Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

Sudarshan Chakra

Ordinary people are affected by the planets in a repetitive manner. Most of the people out there have a routine life . But still these people have their own share of happiness and miseries. These are very important to them as individuals. These peoples horoscope may not be as eventful as very successful people like, Prime minister, superstar,superplayer or superachievers. Its easy to predict super horoscopes as they have many yogas and pretty laid out destiny. But a common man also lives a full life and everyday is eventful to him in his own way. A successful astrologer is one who can point out this subtle differences to such a normal person . How can this be achieved? The answer lies in sudarshan chakra.

Sudarshan chakra gives forecasts on a daily basis, monthly and yearly basis. With sudarshan chakra it  will be possible to yearmark eventful years, months and days in a man’s life for better days and miseries.

if someone wants to know what would happen in next few hours , the key lies in his  sudarshan chakra.Sudarshan chakra becomes more pronounced  to people born on amavasya, or those who have sun or moon in  the ascendant. Sudarshan chakra easily identifies when a man is going to be happy , in childhood or youth or old age. Thus Bramha told the secrets of sudarshan chakra for the sake of people in Kaliyuga, to understand the good and bad days , even if they cannot understand yogas and very deep astrology.


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  1. vishal aggarwal said:

    respected guru ji

    iam living in chandigarh and from past some years facing serious problem regarding my carrer. i
    started business in partership with a old widow lady who was that time owner of a sick manufacturing unit. it was in november 2007 . i invested lot of money and witn in 1and half year i stand the unit fully . but then her relatives start coming and make her revolt in order to acquire factory . as no partership deed was there i have to leave that company in jan 2010 in which i did my life best hardwork. and have got struck my lakhs of money in it

    after my departure that factory keep on deteriorating and now closed 2 months back..

    i do another partnership in jan 2010 with anothjer person and start new factory but it doesnt survive due to orders and lack of fund which we closed in sept 2010
    in that sept2010 i joined a service with a GM (general manager ) post near sunam (punjab)
    in a agriculture machines manufacturing industry but that also i have to leave on 1 maY 2011 AS THEY HAVE got FINANCE CRISIS.

    i am free since may 2011

    kindly tell me when will i get a good job and when will my finance condition will be good

    DOB :- 03- JULY-1975
    TIME:- 17;10;00 PM

    The numbers are 1000,799,555

    i am waiting anxiously for your reply

    your follower

    vishal aggarwal


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  3. About Sudershan Chakra Jyotish (Unique in Universe) by Santbetra Ashoka
    Sudershan Chakra Jyotish (Scj) is a hidden knowledge. There is no scripture available on it. There is only 19 pages literature available in the world on this subject. This knowledge spread by word of mouth only ,So far only three orbits description is available on Sudershan chakra jyotish where as there are 14 orbits in it. THE KNOWLEDGE OF 14 CHAKRAS & COMPARATIVE STUDY OF NINE PLANETS IN 168 HOUSES IS UNIQUE IN UNIVERSE.
    Normally Astrologer studies the position of nine planets in 12 houses which leads to thousands of permutations / combinations & different Yogas.In Sudershan chakra Jyotish all the three Kundlies taking Ascendant /Moon & Sun are being prepared with one common centre. So no astrologer bothers for the the relative studies of Nine Planets in 36 Houses while there are 14 orbits & the relative study of nine planets in 168 houses gives perfect predictions for the specific Questions related to Business/Career/ family life /Health & wealth.With the help of (Scj )Knowledge we can predict even the happenings in next 2.5 Hours. Which is next to impossible in other stream of Astrology?


    • The Knowledge of (Scj) is Unique in Universe. The HINDU ASTROLOGER ENCYCLOPEDIA (karr.net) had taken Sudershan Chakra Jyotish (Scj) in Astrology-INOVATIONS Section. Scj is the latest Innovation in Astro-World & Santbetra Ashoka is one of the four Astrologer s of world whose Innovations had been taken in consideration in Line with KP system/Sesadri Ayer &SA .Zee News /P7 News / had Covered Story On Santbetra Ashoka & Sudershan chakra jyotish , STAR NEWS covered opening ceremony( World Cup Opening Predictions ) -_ **India Will Play Final / AUS/PAK/S Will reach in Semi Finals & The Players with Initial U /V/S/M/D will Excel in WC **, MOM will be Either of them.
      I am passionately working on Sudershan Chakra Jyotish since last 25 years & analyzed more than 14,000 horoscopes. I have tried & tested 14 Orbits SUDERSHAN CHAKRA JYOTISH. It’s amazing & Its predictive accuracy is >90%
      Santbetra Ashoka Scj Astro Consultant (Unique In Universe). Mobile No 9990014155


  4. saronguardian said:

    I am a trance channel for a Seraphim Angel by the name of Saron. I channel in public weekly on Thursdays at the Ganesha Center in Las Vegas, NV. The main purpose of the being I channel is to put people on or to keep people on the pathway to ascension or enlightenment.
    I love your blog!
    Thank you for doing what you do!!.
    my blog can be found at:

    Erik Sudberg


  5. ashok said:

    Santbetra Ashoka is surprising , He is master of astrology.As he claim He is unique in Universe as far the Knowledge of Sudharshanchakerjotish is concern,I second him. I had met the people praising the same.



  6. Ajay Chawla said:

    I Know Santbetra Ashoka . I had firm beleieve on his predictive part,What soever he predicted about me & my Friend circle was absolutelly correct . He is really unique in Universe. His Art is unique though he may be the costliest Astrologer of India but matchless.
    Ajay Chawla


  7. Respected Sir – How is Sudarshana Chakra read in terms of auspiciousness and bad results ? What should be looked at and how while reading this dasa?



    • chiraan said:

      benefics in house give good results and malefics bad results . when absence of planets then take aspects and then ownership


  8. Sayandev said:

    I want to know my past birth life.What I was.


  9. M.N.Rajaraman said:

    While appreciating the boldness with which Mr Sanbetra has predicted Osama Bin Laden’s death, I have to submit that other than God no one can predict someone’s death.
    Rajaraman Mysore


    • Anniket said:

      Nodoubt Santbetra had Mastri on Sudershan chakra ,I hadgone throuh his predictve part ,He is wellKnown Astrologer of North IIndia with Command on Sudharshan Jyotish .No doubt he may be Unique in Universe & have dare to predict about OSAMA.

      Anniket/Rahul/Annu Handa


  10. santbetra said:

    Perhaps U dont know ,There is no more than 19 pages literature in the world on Sudershan chakera & The Origion of Bhrigusamitha is thru the advance studies thru Sudershan chakara. I can predict Where about of Osama Bin Laden $ even his death. He will breathe his last breath on 20 sept 2010.



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