Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

A planet has strength and placement by which its effects can be known.

  1. if a planet is strong and placed well in exaltation, own house, it is in a state of  awakening , people realize their fruits of success practically and enjoy fame .
  2. if such a planet is ordinarily placed , one will get good effects only in the state of dream. he will not enjoy fame in an awakening state.
  3. if such a planet is debilitated or in enemy house then ,when good factors are revolving  a man would be sleeping to take advantage of them , success passes by without having enjoyed.
  4. when a planet is exalted in 6 ,8,12 then even if  effect exists, the person will not be able to enjoy it . like full wealth but completely diseased body to enjoy.A prosperous and famous son ,who does not visit the parents house, or a beautiful wife not on speaking terms .
  5. however a  weak a planet be, if placed well, gives complete satisfaction of enjoyments (however little or short lived that may be) An ordinary but obedient son, a minister of a small prosperous state. a clerk having sole charge of entire office ,etc.

Even for a very successful person ,everyday will not be an eventful one ,this is because of rotation of planets through various states causing happiness and miseries to the people on the earth.


Comments on: "Planets ,its state and effects" (2)

  1. No wonder Guruji…..i have 3 planets in the 12th house 😦

    I completely agree with this line “when a planet is exalted in 6 ,8,12 then even if effect exists, the person will not be able to enjoy it .”


  2. Now I see why I don’t get much success or happiness. I have exalted Guru but in 8th…….
    What’s amazing is that how only 9 planets movements can indicate the events of infinite souls.


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