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There are 32 types of dashas in Astrology . Of which Vimshottari is followed universally.The other dasas are specifically applicable in unique cases. However vimshottari dasas change by months ,if birth data is inaccurate , but chara dasas remain fairly same even in the event of faulty birth time. Chara dasas give a broad outlook to a persons state and surrounding.Though every good and bad events should have a bearing in the minds of a person, vimshottari being nakshatra dasa instantly reflects good and bad events.

For a very successful person ( say a person just elected in national election, a star who is adorned and in his peak, a sportsperson who has just earned an award) , intermediary moments of unhappiness cannot be found through vimshottari alone. since they would be running major dasha and antardasa of a very strong planet.

consider a foreign minister in power.(his dasha will obviously be more powerful) , if he consults for about a particular foreign mission or diplomatic talks; its success and failure though bears a longing mark in his and nation’s career, cannot be predicted through vimshottari alone. here other dasa would reflect his success and failure. Similarly for a richest man a minor slide of market would result in losses , but his already rich position in dasa will not allow for this minor portrayal of loss, which still will be of huge importance to him.

Rishis have stated kalchakra dasha as more benign in giving accurate results , but in kaliyuga Vimshottari plays major role in giving good and bad results.Dasha has a intermediate dependency on its antar dasha. Antara on pratyantara, pratyantara on sookshma ,sookshma on \prana dasa. There is no interdependency on disjoint dasas, only two sets prevail. Divisional charts results are to be seen in the sub dasa only. Sookshma dasa give independent results. Kala hora reigns in supreme when giving definiteness to the results.

Position of moon on a particular day and its relative position in natal chart and dasa lord determines how one fares on a particular day in a given dasa. Also dasa lord in his gochara if debilitated , cannot give desired results. As dasa changes , there wont’ be an abrubt changes in life, smooth transitions are ensured , as in a new dasa , antardasa of dasa lord comes first. \this period continues the effects of previous dasa to superimpose new dasa , ensuring smooth transition in life.

Dasha though favourable if commences on a day when moon is debilitated , invariably gives bad results. No astrologer can point this out in the absence of faulty birth data. How a particular dasa gives way to another is also known by gochara .Thus a dasa to give positive and good effects ,it must start and end on a auspicious day.


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  1. Namaskar Sir…I also donot know much over PINDA dasha system… please let us know.




      GURUJI I TOO DONT NOW MUCH ABOUT PINDA DASHA and how it is calculated please enlighten us .
      humble pranama


  2. Sri Krishnaya Namah,
    Sri Hanumate Namah,
    Sri Gurubhyo Namah,

    Namaskar GURUDEV,
    ‘Dasha though favourable if commences on a day when moon is debilitated , invariably gives bad results’… What about its reverse… Un favourable dasha if commences on a day when moon is exalted gives good results??
    Also only moon should to be considered for this judgement, no other planets?Please tell.

    Thanks and Regards,


    • which dasha gives accurate results ? comments invited !


      • From my experience PINDA dasha gives more acurate results ..


      • Sir without learning ganita, pinda dasha learning and application is not possible for moderate/begin learners like us here. Moola dasha in softwares is not accurate.

        So, learners like us have to adopt Combination of Vimshottari, Kaalchakra and Narayana/Chara dasha to get near good results. Mostly kaalchakra takes us near..



        • kaalchakra dasha gives only yoga phala …the dasha gives result as per the strangth of te lord of rashi …
          vimshottari gives result as per the avastha of the graha .. both give rajyogas …

          but results one seeks in life are different from the results these dashas portray .. for example one may be in good position , or one may be in good circumstance yet he may be unhappy due to some unfulfilled desires .. what gives clue to such state ..


      • Sir as you mentioned moola dasha is closest to pinda dasha. So, shashtiamsha chart which changes every 1 min or so creates the change in scenario. Dasha itself does not change much but the application changes as the lagna changes in shashtiamsha, unless pinda dasha is not about shashtiamsha.

        The case of unfulfilled desires I dont know sir, please educate.

        Parashara muni gives information on bhavas but not on each planet but bhava lord in each bhava. Bhrigu samhita and others gives these distinctions though


        • dashas are not applied to divisional charts …
          this is falacy of some pseudo astrologers who consider ashtakvarga ,dasha etc to divisional charts .. if case be that .. than even shadbala should be recalculated for all the divisional charts why only saptavarga is used for strength calcualtions ..

          secondly some verses in devakeralam are interpreted as when jupiter transits the navamsa sign of fifth lord … so transit of rashi sign as mapped to navamsha is taken by some here .. this way an incident in life can be attributed to any varga … and thus prediction becomes just a probability ..

          In all dasha phala antardashas are what supposed to give varga phalas ..
          pinda dasha is for rashi chart only .. the dasha duration of each planet is as much as longevity it imparts to the native … and according to the strength of the planet

          it is clearly said that one gains the dhatu of the planet governed during its dasha .. recently a freind of mine donated many vaidurya of high value having rare double rings etc .. and no dasha of ketu was in sight ..in vimshottari or kalchakra ..but clear ketu dasha in pindadasha


      • Sir Is Jhora moola dasha calculation correct ? Can we take it as Pinda dasha and apply to Rasi ?


        • JHORA seems more influenced by Dr. Sanjay rath’s teachings .. they have unique names and inetrpretations which they have got through their parampara … so they are better placed to explain what is moola dasha … what moola it describes …and how it is related to past karma … as for me all dasha relate to past karma .. as we reap only past karma …


      • Sir,

        As you said ‘it is clearly said that one gains the dhatu of the planet governed during its dasha ..’
        I am also in ketu’s MD as per VImshottari…but not have donated any such.. dhatu yet..means as per PINDA dasha some other planet’s dasha is running obviously… Sir how to see this..PINDAdasha system..please let us know..



      • Sir I tried to map Moola to Rasi. The probabile syncing of events is there but not sure whether it is correct to do so. I just did an experiment since you mentioned dashas are for Rashis only.

        Syncing Moola dasha as per Dr. Rath is with Shashtiamsha only as per their Parampara. Once they arrive at proper time of birth, the application of AL in D60 is immediate past birth and rest is cumulative karma. Any curses etc operating are rooted back to D60 using moola dasha and remedies prescribed. However, it is another thing that there is no restrictions on pranava, advaita etc and all SEEMS to shine under one single sun.

        Their research about D24 is also unique. Every 6th house progressed starting from 4th house of education there, means upachaya of education gained. so 4th for basic, 9th for college, 2nd for Masters and 7th for Phd. Doctorate etc they apply. The same d24 also they use for ascertaining Siddhis.

        Just like you mentioned 11th house for second marriage, their concept is every 8th house from kalatra house starting with 7th house as first marriage. That’s why i was curious to inquire, how these houses are ascertained for multiple marriages and how Dr Rath concluded for 2nd house as 2nd marriage and you mentioned 11th house from 2nd.

        Please educate us.



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