Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

Shri Krishna was born in rohini nakshatra  with a moon sign taurus. People born in this star are inimical to maternal uncles.Kamsa was maternal uncle of Shri Krishna whom shri krishna killed to relieve earth of a vile demon. Krishna was born when taurus was rising with moon and venus in it. seventh lord mars exalted in capricorn (9th house) , saturn exalted in libra (6th house) since 10th was in sixth Krishna never had a kingdom of his ( all though entire universe is his kingdom shown by exalted 10 th house). Sun was in leo the 4th house. exaltation of seventh lord alonwith its dipositor with venus in own house ,and aspect of moon on seventh makes one have innumerable wives. Lord krishna had 16108 wives. Aspect of moon and venus on seventh house also makes one have affairs.  Krishna gave sexual pleasure to a kubja . He had rasaleela with gopika stree and Radha in gokula although he was only ten years old then .(kishoreavastha) . Lord exists in everyone , it is he only who primarily enjoys in a Human body and gives enjoyment to the soul too. He existed even in husbands of the gopika stree(s). there was nothing he did not know about their bodies as their husband , or there was nothing extra/new that they could offer to Krishna in the absence of their husbands. Hence Krishna did not have any allegations on him on account of these affairs. Look at the aspect of exalted Jupiter from third house on seventh. Aspect or association of jupiter with seventh house gives rise to shuchi yoga ie. one who is  extremely clean with respect to sexual conduct. HE does not indulge in Vyabichara or illicit sex . Also this yoga gives one a pious and obedient wife Rukmini,Satyabhama,Jambavati,Neela,Mitravinda,lakshana,Kalindi,Bhadra devi. and 16100 kanyas released from the prison of Jarasandha.16108 wives.

Shri krishna married  Neeladevi in a swayamvara , that was more difficult than Draupadi swayamvar. In Draupadi swayamvar a warrior was supposed to pierce the eye of the fish fixed on rotating disc by aiming at the reflection of the disc in the water kept in a bowl below the disc.Arjuna successfully claimed Draupadi.

But in Neela swayamvar , the fish was on the upper side of the rotating disc. The mirror in which the reflection need be seen was fixed below  the disc to the ground . there was a hole in the disc .The warrior had to watch the fish on the cieling mirror once , hit his arrow through the hole observing it in the below mirror , it should get broken by another arrow hit through the hole and then when the broken arrow is in its trail  downwards,it should pierce the fish. Only Krishna could accomplish this feat rest all fail . Showing superiority of Krishna.

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Comments on: "Shri Krishna,Astrology and HIS 16108 wives" (23)

  1. What can you tell about me and my marriage?
    DOB : Nov 3rd, 1986
    TOB : 4:22 AM
    Place Rourkela, Orissa


  2. Dear Sir,

    I am having a lot of conflicts at home and job is also not secure. Please can u tell me when things will be fair at home or when can I have a more satisfactory job and whether I will be able to buy my own home, if possible, when?

    My dob: 13.10.1979
    time of birth: 10:30 am
    place: Chamba, Uttaranchal,
    no. chosen: 13


  3. guruji
    all these days i was amusing by seeing your clients telling numbers in their comments! but now i got it 🙂 guruji now number coming to my mind after asking sri RAGHAVENDRA is 109 , please tell regarding my future business aspect of present cloth business which is in bad phase. will it prosper as before


  4. guruji
    thanks. can i do dhanvantri homa at my RESIDENCE on behalf of my shop business improvement ?


  5. guruji
    i am so happy and got faith that i can see better days by your advice of homa with 108 red flowers.
    but you didnt said name of homa and red flowers name like rose, DASAWALA .. .etc ?
    guruji where should homa must be performed ? in shop or residence ?which day and best timings ?
    guruji please will you suggest where can we find good knowledgable priest as per your opinion in bangalore. as in our place we hardly find .


  6. guruji pranam
    please suggest remedy to improve my clothes business which is running in very bad phase. throughout day only 2 to 3 customers will come. But in previous years it was running very fine with getting fame. since from few years i am struggling hard to find that fame back again, but its getting worst day by day and becoming laughing part in society and house. please please bless permanant remedy guruji. if you think i must under go this bad phase as per karma , then i will obey it also, as i am your follower. only thing is to hear from your words thats all.


    • kindly undertake homa with red flowers , 108 flowers . this will instantly improve your busisness


  7. veena sharma said:

    Guruji, I have Tarus lagna with moon and venus in, my husband died when I was 48. I don’t have any affiers; how come I became widow at early age; I am really lonly, I miss my husbands company; he used to adore me. My date of birth is 14 july 1958, renukut near vanarasi, at 2.00 AM.


  8. namaste chiraan ji,
    i have written to you before now i have some questions in my mind.this time the number coming to my mind is 23.
    1. if the kaal sarp dosha is in my life then on which aspect it is and for how long will it stay? as every one says it is but no one tells on which aspect.
    2. how is my job and career life ? will i get job which will be having promotions?
    3. you have told i will get admission into post graduation but will i get it in delhi or out of delhi ? as i have applied out of delhi too.
    4.and will my future family be understanding and co operative towards me?

    please reply.

    MY DOB- 30-11-1986
    MY TOB- 16:35 PM



  9. namaste chiraan ji,
    i am writing to you for the first time as i am very worried about my future life. i have not received till date as per my hard work. but i do want my future life happy and secure. i have 2 questions in my mind. and the number coming to my mind is 81.
    my ques are-
    1. i want to go for post graduation this year from the university of my choice. will it be possible? i have done bachelors in physiotherapy.
    2. how is my married life and career life, will it be a arranged or love marriage?

    MY DOB – 30-11-1986
    MY TOB- 16:35 PM



    • chiraan said:

      1. you will get admission into postgraduation
      2. you will get married to a very nice person , love marraige


    • namaste chiraan ji,
      thank you for your reply.
      and as you know there is kaal sarp yog in my kundli, though i have done all the puja required but still i want to know will it affect further in my life as said that in my kundli it is only for 21 years that means it is not affecting now…as now i am of 22 now.and will i get a good job and successful career life?
      thank you.


  10. this is true . Thanks from the core of the heart for this information .

    Hare krishna


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