Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

When A planet is in own Navamsha or vargottama, ,the results if benefic will be experienced to full , if malefic the result will be reduced in effect ,sometimes fully nullified. So it is always better to have planets well placed in Navamsha and trimshamsa rather than Rasi. For a women trimshamsa and Navamsha results are more pronounced. SITADEVI HAD ALL THE PLANETS EXALTED IN NAVAMSA.

Pandavas went to exile , popular notion is of pandavas in valkal clothes ,making their way alone through thick forest ,as along with Draupadi and five brothers. Wrong.

There were 10000 sanyasis [yati] .88000 grahasthas ,each had 30 dasa dasis .nearly a crore people were always with Yudhisthira all through his Vanavasa[exile] . He was worried about their food and other necessities. Thus Yudhisthira prayed Surya and got AkshayaPatra ,which could feed everyone till Draupadi ate .So when all had eaten Pandava brothers except Yudhisthira ate and then Yudhisthira ate ,and lastly Draupadi ate. Yudhisthira was donating 20 kg’s of Gold everyday. Whole  day was spent in the discussion on Spiritual topics and discourses by holy men and a sumptuous meals with fearless dwelling due to protection from worlds mightiest Bheema and Arjuna. [can this be called exile] he had virtually a kingdom of his own even in exile. it was a dwelling that could put to shame greatest of cities.

Of the 12 years exile , a year in Indrakeel parvat to amass astras, 5 years were spent by Arjuna in Swargaloka by the side of INDRA[ where he spew the advances of Urvashi] . Bheema and others spent  four years in the  gardens of city of KUBERA in the gandhamadan parvat .Last four years together all the six spent on MERU parvat with Bramha  and others .Last year[13th] was spent in matsya desha in Virat raja’s Palace in disguise.

Thus even in exile these lived as royally as ever. with no touch of sadness[natural yogis as they were by the grace of Krishna] . All this is the blessing of a shubha amsha planets. They ensure happiness even in bad phase. Rightly it is said that Pandavas were as happy as in mukti even in Vanavasa.


Comments on: "Swamsha Results- Pandava Vanavasa" (3)

  1. Sri Chiraan,

    Namaskar. Your articles are very profound and illustrative. I have two questions that I am trying to find answers for.

    1. Can an astrologer, by looking at a horscope determine whether the person has JANMA RAAHITYA (No Punarjanma)? If so, is this similar to Moksha?

    2. How does free-will interplay with astrology? Let’s say a person X cheats a person Y. Now, is this because X has bad behavior or is it because as per Y’s horoscope, he would be cheated by X in some form? If whatever troubles we are facing are due to sins committed in previous janmas, then where is the question of free will? Does it mean it is unfair to criticize people who make mistakes and create trouble to the society since as per their horoscopes, they are bound to commit mistakes anyway and no matter what you do that can’t be prevented?


    • Shri Ramana,
      Let me at the onset say ,your question is applaudable. You have raised a scope for philosophical debate that astrology chiefly intends to kindle among its followers.
      q1. Ans . Yes horoscope indicates Janmarahitya . This is not equivalent to moksha. it shows no return on earth[karmabhoomi] he can still be in some other land exhausting his punya or papa.
      q2.Man[jeeva] has no free will. he is ever dependent on God.
      X cheats Y can occur in three ways
      1. X has been cheated by Y previously and hence a complimentary action.[this case X need not be bad]
      2. Y has been cheated on account of Poorva papa(sins) ,X has no correlation [ X earns sin, Y loses sin]
      3. Y has started on a journey not destined, hence X is a speed breaker [X is here bad man he is destined for sin and hell].
      4. Y has earned insincerely ,but Y has merits that does not get him to hell , X enters and cheats him , Y is unhappy and X takes the burden of Y’s sin[ in all cases except 1. X is always bad man].
      state 3 and 4 are avoidable , 1 and 2 are due to previous karma , 3 and 4 have arisen out of present karma [you can call it will].
      Punishing ,criticising are ways to obsolves the sins of X , if it is not obsolved here Yama takes care of it elsewhere. But to keep society clean King has a right to punish these .
      prevention : only 3 and 4 cases can be prevented. not others.


      • Sir, Thanks a lot for your convincing answer given above regarding Mr X and Y’s transactions.
        Knowing that our Lord gives perfect justice to all, we can remain in peace even when we get cheated or insulted.


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