Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

Shri Ram was born with all planets deeply exalted except mercury and moon . He appeared  in cancer ascendant with jupiter and moon placed there. Lord Ram was ideal son,ideal brother,ideal husband, ideal King , ideal friend, and ideal Father.He was MARYADAPURUSHOTTAM RAM.

Combination of jupiter and moon in lagna gives rise to ideal people.seventh lord exalted and seventh house exalted aspected by exalted jupiter. indication of dutiful wife . 10th house sun exalted with 10th lord exalted gave him a powerful  Father (chakravarti) , aspect of mars and saturn always cuts short the happiness . on 10 here it cut short paternal happiness.

sixth lord jupiter indicates enemy from a bramhin caste. being exalted jupiter shows the enemy as influential .So Ravana was a Bramhin . He was also born with all the planets exalted but his ascendant was libra with saturn in it. Saturn in lagna always gives rise to a bhogi . one who indulges in pleasure pursuit, even if it means doom to the self. Ravana was a great astrologer. He knew every position of astrology that would give success. As he had conquered the navagrahas. he ordered them to allign as required to attain success. He had all the planets tied to the steps of his Throne ,so that he could always step on them while ascending the throne. This  to indicate he cared less for human destiny.

Once while his wife was pregnant about to give birth to a child, he ordered all the planets to take position in 11th house , so that his son would be deathless immortal. God ordered sani to move from 11th to 12th house to ensure his son’s death Sani out of fear reluctant to move , stepped forward but Ravana sensing it flung his chandrahasa sword . This cut the Saturns’ leg which fell in the 12th. This leg was hence named MANDI . This mandi was eventually responsible for death of INDRAJIT.

When Ram was nearing Lanka , Sage Narada went to Ravana , teased navagrahas espescially Shani  as why they are unable to teach Ravana a lesson, is his destiny beyond them . Shani replied Ravana had tied them with face below(back upside) , if only they could glance him then Ravana would start facing bad days. Narada suggested Ravan , “what use is stepping on the back of a person , one should step on the chest to stample somebody’s pride.”Ravan impressed with this , ordered all the navagrahas to be turned up , and then stepped on their chests . This enabled sani to glance at Ravana . Sani’s glance started his Sade Sathi. Thus downfall  of Ravana was orchestrated.

Was Ravana not aware of this ………

Yes he was. Adhyatma Ramayana is an interpretation of Ramayana in a very philosophic way. Here Ravana knew  very much that he would be slayed by RAMA . infact everyday he would go to the Top of the tower and lament “oh Rama when are you going to come and relieve me.”

when Rama and sita were in panchvati , he could have fought with RAMA and taken away SITA . but instead he resorts to deceit , he sends marich as a golden deer. IS it not fear of RAMA that caused this act. Had he fought there RAMA would have forgiven him and not killed him. To kill ,man needs extreme provocation , what better than targeting wife of RAMA. Ravana had a curse , touching any woman against her wishes would split his head into thousand pieces , hence he never touched Sita. How did he take her away without touching,

He plucked the entire earth/ground  below Sita on to Pushpak Vimana. even in Ashoka vatika he always asked Sita to bring Rama as early as possible to facilitate his return to vaikuntha.

Sita is Lakshmi Devi , where there is Lakshmi there is always wealth , prosperity and success . But as Sita came to Lanka , it got burnt, brought destruction of Ravanas’ family . Was it really Sita in the Ravana ‘s palace? No, it was Sitaakruti, madeup by Agni and indra(with vedavati). Since it was not Sita , RAMA could not have accepted it as his wife. So agni pariksha was enacted to replace this Sitaakruti with original Sita.Rama never suspected SITA ,his wife. Agni and Indra for their service were rewarded to be born as LUV and KUSH . Shri Ram ruled for 13000 years.(Ramarajya)

to be continued…………………………



Comments on: "RAM ,Astrology and Ravana -1" (9)

  1. Venkatesh said:


    It is mentioned that Ravana is a brahmin. But it is also mentioned that the Ravana’s mother was a rakshashi while father was a Rishi (brahmin).

    So doesnt Ravan automatically become a Rakshasha or some intermediate caste. Is this not similar to inter caste marriage where a brahmin marries a non brahmin and the child is of some other intermediate caste.

    My Pranaams


    • Bramhins exist in devatas rakshasas manushyas nagas ..in every species … remember daityas were also born to KASHYAP rishi through DITI .. so they are bramhins ..so RAVAN was born to bramhin mother and bramhin father ..


  2. pranaam guruji,
    guruji if ravana wanted to get killed by Lord Rama then why he had kidnapped all the navgrahas and made them align according to his will????
    but really i didnt knew all these aspects of ramyana..really it was nice to read all of it…can please continue writting ramayana blogs pleaseeeee.



  3. karthik said:

    poojaneeyamaina gurugariki,
    i have a small doubt.. if ravana was one of jaya/vijaya.. who were the attendants of lord then how can one take birth on earth as one who is in vaikuntha is liberated and one who is liberated doesnot take birth again.. please clarify


    • vaikuntha has two portions , one mukta and and other amukta vaikuntha , the RAVANA and kumbhakarna are JAI VIJAY of amukta vaikuntha ,


      • karthik said:

        poojaneeyamaina gurugariki,
        can you kindly tell us more and elaborate on mukta and amukta vaikunthas please?


  4. Respected Sir,

    What is the logic behind Ravana Having all planets in 11th for indrajit ? How can such placement ensure deathlessness and immortality astrologically ?



  5. respected,

    i have read many and competent astrologers across world but your way of writings is very special. Connecting to mythology and spiritual aspects eases as well as clarify the message.

    may be you have – mecury -jupiter connection playing role one is prthvi tattva and other is aakash they meet at horizon .

    very great orator and truly learned person !!

    g shah


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