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5th House -Poorvapunya

What is poorva punya?

A man when attains a age of 14 years ,everyday [each day] he performs karma ,which can be exhausted by enjoying or suffering in next 10 births.That means it takes 10 births to exhaust a days karma performed after the age of 14. thus in a life time a man performs karma that would make him take 2 lakhs of  of births if he lives for 65 years. Then in every next birth he would again amass these karma , thus backlog of karma to be exhausted piles up , in few initial births itself ,it assumes a form of mountain. This is sanchita karma. Of these sanchita karma some are punya and some Papa and some mishra.

This Punya is known as Poorva Janma punya .this is denoted by 5 th house in astrology. whenever fifth house lord operates , this punya assumes role and gives happiness to the native. Thus 5th house is very auspicious and any association with 5th house lord or bhava ,gives immense happiness due to that factor.

When malefics or debilitated planet aspect fifth house or lord, it is said there is loss of poorva punya.What is meant by loss of poorva punya?

on a plain terms loss of punya means loss of a chance to enjoyment that was destined to come. This missing of a chance to enjoy benefits can be as a loss to win over a maid, win a competition or lottery or a election.When such loses occur on account of forced mistakes , it can be understood that there has been a loss of poorva punya.

When suddenly a bad incident occurs amidst good days ,cutting short a good run of successful stint, it can be recorded as loss of poorva punya.

Poorva punya is lost by vrata bhanga, hurting elders, abusing elderly, ill treating parents, bringing frown in parents minds, guru’s mind,bramhins,teachers,and vaishnavas.Cursing the one who is unblemished also destroys poorvapunya.

Curse in general reduces poorva punya.quality of poorva punya determines efficacy of a curse given by an individual. If a poorvapunya is not operating , then one’s curse will not take effect. Similarly a good wishes also reduces poorva punya , they take effects immediately if there is poorvapunya operating, else they will take off in another realm of time.

Sometimes poorvapunya becomes unwanted to Jeevanmuktas , thus they would like it to be destroyed [ as they do not want it to become a reason for a birth again on the earth].

Dyut Krida was not played on account of misfortune of Yudhisthira [ it was not the result of sins of previous birth of Yudhisthira] , it was played to reduce the poorva punya of Yudhisthira [ on his own will] , thus causing distress to his brothers and wife , which reduced his Punya .


Comments on: "5th House -Poorvapunya" (18)

  1. Babita Verma said:

    Namaskar sir,

    Is sun and mars placement together in 5th house is bad for women in virgo sign??I have heard this but not sure….I am having this position in 5th house where 5th lord is in 6th house in libra.Please guide.
    I know basics of astrology and have always interest to learn more..whts my scope for this??

    Regards and pranam.



  2. Dear Sir,
    what does 9th lord in 5th house(moon in revati)indicate for vrischika lagna,

    with regards


    • Hi Nitin,

      Have u gone through Moon Mahadasha by any chance? I also have this exact combination in my chart.



  3. Respected Chiraanji,

    I am not asking any solution but I am always in confusion to take proper action on advance knowledge or vision to know the event is going to happen , it seems in my proffeasion of share trading and also in routine life

    I am having gemini lagn with exalted rahu in lagn , mars and Ketu in 7th , exalted mercury in 4th but it little bit confused about 5th house of libra with exalted saturn (vargottam),debileted Sun, Venus and jupiter
    I m capricorn by moon in 8th

    I am learning astrology from your blog and other available online sources I want this deep knowledge of astrology
    I am also doing routine analysis of my life and other persons to whom I am in touch and also stocks and commodity trend analysis
    But sometimes happenes that because of lacking confidence on act I am always in confusion to give proper advice in all these terms

    Please just analyse that I want to help people not proffetionally but just like service to mankind I want to concerntrate more on study and knowledge of said above
    Or will I be unable for life time ?


    • u will hav good yoga to lern astrology in two years …………….u will be able to help ……………. financially you will rise only by praying durga daily and keep vrat for vishnu durga ……


      • thank you very much for ur humble reply!

        Vishnu Durga Vrat means at what day i can do fast or something else for this Vrat Sir?

        I am doing Fast on every Chaturthi as u said previously


        Fasting on Ekadasi is running since many years in my whole family!


  4. Mine is Shina Lagana sun in the lagna & fifth house is Dhanu rasi Swamy is sitting in the 10th house (in Vrishab rasi-loard shukra).Shani in 12th House. mine is mesh rasi with kalsarpa dosh were rahu is in 3rd house & mangala, sukra & budha(vakra) is in second house.


  5. srinivas.d said:

    sir,i am born in makara lagna,with venus vargottama in taurus. how good a placement is this.please reply


  6. my fifth lord is jupiter placed in second house with moon


  7. selva kumar said:

    if the fifth house (kanya’s) lord mercury is in his own house but is placed along with sun and rahu in kanya, is lord of fifth weak or strong?


  8. Shashwat Zaveri said:

    Respected Sir,
    I have sun and saturn in 5th house tula(Libra) please tell me its exact effects and also its remedy.Thanks


  9. Chiraanji,

    When 5th lord Jupiter is in 12th house which is Libra, is it good or bad? I was told i will be deprived off from progeny happiness and i might undergo abortion and i might have a child verty late either in 2014 or if not no child at all.

    Is that true?


  10. Namaste Sir,

    If the lord of 5th house mars is in his own sign of scorpio but in 12th house,

    thyen shall we call the lord of 5th house weak or strong ?


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