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Rahu in Astrology-1

Rahu is quiet dreaded in astrology , it is the dragon head , hwich gives malefic results in the house it occupies.Rahu is the sarpa , rahu is the smoky tamograha,Rahu is the aprakash graha.

Many theories suggest they are just a points. But shastra give it a dimension and presence in the physical form in the surya mandal.

Rahu kala is also feared a lot , but works of conspiracy and robbery and poisoning are most effective during Rahu kala. Infact marriages for europeans and other african  nationals bear very good results if performed in rahu kaala. rahu kala is effective in the areas Rajasthan ,gujrat , mumbai, and kashmir , here yamagantak kala will be more disastrous.  

rahu is the pollutant, he is representative of poison and treason. But when aspected by jupiter it gives very beneficial results. In the signs of sagitarius it represents shesha and his benevelance kaal sarpa in the sign of dhanu and meena is auspicious with native having many mystical powers and gaining through it.

On the whole Rahu gives rise to the inexplicable,intrigue and clandestine results. But when it comes to Raj yoga Rahu delivers one of the deadliest dictators ,army chiefs and conquerors.

rahu is governed by Varaha Murthy Narayana with protruding tusk and

It has saved the earth from the clutches of destroyer evil Hiranyaksha.


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  1. padmanabharao said:



    • chiraan said:

      1. harivayustuti of 1st shloka or last but one shloka for saptaka , will relive from graha badha . 2. 32000 times narsimha kavach 3. rayar stotra on sunday for 32000 times. 4. Vijayrayar kavach nitya pathana . 5. Shimshumaar upasana 6. Vyasa krut navagraha stotra japa homa 7. Vadiraaja krut Navagraha stotra . 8. Kurma upasana 9. Bharati mantra dhyana 10. hiranyagarbha mantra upasana .

      All these will relieve from Sade sati. But basically if you become egoless , do not recat to any situation and dvelop vairagya , leave some excessive attachments sade sathi will not affect you instead it will enhance your knowledge and hari Bhakti . Its one of the best periods in human life for Spiritual development , where one leaves attachements to success and pleasures.


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