Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

Janma Nakshatra

  • A person giving loan ,lender’s birth star should not follow immediately that of the receiver of the loan,then money loaned will be destroyed and both will enter litigation .
  • A master’s star if follows immediately that of servant (employer /employee) ,there will be disputes and enmity.
  • Husbands’ star follows that of wife , his longevity is affected.
  • If the star of the town,village or city we live is followed by the star of dweller , it forecasts loss of money
  • eg if employer’s star is  bharani and that of employee is krittika ,then relationship will soon become bitter.
  • taking people on payroll whose stars are  afflicted by malefics will bring disaster .
  • Two people with mutual vedha stars never get along well eg revati -makha
  • malefic in a star makes the lord of the star give malefic results.


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  1. What’s the nakshatra of Bangalore ?


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