Hitherto Unknown Secrets !


King Abareesh was a great devotee of Lord Vishnu. He was regularly fasting on ekadashi. Ekadashi fast is completed by a having a meal early before  dwadashi tithi  ends. If one fails to eat on dwadashi he loses the punya of Ekadashi. Once to test Ambareesh , Sage Durwasa came in the early hours of Dwadashi to Ambareesh. He offered to complete the fast along with Ambareesh and went for a bath . As dwadashi was nearing an end , Durvasa muni was not to be seen , King grew anxious , just as one second was left King ambaresh took the Teertha of Hari to complete his vrata , without offering anything to Sage Durvasa who, just appeared after the consumption of teertha. Sage grew very angry and said King had faulted on Athithi satkara by having food even before the athithi. King replied having drunk water is still considered to be in the state of upavasa only. and at the same time it can also be considered as having eaten by Dwadashi time to complete vrata. So he has not done any sin. Sage grew red in anger and plucked his hair , threw it on the ground to create a dangereous demon , to kill Ambareesh. Demon proceeded to kill Ambareesh , Ambareesh meditated on Lord Vishnu, Vishnu pleased with his Vrata nistha of Dwadashi , sent his Sudarshna chakra which protected KIng from Demon (Kritya) of Durvasa. And then it chased Durvasa till the end of tye universe. Durvasa fearing for the Life prayed Lord Vishnu for forgiveness, Lord asked Durvasa to beg forgivance to Ambareesh , Ambareesh relieved Durvasa off the heat of Sudarshana  Chakra . Thus Ambareesh , though ordinary before Durvasa could stand tough because of his Vrata. Troubling Vishnu bhaktas is never tolerated by VIshnu , he instantly comes to their help , whoever the opponent be, however powerful the opponent be, Dwadashi vrata protects  from all.  

Na vasudeva Bhaktanam ashubham vidyate Kwachit


Comments on: "Dwadashi" (1)

  1. Guruji Dwadashi comes once a year?
    Guruji you have written ” If one fails to eat on dwadashi he loses the punya of Ekadashi. ”

    Guruji apparently Dwadashi is on the next day of Ekadashi.. and since the fast is kept on Ekadashi ,one can eat next day on Dwadashi…however it appears Dwadashi is also an auspicious day so one has to fast that day as well…?? Guruji than how can one eat on Dwadashi during fast?…i am a little confused..please explain what i am unable to understand..

    Thnak u..


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