Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

Following combinations gives gay tendencies in a subject:

  • Rising sign venus and rising navamsa of saturn
  • Venus and saturn exchange signs in navamsa
  • Venus and saturn in ekamsa in navamsa
  • Venus and mars and exchanging signs in navamsa
  • Venus and mars in the sign of mars or venus in Trimsamsa
  • Lagna navamsa of Virgo
  • Many Virgo amsas for Ascendant in the divisional charts.

Following combinations when found in the chart of the women , will make use of unnatural methods of satisfying carnal desires.Men and women with the above combinations will also indulge in sexual conduct not prescribed by Shastras.


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  1. […] from scientific knowledge of planetary combinations, it takes a developed intuitive faculty to interpret and synthesize influences and their probably […]


  2. Birth time Correction needed…..My birth Details
    TOB—09:30 or 09:27
    Place of Birth-kanpur(UP)

    Hi Sir!!
    i see the change of lagna during my birth time.i am not sure coz it is very hard to know the exact time.acc to 09:30 am i am scorpio ascendant and saturn in lagna but when i take 09:27 am i am libra ascendant…i am so confused to know my exact birthchart……here are some details of my personality and some important icidents of my life ,please help me in finding my exact birtchart…….
    to fix my asc,i would like to write something about my personality-

    1.i am 5.5″,less hair(loosing day by day),broad face,mascular body,i am not slim.
    2.i am shy,serious,confused,arrogant and cares a lot a lot about the peoples around me.
    4.i feel so lonely since my childhood having very less friend.(though by my own choice,i guess i have been so selective or may be some inferiority complex.)
    3.i would say that i have been a good student in my schooling,always scored more than 80 percentage,though studies always been hard for me but i worked harder.finished my high school in june 2001(88%)that was the best time period for my academics.
    4.higher sec in june 2003 with 85%.
    5.got admission in Electrical Engg in sep(2005)though i was not interested in Electrical Engg.(I guess i was not even interested in doing Engg,but it all happened)
    6.i was not a very good student in my Engg.but not that bad too,anyhow i always managed to pass all the semesters exam.i was not having a good score but still i was one of those 4 luckiest guys of the class(total strength 65) who got placed during campus in a good software company. that was the greatest achievement during my engg.coz there were more guys who deserved a lot than me.it all happened during moon(MD)mer.(AD)
    (15 jan 2008 t0 30 jan 2008)
    7.i got my joining a bit late due to recession(ON 8th march 2010)(during moon-MD and Venus-AD)but since than my job is not going well always getting disputes from coworkers and boss)getting bad appraisal rating.now i am not having any project and have been put on Performance improvement plan.want to know whether they may throw out or i will get some work in the same company,sothat i can prepare my self for other job.
    8.i am trying for higher studies since my college days,please tell will it be possible or not? else i should concentrate on my job only.
    9.also tell me the gemstone.i am wearing coral,some astrologer suggested me cats eye and gomed.should i wear panna(coz mer in its own rashi in 11th house)
    9.please tell me the lord whom should i worship.and also tell me which are the strongest and weakest as well as benefic and malefic planets in my Birth chart.
    Additional Details
    My moon sign is aries..and under the MD of moon i was studying electrical engineering taken admission in MD moon and AD jupiter finished in AD of mrcury…
    Please help…..i would be really grateful
    Thanks in Advance.


  3. Hello!
    Once I saw a horoscope with venus fully combust with Sun in 5th house. The person exhibits feminine traits and I thought that this could be because of combust venus in capricorn (sign of saturn), while saturn was in 12th house. So the ascendant of this person is Virgo. Also Saturn(leo), Mars(cancer) as well as Jupiter(gemini) are retrogade in this horoscope. This came up as an alliance and the guy was absolutely handsome, well landed and well settled, but I rejected him after meeting and that was because his manner of speaking / gesturing etc reminded me of a female friend. My mother too had come to meet the guy with me and she too was reminded of that same female friend 🙂 and agreed that the person was girlish. So she supported my decision to reject the person. But since then I kept on thinking that while there were retrogade planets in this chart, combust Venus, especially in 5th house was not good. Could I be correct? I know nothing of astrology but have over the years have picked up certain things due to vigorous horoscope matching that my parents do. Thank you.


    • data is too meagre to comment , when both moon and lagna have even signs and navamsa lagna is also in even sign then man will be feminine but handsome . combust venus is definite concern for marriage , extremely handsome people are tender and soft and feminine , brave people are rough and hard bodied . its a matter of choice as to who chooses whom .
      But if the question is of shandatva then mer ketu and saturn play an important role , their placement in lagna or seventh causes concern ,


      • Namaste.

        Thank you for sparing time and replying. I have noticed how frequently people ask you queries on this site and how promptly you reply. Thank you for satisfying the curiosity and providing guidance to all people like me.

        In above example, the person’s birth time and place are not available but his birth date was Jan 23, 1978 and following was his planetary position:

        Ascendant – Virgo

        Sun – Capricorn 9 degrees
        Moon – Punarvasu – 3 degrees 14′ 37″ (cancer)
        Jupiter (R) – (in Gemini – 3 degrees)
        Venus (C) – (in capricorn – 10 degrees)
        Mars (R) – (in cancer – 7 degrees)
        Saturn (R)- (in Leo – 5 degrees)
        Uranus- (in Libra – 22 degrees)
        Neptune – (in Scorpio – 23 degrees)
        Pluto (R)- (in ascendant Virgo – 23 degrees)
        Rahu (R) – (in ascendant Virgo – 15 degrees)
        Ketu (R)- (Pisces – 15 degrees)

        This is the position, so Ketu is definitely in 7th house. He is well to do, well landed and well settled despite retrogade Jupiter which is the lord of 4th house. Could it be be cause of Mercury? Also, normally what should one interprete about retrogade planets? especially since apart from Sun, Moon and Mercury, everything else seems afflicated.
        Thank you in advance.


  4. Respected Sir,

    The role of venus here seems understandable. But by what virtue does Saturn contribute to Gay OR unnatural tendencies. Kindly educate.



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