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Ram ,Astrology and Ravan-3

Rama along with his brothers and His Father Dasharath shared his moon sign cancer. On the day of coronation cancer sign was afflicted with sun mars and rahu , this affliction brings immense difficulties to all the five. Dasharath falls sick and eventually dies out of grief of parting with son. Rama had to undergo exile, Bharat  rejected kingdom settled in nandigram as a hermit . Lakshmana followed Rama , Shatrughna served Bharath. What a great brothers never again in History such exemplary brothers will be seen with unmatching sacrifice in their course to Dharma.

All in all affliction of moon sign with 3 or more malefics , brings dangers to the native.

When in vanavasa Rama’s wife was abducted by Ravana. Sugreeva gets his kingdom from Vali with the help of Rama . Sugreeva promises Rama to help find Sita. All of them wait for good days to come ( full three months till rainy season is over) Why should Lord Rama wait for three months without action when his wife was missing ? only to look for good time ! to allow Sugreeva to enjoy his kingdom.

Then when Jatayu , his elder brother Sampathi had already told Sita was taken away by Ravana ,still monkeys were sent in ten groups to ten different different directions . though everyone knew Ravana’s Lanka was in the south.

  1. though a man is expert in some field . He should always resort to ten secondary options while executing a Plan.you never know what can go wrong .lesson one. No overconfidence.
  2. Human has right only on prayatna .his prayatna should be tenfolds in ten ways.
  3. though Ravana lives in south Lanka , he might have kept Sita somewhere else , a thief hides his hiest at a place other than his home.
  4. but gives his ring only to Hanuman ,sent to Lanka.

incidently Lanka is not Srilanka .Srilanka is simhala dweep according to varaha purana. Lanka was on trikuta parvat beyond malayachal . moreover Hanuman had jumped 100 yojana in sea to reach Lanka . that is 8*28*100miles. srilanaka is very near.Vibheeshana is chiranjeevi and is still ruling Lanka ,as 5150 years ago when Rajsuya yagnya was performed by Yudhisthira , to conquer entire universe , even lanka had to be conquered , since Lord Rama  had devised a boulder to prevent others/humans  entering Lanka , Ghatotkacha son of Bheema goes aerially  and asks Vibheeshana  to accept superiority of Pandavas as an order from Krishna who is none other than Rama of tretayuga. This incident tells us there is Lanka other than Srilanka.

Rama killed Ravan in a muhurtha called Vijay , hence the name VijayaDasami.


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Comments on: "Ram ,Astrology and Ravan-3" (8)

  1. Guruji,
    Please enlighten us more on this topic by giving us answers to all the questions raised here.


  2. Venkatesh said:


    If Sri Lanka is not Lanka, then what is Adam’s bridge. This is being touted as the bridge constructed by Rama when he crossed over to Lanka.

    Also, where is malayachal?

    My Pranaams


  3. Pranam Chiraan Jee,

    This article is great.



  4. saravanan said:

    it is understood somewhere westindies was part of srilanka and this is what Mr. Chiraan has been mentioning i suppose? I could be wrong again but this was told to me by someone again i am reserching on this.


  5. Adarniya Guruji,

    We are hungry for more on this topic. You have made some startling revelations here. Please give us more on Ram, Astrology and Ravana. There are many questions like the following:

    1. What was the prarabhdha of Shri Ram’s father to have three wives ?
    2. Why could’nt Ravana have adopted truthful and honest ways to seek blessings of Shri Vishnu Avatara and reach vaikuntha ?
    3. What was role of Lord Shiva in the Ravana episode ? It is believed that Ravana used to worship Lord Shiva and had aquired boons from him. Lord Shiva is antaryami as well so why did he grant the boons to Ravana ?

    Kindly enlighten us.



  6. Ashish Dalela said:

    Dear Chiraan,
    I would like to exchange emails on with you on this topic. I agree with you that Lanka is elsewhere. Could you drop me an email so we can start talking?



  7. \thank you for your interest and your comments are heartening that an article has been useful.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Very useful and interesting article , enormous thank you author


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