous karma ,God is washing it off ,

          whatever good is happening is due to the grace of gurus and LOrd , i am grateful > this is what is expected .\

          to dwell deep i will have to translate geeta tatparya nirnay ,and geeta prasthana .
          wait for the posts .


          • Respected Sir,

            I have learnt a lot from you in last one year since I joined this blog. I did not possess that much knowledge in 34 years before the last year. It has been life changing and all that you have mentioned is being followed in my life. It is always “SriKrishnarpanamastu” and not the self as I have been last year. I think it is for this reason that inspite of having ups and downs in job and finances, Lord never lets me fall on my face and arranges short term support from whatever direction suitable to the moment, to float till i get a long term opportunity. It is as you have rightly mentioned basically Hari preeti and Guru pooja antargata Shri Vishnu that keeps me floating in the world of Maya.

            As humans we conduct many sins on a day to day basis. Although, I know from your teachings that it is the Lord within us that makes us do things. I find it hard to attribute sins committed by me as wish of the Lord. I feel so guilty from inside because Lord is full of auspicious qualities only. It could not be lord’s intent within me to be commiting small and big sins in routine. It is at that time the question arises in the mind, Is it Kali influencing the bimba ? Then I get to recite Shri Hari japa and mitigate the evil as far as possible. But the question again is that the act of sin that i committed was predestined. What was the basic reason behind the prestined act ? The answer that I get is that it is because of those moments in my previous births that I did not side with the lord within that i was destined to commit the sinful act. So, in this birth to mitigate those and future sinful acts, I must always be engaged in hari dhyana.

            The second meaning that I got from your post sir, that although the act sometimes maybe looking like an act of sin, but it is an event in the bigger set of events that is wish of the Lord to keep Dharma victorious in the long run. And I also understand that we as humans have only choice to abide by the Lord within to win his Grace and save ourselves from the clutches of Kali.

            I shall wait for the GTN and Geeta Prasthana info as mentioned by you.



      • Sir, thanks for giving such clear and correct answers to so many of our questions.


  5. kishore said:

    chiraan ji my hearty salutations to you.

    1. please define your opinion about SANKASTA CHATURTHI .

    2. ISTA DAIVA means who ? is it ancestors prayed house god (MANE DEVARU) or god liked by individual –

    3. my ready made garment shop is going in very bad phase, can you advice remedy to improve or do you think its my PRARABDHA KARMA and face it as it goes?


  6. Respected Sir – Yudhishthira was expert in gambling asyou mentioned above. Can you please enlighten, isnt gambling a vice in the eyes of dharma ?

    In todays world if a human resorts to gambling, is it considered to be paap?



    • expert in gambling does not mean he was gambling , he had the ability to get the number of his choice at his will


  7. A very Good point here. Astrology is forecasting just like weather forecasting. We cant change the weather but can be prepared for the vagaries of weather.
    In case we can change a persons fate by prayer then the concept of destiny is challenged. In my opinion prayer alleviates human suffering but does not eleminate it.


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