Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

The birth of Karna was an unfortunate event . But Sympathy for Karna Stops here. Because at every stage God having helped him Karna outrightly chose his own selfish path annoying several along the way.For example

  • When Drona refused to teach him , he went to Drona ‘s Guru Shri Parshuram to learn the astras.
  • He lied to God Parshurama that He is Bramhin to learn astras.(God Knowingly teaches him all , because God knew Duryodhan would  wage a war against Pandavas only on the confidence of Karna’s capability.)
  • But when caught Karna did not humbly accept his lie but persisted with it( Perhaps God would have forgiven him ,had he accepted) Hence he obtains curse that his learning will not help him in competition , all other times He would be unparalleled.
  • Karna accepts Friendship of Duryodhana only to oppose Arjun.( Lack of morals)
  • When Father (Sun)advises him not to give kavach kundal to Indra , he disobeys Father and gives it away.
  • When Mother kunti asks him not to harm Pandavas, He displeases her saying He would kill Arjun
  • When Lord Krishna offers him the entire Kingdom of the universe to join Pandavas as eldest brother in war , He rejects Lord’s suggestion and fights for Duryodhana.( Ego before the Lord)
  • Was he loyal to Duryodhan? No , when Bheeshma calls him “ardharathi”, He does not enter battelfield for 10 days till Bheeshma falls. So much for a false friendship.(Given to anger)
  • He was acclaimed as Daan Veer , but He had taken a vow that he would donate only till he kills Arjun, his dana was only out of ego and jealousy towards Arjun, to attain fame and not to please God or recipient .
  • When Bheemasena striked on his chariot , he hid under the chariot in fear leaving his shakti astra , He was defeated thrice by Bheemasena during Rajsuya yagna ,this even when he had Kavach and Kunadala.(was he veer).

When one annoys so many elders , and is disobedient, given to falsehood , bitten by jealousy and ego and anger , can one expect success? One becomes the architect of his own misfortunes.Karna fell due to failure of chariot , lapse of memory absence of kavach kundala and shakti of Indra.

People born under aquarius lagna and navamsa are given to such characteristic , though they attain fame , and heroics in practical life it helps them in none , but only brings misfortunes.When both benefics and malefics aspect a particular house results are mixed in nature giving success and failure alternatively ,provided both benefics and malefics are of equal strength.


Comments on: "Karna -The Unfortunate ,jealous and egoistic Warrior" (275)

  1. Guruji, u may like to give ur thoughts on the following point also. Karna also means Ears, through which Madhu [appeasing words] and Kaitabha [bitter words] enter. Madhu and Kaitabh have the capacity to kill a person’s creativity [as mentioned in Durgasaptshati where demons Madhu and Kaitabha attempted to kill Bramhaji- the Lord of Cration] and Karna had not been able to win over them. hence he used to get get hurt easily and get pleased easily.
    so such people who are “Karna Important” type, meaning those who give undue importance to what they hear and get moved by what they hear, usually kill their creativity and spend their lives in search of Universal Accolade.
    i do not know if Karna had any progeny or whether his capacity to procreate was killed by his desire to hear pleasant things only.
    Karna is called the Son of Lord Sun and in Jyotisha, Saturn is known as Lord Sun’s son.
    was Karna overly influenced by Saturn and thus became a negative person?
    kindly Guruji, do place ur thought on these aspects of Karna’s personality. regards


    • good analogy , BUT KARNA was SUN himself .. all his sons died in mAHBAHRAT war . when BHEEMSEN was killing KARNA’s son he could not protect them


  2. Adisty Dyah Ayuniarista said:

    Hi all, I’m Adisty, I’m from Indonesia. I’m member of KFC *Karna Fans Club*.
    I really love him, I thinks he fight for his misfortune along his life, and everybody wants to take good educations and wealth to make their family n parents life happily.
    I admirer Karna, even though he was humiliated Drupadi n kills Abimanyu n Gatotkaca.
    If I have a son, I’ll give his name Karna. And if I have an opportunity to visit India, I’ll visit to Karnal city n Karna temple =) and of course I wish I can buy Mrityunjay, The Sixth by Vimanika Comic and the other books about Karna life. Or may be, those books would be translated in Indonesia language, like Palace of Illusion by Chitra Banerji Divakaruni was translate to Indonesia language ‘Istana Khayalan’
    Thanks for you all, to write more informations about Karna =) because there is little difficult to get informations about Karna life. Pandawa more famous here. Although sometimes you used India language n it’s make me confused??? Your opinions and point of view make my feeling to Karna became greater and deeper ^^v
    Sorry my English bad. Thanks.


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