Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

Dasha Bhukti

Effects of different dashas depend on

  1. inherent qualities of the planet( naisargik shubhashubha)
  2. qualities determined by ownership(adipatya)
  3. Signification(karakatva)
  4. Five fundamental principles(panchasidhdhanta)

Planet which is a benefic according following eight factors will extend good results in its period:

  • Natural benefic
  • placement in benefic sign
  • exaltation
  • retrogression
  • Benefic by ownership
  • Ruler of benefic star from janmaNakshatra
  • Shubha varga
  • Motion towards exaltation

Planets which is malefic according to the following eight points will give negative results:

  • Natural malefic
  • inimical  and debilitation sign
  • Heliacal setting(astangata)
  • Atichara
  • Malefic due to ownership
  • Ruler of evil star from janma star
  • Malefic in trines and angles
  • moving towards debilitation.

Rasis , navamsa and the lord of the star in which malefic is placed becomes malefic and yield evil results.

Rasis , navamsa and the lord of the star in which benefic is placed becomes benefic and yield good results.


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