Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

There are nine crores mantras in the world which could give various amazing results to the one who has siddhi. Hanuman has siddhi of all the 9crores mantras.Hanuman never uses any mantras not even to save himself from astras. He is shuddha Bhagavat .He never does any sakaam karma [only nishkaam karma]. Ordinary people resort to Mantras to obtain desired fruits.There are three crores satvik mantras,3 crores rajas mantras and 3 crores tamas mantras.

Different tantras are

  • Panchratra,brahmayamal,rudrayamal,shambhav,jamal,kalottar,
  • kakul,rajtantra,uddisha,batul,siddhayogeshwari,maul,siddha,
  • shabar,swacchanda,malini,bhutdamar,apara etc.different sadhanas are,
  • shatkarma,koutuk,indrajaal,chetika,anjan,paduka,gutika etc vidyas.

Shatkarma are

  1. shanti [rati devi] – ritual to calm/appease diseases,misfortunes etc
  2. vashikarana [vani] – ritual to attract people
  3. sthambana [rama] – ritual to immobilize
  4. vidweshan [jyeshta] -ritual to create hate
  5. ucchatan [Durga] – ritual to evacuate
  6. maran [Bhadrakali] – ritual to give death blow.

following tithis give success to shatkarmas.

  • 2,3,5,7 tithis wed,thu,fri and monday are best for shanti
  • 10,11,15,9,1st tithi , sun,friday for akarshan
  • saturday/sunday+poornima best for vidweshan
  • saturday+6,14,8th for ucchatan[evening]
  • krishna 14,8,15 +sat.tue sunday for marana
  • wed,monday+5,10,poornima for sthamban
  1. when benefics are rising ,shanti and pushti karma are successful
  2. malefics are rising ,sthamban,vidweshan etc .
  3. In mrutyu yoga marana will be successful.
  4. vishti vyatipata vidweshan ,uchchatan will be successful.

there are 51 syllables in sanskrit.This forms matrukadevi. mantras are formed from these . Mantras from these syllables cause fear in three worlds.

  1. one syllable[ekakshar] mantra is known as kartari
  2. suchi
  3. mudgar
  4. musal
  5. krur
  6. shrankhal
  7. vrukach
  8. shool
  9. vajra
  10. shakti
  11. parashu
  12. chakra
  13. kulish
  14. narach
  15. bhushundi
  16. Shodashakshari mantra  is known as padma

stamban is easily achieved through vajra ,maran by bhushundi,shanti pushti by padma,vidweshan by parashu etc.

Men when recite mantras with desire ,they get fulfilled.


Comments on: "Astrology and Mantra Shastra -1" (2)

  1. send me updates on vashikaran mantras


  2. Wonderful Information. The author is a rare gem among mankind.


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