Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

During Mahabharata era there lived a very just and benign ruler called Chandrahasa. He was a great devotee of Lord Krishna.Chandrahasa was born to a king in the star of MOOLA with moon sign  Sagittarius. This star is considered very inauspicious.It is said to wipe out entire clan after the birth of the child , child himself faces premature death . People of this star either live a wretched life or kingly life of high gains and successful accomplishments..if successful , they later on establish a great unhindered race . (all extremes) Girls born in these star usually marry boys whose father has expired.It is inauspicious for Father in law.

These people usually have six fingers or toes.

Chandrahasa too had six toes. As he was born,the kingdom was attacked and king died in the battlefield , queen succumbed to the news .Minister took charge as the caretaker and wanted to usurp the kingdom. so he ordered henchman to kill the baby. These mercenaries took the boy to the jungle , feeling pity at the child cut off his sixth toe ,smeared their swords with the blood as proof and left the boy in the jungle. baby was crying as  villagers carried him to the village and he grew up as a village boy.one day as boy was playing with pebbles , he found a strange pebble with which he could win almost all pebbles of his fellowbeings in the game. He carefully preserved this stone into his mouth day and night. This stone was Saligrama of Lord Vishnu.

With daily oblations to lord in the mouth he became purified.. His body lustre grew day by day. Nearby King Vikramasena was issueless .so he asked astrologers to examine the chart of the lusturous boy , whether he is fit to be king to be adopted. Astrologers declared him to be a blessed child . King adopted Chandrahasa , Chandrahasa prayed to Saligrama with devotion every day . One day neighboring King (earlier minister Durbuddhi) happened to visit the kingdom , stunned by the boy’s appearance and also witnessing his sixth toe(cutoff) sensed danger to his kingdom. So he hatched a plan to finish this boy. He pleaded the Vikramsena that he had forgotten an important document , would like to fetch it,if he could send his  adopted son to get it for Him. (Minister-king) Durbuddhi wrote a letter asking his son to give “Visha” (poison) to the bearer of this letter.

Chandrahasa rode a horse and went to the Durbuddhi’s Kingdom. Near the palace ,he took rest in the nearby garden and fell asleep.Durbuddhi had a beautiful  daughter “Vishala” by name. She also visits  the garden , falls in love with a sleeping lustrous prince . She curiously reads the letter he held , sensing her fathers’ treachery , she adds “la” to the word “Visha” with her kajal (eye liner). now the text becomes

 Give “Vishala” to the bearer of this letter.

son happy at his Fathers’ decision , announces marriage in the state. invitaion is sent to Vikramasena as well . \shocked everyone came to the capital. Durbuddhi still wanting to kill Chandrahasa , asks him to visit the family temple outside the capital as ritual. He sets up two henchmen to hack the first person who appears in the temple.

Chandrahasa gets ready towards the temple , Vishala’s brother insists that he will accompany and enters first the temple to be hacked by the henchmen. Durbuddhi becomes inconsolable and repents for the entire misdeeds, asks pardon to Chandrahasa . Chandrahasa prays goddess Durga to bring back the life of Son of Durbuddhi ,since it was his misfortune that got exchanged with durbuddhi , due to his extreme devotion to Saligrama. Devi obliged , Vishala married chandrahas. He ruled for 900 years, where in his kingdom ,everyone was a vaishnava and no sorrows were known.

One day Arjuna along with Krishna came to conquer Chandrahasa . hearing about Krishna , Chandrahasa ran outskirts to pay his respects to \\krishna . Arjuna angrily said “what Kshatriya are you ,I have come to win your part of the world , and you are insanely crying looking at Krishna .Take your arms and Fight.”

  900 year old man says to 46 year old Arjuna ,”hey mighty pandav , with lord of the entire world by your side ,which world are you set-about to conquer . is there any world beyond Krishna ? so i pray to HIM , you may kill me if you wish. ”

Krishna intervenes and blesses Chandrahasa , Arjuna is ashamed at his childishness , makes peace with Chandrahasa.

Thus Chandrahasa changed his destiny of shortlife and misfortune with great fortune and divine blessings by the worship of Saligrama Vishnu.


Comments on: "Moola nakshatra -The story of chandrahasa" (9)

  1. Super !


  2. Radhe Radhe



  3. Payyanur Ramesh Pai said:

    A Konkani drama ‘CHANDRAHASA’ narrating the abovementioned story is written by Bolantur Krishna Prabhu. It had some dialogues composed as songs which were set to melodious carnatic tunes. This is considered to be one of the earliest Konkani dramas, and it ws first staged in Bantwal (South Canara) in 1910. The drama got into a book form in 1912. It was staged in various places in Karnataka and Kerala states.


  4. srikanth said:

    I am male child born in Moola 1st Padam with sagittarius moon sign. I have a difficult life but have always got out of trouble at the right moment everytime. This story has really inspired me start worshipping Lord Vishnu. Also my family diety happens to be Lord Rama, could be a reason why I am let off if close shaves.


  5. preethi said:

    Many Thanks for such a beautiful story …… I was looking for sumthing abt moola star . This is very convincing abt life. Great work!!!


  6. very nice.

    Myself born in moola with moon sign Sagittarius. I agree moola born people are not fortunate, we have to struggle alot. May be Moola star people have to focus more on their positive traits rather than in being darkness when ever they depress or got a problem.

    when every door in life closed, when every hope lost. can able to create a new door, new hope is possible with only positive thinking 🙂


  7. superb,

    awesome 🙂


  8. karamjit said:

    indeed the article is full of wisdom. child born in Gand Mool are not fortunate in life they have to struggle a lot. Pl write about the Magha born native as well. Free answers to the question are not forth coming . the word press does not open up. pl help; or reply thru E-mail. ref my question at srl no 1539


  9. manya said:

    i read this above article and i am really amused by it
    my main concern is that if any one born under moola nakstra whether man or woman if worship to saligrama vishnu can change his destiny if in miser.


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