Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

Bheema was the greatest Pandava. He was the main hero of Mahabharath . Bheema was extremely intelligent , knowledged and foremost in Dharma and most dearest to Krishna [more than Arjuna]  . Yudhisthira was eldest among Pandavas .He had a fetish for worldly Dharma only.

Yudhisthira while in exile[Vanavasa] in forest , had almost become a recluse and withdrawn personality. He had more or less given up the desire to get back his Kingdom , and planned to spend rest of his life in the forest. Bheema knew this was against Kshatriya Dharma.He sent Draupadi to inspire Yudhisthira to gear up for a war against Kauravas ,in case they refuse to return their Kingdom[which was eventual given the nature of Kauravas] .

Draupadi said” Oh King ,it is not a Dharma to let the criminals go free ,for they should be punished and this is the duty of a King.”

Dharmaraj said ” Man suffers by the will of the GOD , Kauravas have not insulted on their own without the will of the LORD , lest it is not right to keep a revengeful attitude towards them , Forgiveness is the best quality needed , moreover a war with Kauravas means ,killing Bheeshma and guru Drona ,Kripa etc which is completely adharma and full of Sin. Please do not inspire me towards such heinous act , there is nothing wrong living rest of the life as hermits here. Be in your limits as wife and woman .”

seeing Yudhisthira adamant and melancholic, Bheema the wisest added” oh king , Listen to my words carefully

  • It is right both good and the bad are under the control of the GOD
  • But it is also true that a soul has to make efforts  .
  • It is the efforts according to which a fruits are given by the Lord.
  • Know this efforts to be also under the control of this LORD.
  • one must make efforts[prayatna] to please God.
  • Efforts should be in accordance with the law laid down by the God.
  • Kshatriya should punish those who are against the laid down Law.
  • those who steal others property ,wife,kingdom,and wealth
  • those who kill people for the sake of wealth
  • those who trouble other innocents without any purpose
  • All these are known as atatayis
  • There is no sin in killing these atatayis
  • even if one surrenders ,if he has commited those heinous crimes ,he must still be killed
  • however this time he must be killed through one’s servants and not by self [king].
  • Kauravas are atatayis , there is no sin in killing them through war.
  • whatever is lost by giving to a woman [ while being taken away by her beauty] , in a gambling ,and whatever given out of fear can always be taken back.there is no sin in it.
  • So make efforts towards war , without your permission we cannot wage war.
  • One gets fruits due to action
  • Action is dependent on
  • Yogyata[Capacity]
  • anadi poorva Karma[past merits,horoscope]
  • prayatna [efforts]
  • Yogyata is determined by the will power[Hatha]
  • Poorva janma karma is in accordance with the Yogyata
  • Prayatna follows the poorva karma.
  • All the three are under the control of God
  • but we must always do karma with prayatna
  • Prayatna should be full and sincere , as per the shastra
  • When there is complete proof of a action in accordance with all the three pramanas
  • efforts should be made towards the object as laid in shastra.
  • when one of the pramanas conflicts the stronger pramana should be adhered to , but efforts should still be made irrespective of consequences . It is only the efforts that qualifies the action to a fruit [phala].”
  • listening to this discourse Yudhisthira finally agrees to wage a war and Thanks his brother to have got him into the right Path.

    Likewise Bheema is the Vayu present as breath in all of us , inspiring us to do the  right karma , efforts is the only way with which we can show gratitude to this Jeevottama[ the greatest among the souls].


    Comments on: "Efforts : Bheema and Yudhisthira-A dialogue" (7)

    1. Guruvar,

      what can we ask God and what should not be asked ?..if we ask god then the bhakti towards hari does not become nishkaam,,,however ,,, Bheema, who is the highest among all the jeevas and also the one who follows the sanatana bhagwat dharma to the highest level, himself, with ref to the abv post, says that one has do his efforts and get the fruits from Hari,,hence it means that the bhakti in the form of efforts is not nishkaam,,, guruvar,, your light on this would be really enlightening.


      • Namaste Acharaya,


        Only thing that one should ask God is “Gynan, Bhakti and Vairagya” other than this, one should not ask anything from Sri Hari.

        Nishkaama is don’t expect a reward, not don’t expect a result.

        If a student is studying he has to study with the target of getting 1st rank; a student can’t say I’m doing nishkaama karma therefore I don’t care about the results. Nishkaama karma means writing the exam is in the students hand, not the result; therefore do your best in the exam and don’t worry about the result.

        If a teacher scolds a student don’t look here and there; it means the student has to concentrate on the class, it does not mean the student should not look at all.

        This question is asked by Sri Arjuna in Bhagavad Gita and beautifully explained by Sri Krishna Paramatma.

        Hope this clears the doubt.

        Jai Bharateesha,


    2. Dear Sir,

      1) How is the source of Yogyata to be understood?
      2) Does Hatha means I have to have something otherwise I wont be complete without it and Spardha means I want this because he has this? Can we say Prahalada had hatha and duryodhana spardha?
      3) How can we isolate this feeling of I from Hatha?
      4) How do we differentiate between hatha and desire? How do we nurture Hatha positively and keep it away from spardha etc?

      Thank you for this wonderful illustration!

      Sincere Pranaams,
      Hare Srinivasa.


    3. respected sir ,
      is there any way by which one can attain extraordinary diamond like will power?


    4. Very good post… “……..Be in your limits as wife and woman .”
      What are the limits of a woman and wife?


    5. Arun Jha said:

      Exactly. However, all these karmas should be submitted to the Divine (the Guru). I, Major Arun Kumar Jha, a 37 yr old serving officer of the Indian Army originally from a village in North Bihar in India, am getting certain plans which aim to enhance the alarming food security situation of India through a Private enterprise in the fertile plains of North Bihar through the Food Processing Industry.


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