Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

Planets are considered strong in various ways in different circumstances.

  1. A planet by just being in good houses is declared strong when analysing effect revealing capability of the planet.
  2. A planet when analysing to deliver auspicious results can be considered strong over others if it is vargottama.
  3. A planet when differentiating between two aspects , delivers stronger results if in own navamsa or mitra navamsa
  4. A planet to give exemplary results can be considered for strength only when exalted .
  5. A planet if considered for magnanimity of results becomes strong only by occupying vaisheshika amsa only.
  6. A planet is strong to deliver effort only when it is retrograde or with moon.
  7. A planet will dominate if it has strength in saptavargaja bala.
  8. A planet will deliver[ results of amsas]in proportion to half its strength of saptavargaja bala .
  9. In both above cases saptavargaja bala is multiplied by planetary anka due to exaltation or debilitation etc placements
  1. for ex. planet gets 60 ,45,30,15,8,4,2,1,0 ankas in rasi and amsas etc for exaltation to debilitation.
  2. This anka is multiplied by the saptavargaja bala.
  3. that means if a horoscope 1 has  fifth saturn exalted in rasi chart with shadbala of 3 rupas his effects will be 60X3 =180
  4. if horoscope 2 has fifth saturn in own house in rasi chart with shadbala of 8 rupas ,his effects will be          30X 8=240
  5. The horoscope 2 will have more happiness of fifth house than horoscope 1 even though horoscope 1 has exalted saturn
  6. similarly when such position occur in navamsa effects will be 60X3/2 =90 . this much will be effect of navamsa, trimasamsa etc.
  7. now if a planet gives one result in rasi chart say seventh house , its anka X bala = y;  and same seventh house result in navamsa is comes to be 2y then navamsa result will prevail rather than rasi result.here if two marriages are predicted in navamsa and one in rasi , than person will have two marriages only even if rasi is not showing any signs of it. contrarily if rasi is poweful only one marriage will take place , however the other one will end up as affair[ not shown in rasi].
  8. Thus horoscope results should not be declared purely on rasi chart.
  • When many people take part in the race , some end up 3rd …….10 th 11 th ……. last .These results are due to 1/4 , 1/2 aspects.
  • Sometimes a sportsman does well in particular country and fails in other , this is because of digbala in that direction.
  • A particular day also happens to be good because of digbala.
  • We always get saved at the nth moment in a crisis , this is due to aspect of the benefic.
  • However things go wrong , we come out unfazed , the planet is well placed in amsas
  • We are happy with whatever little we have , so all the planets are in kendra.
  • krishnarpana.

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