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Astrology and Color of skin

  • Can we predict the color of the skin through astrology?
  • Does Lagna if aspected by fair planets give a fair skin?
  • Does lagna in a fair rasi give a fair skin?
  • Do all saturnian lagna give dark skinned subjects?
  • if so do all those born in non european nations born only in saturnian ascendants.?
  • Do we not find dark people’s lagna aspected by jupiter?
  • Are people born with medium fairness .wheatish ,rudy ,have multiple planets associated with ascendant.
  • What is the role of moon in determining the subjects skin?
  • does rahu and ketu give birth to only wheatish population.
  • Lord Ram was Greenish in color (color of tender leaf)
  • Lord Krishna was bluish in color (neel megha shyama)
  • Lord Parshuram was (pitch red in color)
  • Varaha was a white boar.
  • Vamana  had a golden hue
  • Shri Narsimha was Copper Red
  • Buddha was Yellowish
  • Kurma was brown
  • Matsya was bluish white
  • Kalki would be blood Red.
  • Pandavas were Greyish in color.
  • Drupadi was pitch Dark.#


Comments on: "Astrology and Color of skin" (2)

  1. Namaskar GURUDEV,

    Sir how planets gives such vibrant colors..green…blue…blood red etc to LORD only??what were the colors of ordinary people in Treta or dwapar yugas??

    Every planet represents some color also..but now why they donot show that same effects/colors like in LORD’s skin color…Same planets are there in ordinary human’s horoscope in kalyug too… then why now there is no any red..green..blue…golden colored skin anywhere in the world…??

    Thanks and Regards,


    • colors get imparted to skin as per the characteristics …..planetary position are not same in every yuga .. planets in nakshatra is very important .. yugas are known by the position of Agastya [saptarishi mandal ] in various signs .


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