Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

4th House-Maya Sabha

If ninth lord is in kendra ,and fourth lord and fourth house are exalted one will get very strange and beautiful Palace to dwell.

Mayasabha was built by Maya for Pandavas in Khandav forest , which then became Indraprastha.Maya Sabha was very mysterious beautiful palace . It had all kinds of surprises , and novelty to put into bewilderment visitors. It created illusions through architectural marvel.

Pandavas after completing Rajasooya yagnya were all seated on a throne in the darbar at Indraprastha. Yudhisthira was seated along with Krishna and his wives. And all others were seated and enjoying the moment which was no less than Narayana sabha with Bramha and others.

Duryodhana also wanted to join , so outside the hall he was looking for a door to enter. Door as such was present and was studded with Indraneel mani which emanated a brilliant light which had covered the door rendering it to be invisible due to thick light of Indraneel mani. just by the side of it was a wall of sphatik which was made to be see through . thus all the proceedings in the hall was visible ,and due to translucence it appeared as a door.Duryodhana tried to enter through it and smashed his face into the wall. Yudhisthira sent Sahadeva to personally escort him to sabha. where he was seated for a few minutes but unable to bear the grandeur of Pandavas ,bitten by jealousy made his way out.

On his way he found a beautifully carved pond emanating jalaneel mani light and in the centre was a  lotus made of celestial ruby ,thus whole craft resembled a pond , Duryodhan lifted his clothes to avoid getting wet while stepping on to it ,but could not find any water there . Just as he stepped further  there was actually a pond which had rubies manis fitted at the bottom and covering entire water to give a reddish hue of floor  and paints of flowers and designs from other emeralds and sapphire. This Duryodhana stepped and slipped into the pool.

Everyone in the sabha had  a hearty laugh except Yudhisthira ,who offered him new dry clothes brushing aside ,Duryodhan went away angrily . There with Shakuni he expressed , that he was extremely sad at the opulence of Pandavas, if only he had strength and capability he would have snatched it there by force , but These Pandavas have defeated Indra himself , thus it is not possible to defeat them in war . But after today’s insult he felt his being alive as futile  , So uncle Shakuni ,I want to bring tears into the eyes of these Pandavas ,especially Bheema ,who is dear to both Krishna and Krushnaa[Draupadi] ,by snatching their wealth and opulence. suggest some way so that I can get a reason to live.

Shakuni suggested a game of dice with which he can deceitfully gain the Kingdom of Indraprastha.Thus the Kali was inspired to unfold the dirtiest plot of the time Dyut Krida in Mahabharath.


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