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Nadi Astrology

What is nadi astrology?

There are so many principles in astrology , after studying all the principles ,rishis grew curious and started a case study of various combinations of planets in astrology. \these case studies were part of curriculum in the olden days.During these study tours ,a written records were also maintained by the disciples of Sage Agastya .These records were on a palm leaves . As  the time ceded ,the disciples started living in a non mortal forms ,but still were custodians of the records.

In due course these disciples chose individuals on a chance basis (poorvajanma sukruta) and nadi astrology propagated through these individuals, who recite the predictions under Trance of Sage Agastya Disciples. These are one type of Nadi .

The other type of Nadi is based on Kshudra devatas , The practitioner after reciting few lakhs of mantras , find the state of mind of the querist and reads his mind , these are mantra nadis effective only for a month and nearly always goes wrong.

Some astrologers have arka ganapaty upasana , these can give results valid only till six months. some tell in a hallucinated state of mind,these are all not valid nadis.

There are different nadis emanating from different rishis . each have a discussion specific to certain combination of planets. But these are astrological dictums and not life history of the subject .

Each nadi is better than others as per the capacity and seniority of the Sages . sage vashistha being senior most ,vashistha nadi gives accurate results. However Predictions based on clear analysis based on principles alone gives most accurate results and right directions.

Finally at the time of writing Nadi leaves ,  People  became inert towards duties and relied solely on the leaves and its contents and hence Devi Parvathi had cursed astrologers that only some of their predictions would be correct but not all. This brought back sense of duty and hard work , efforts among the common men.

As discussed in the previous posts , Hidimba ,keechaka,jarasandha,bakasura etc all had obtained boons from Lord Shiva of defying death ,deathlessness etc but were still vanquished by Bheemasena . The popular nadis of the time did predict immortality to these characters. But it was in Mahabharath that Sage Vyas had predicted death to these. Mahabharath was written well before these were born. In a way Mahabharath is Vyas nadi for all these characters and Pandavas especially.


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  1. hi, this was a wonderful piece of information. I thank you for giving a lot of historical information


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