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RAM ,Astrology and Ravan-2

Shri Rama was born in Punarvasu star , lakshmana and Shatrughna were twins born in Ashlesha , Bharat was born in Pushyami . Pushyami comes before Ashlesha hence Bharat was elder to Lakshmana by a day. Though All were born with same planetary combination as Ram ,only Ram ruled . This highlights the point that mere exaltation of planets alone do not ensure the kingship. Here navamsa comes into play , even if one planet is in enemy’s house or debilitation in navamsa , man has to serve somebody.one who does not have such planets in navamsa leads his life independently.

Ravana was born as his father copulated with kaikasi, in the evening. Cohabitation during prohibited hours give cruel offsprings. This brings into importance nisheka lagna( the time of coitus).

so what detrmines the characteritics of a person. time of coitus of parents or birth time. birth time can be , appearance of head of the child, cutting of umbilical chord, or crying of the child or placing the child down.

According to sage parashar , mans’ character is dependent on,

  1. genes of the father
  2. genes of mother
  3. time of the birth
  4. association and upbringing

the strength of the above being in the ascending order. Man who is in good association develops good qualities irrespective of his birth. But an evil man cannot become good ,like however you raise a neem tree you wont get sweet fruits on it. a snake even after drinking milk gives out poison. So avoid evil association.

Ravana was born 36000 years before Rama ,At that time parshuram was also born but he did not kill ravana , God took another avatar of Rama to kill Ravana, even sita was born before Rama . but sita married Ram at the age of eight when Ram was 24 years. How is that possible?

As sita was born she was taken away to Bramha loka, when you pass a single day there here many years pass away on the earth.As ram was born and became adult sita was discovered by Janak as a baby while ploughing hence name Sita.King janak was  99000 years old as he was a true karmayogi.


Comments on: "RAM ,Astrology and Ravan-2" (5)

  1. Venkatesh said:


    It is mentioned that according to sage Parashara, the following determines a man’s character,
    1) genes of the father, 2) genes of mother, 3) time of the birth, 4) association and upbringing

    But it is also mentioned that the following helps beget a saatvika child:
    1) Vrata, 2) Genes, 3) Muhurta

    Q1) What is the difference between the two here and how should both of them be considered.

    Q2) Also according to Parashara’s statement, Nisheka Muhurtha is not even amongst the important factors to be considered. Is that the case or have I understood improperly.

    My Pranaams


    • the factors are uttarottar prabala means the one succeeding is more stronger than the previous .. while gees are important but if one is born in auspicious birth time he will invariably be a satvik …but such births takes place owing to vrata niyamas and genes of the parents who mate in suitable muhurta ..


  2. 1245 236 355 8am 8-6-1960

    Do I get a force to change my dharma in my work place.?


  3. Sreekanth Belpu said:

    Wonderful post and always a pleasure to read the inner meanings of our scriptures.


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