Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

Bali pratipada , kartika sukla padyami is celebrated as a new year in many parts of India. It is year when Vikramaditya ascended the throne with a rajyabhisheka from his capital Ujjain  . He was born to a bramhin , Govind Bhat to a Kshatriya apsara from heaven .

5109 years have passed since advent of Kaliyuga . There are six yugapurushas in this yuga . They will also be known as  shaka-kartas . Yudhisthira Saka lasted for 3044 years , then came Vikramaditya  ,whose saka will be for 135 years. After this will rule Shalivahan from Pratishtanpura. (Paithan) . His era will last for 18000years, After which a new shaka purusha will come by name Vijayabhinandan will rule from the banks of vaitarni river. His era will last for 10000 years. Then will come Nagarjuna who would rule the earth from the banks of Kaveri , whose era will last for 400000 years, When Kalki will come down to finish of mletchas when only 800 years would left for kaliyuga to finish. ALL these kings will be  born in a yoga where 9th lord and 10th lord combined in a Simhasanamsa.

When such combination comes in paravatamsa , Manu and Bali, Agni are born. In bramhalokamsa ,Chaturmukha Brahma is born from the navel of Lord Narayana in Ksheersagara. The Incarnation takes place in Devlokamsa and in Iravatamsa Swayambhu Manu is Born.

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  1. Venkatesh said:


    Kali Sandi & Kali yuga together is 4,32,000 human years. Of these 36,000 human years is Kali Sandhi. So Kali yuga will be 3,96,000 years.

    Also, we have Yudishtra, Vikramaditya, Shalivahana, Vijayabhinandana, Nagarjuna yugapurushas. Who is the 6th one?

    Also, can you explain what is the significance of these yugapurushas and how will they create an impact.

    You have also mentioned that Vijayaabhinandan will rule from Vaitarain which is a river on the way to Yama Loka. Is there any other place called Vaitarani in Bhu Loka.

    My Pranaams


  2. Respected Guruji,

    How many of the yugpurushas mentioned in your article above have elapsed till date ? I came to know through sources that there are about 10,000 years of Golden time that is due in kaliyuga. Can you please advise when will this start and what it will be like ?



  3. Respected Sir – Per your info above, are we living under Shalivahan saka ? When did this start and when will this end ?

    I am hoping that with the end of those 18000 years of shalivahan there will be a new era of Vijayabhinandan which will bring piousness and righteous deeds in kaliyuga. Kindly guide us on this.



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