Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

  • When second lord and second house is not tenanted by a malefic ,if second lord is in kendra trikona man will always speak truth.
  • If second lord is in the rasi of Saturn or mars with malefic in kendra or trikona ,one will speak lies.
  • If second house and second lord both are with malefics then certainly the native is a liar.

What is Truthful words ?

Shri Krishna says ” Truth is not about saying things as it exists ,as it is seen and heard.” once there was a Bramhin , who never spoke a lie. one day certain bandits were chasing a group of villagers . These villagers came and took shelter in the Bramhins house. Bandits also came by , they asked Bramhin has he seen villagers and where are they? Bramhin showed them the place. The bandits killed all the villagers. Bramhin went to hell. Hell for saying truth. thus

“Na bruyath satyam apriyam” never speak truth that has ill consequences and not dear to good people .

Yudhisthira was the most truthful person on the earth. His chariot was four angul[inches] higher in space during war. This was because he never transgressed Dharma on all four quarters. Krishna asks him to utter a lie that Ashwatthama had died , Yudhisthira refuses to say a lie , Bheemasena kills an elephant named Ashwatthama , and asks his brother to say now Ashwatthama has died ,you can say so. Yudhisthira says Ashwatthama died , and slowly utters the words ‘Elephant’ !

[ his chariot comes down by one angul] why? Surprises Yudhisthira looks at Bheema for explanation .

Bheema says

Speaking truth and all other Dharma are primarily to please God . They independently don’t hold any special place .[or meaning] ,By refusing God’s order you have transgressed Dharma ,thus your chariot has come down

. There is no bigger dharma than following Lord’s dictum.


Comments on: "2nd House – Truth Lies And Yudhisthira" (4)

  1. Fallensoul said:

    Respected Sir,
    I am not at all qualified to ask questions to exalted personalities like you. I am just a beginner. Please forgive me if I commit offences.

    I have read in Mahabharata that Yudhistra visited hell because he spoke this lie. Could you please explain why he visited hell because he spoke the lie for the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna?

    Sir, I also want to read the original Mahabharata in English. I dont know sanskrit. Could you suggest an authentic source? I am currently reading Ganguly’s translation.

    I am very much moved by your very wonderful points in a debate on Arjuna Vs Karna. Sir, I want truth. I donot want to be cheated by wrong translations. Could you please help me?

    Sir, can I contact you through mails to clarify my doubts on spiritual life?

    Please forgive me for not revealing my name and using the name “fallen soul”. In time I will tell my name.

    With love and regards,

    fallen soul.


    • Yudhisthir did not visit hell . a artificial hell was created for him to punish for the lie he refused to speak as an order from Lord . He was given similar experience as in hell for not obeying . some translations in kannada are good. By upadhya and kulkarni .


      • Fallen soul said:

        Thank you very much sir for your kind and swift reply. I still have some queries. I will request you after 10 days from now, since I am on a trip now. I am very very grateful to you.

        With love,

        Fallen soul


  2. RaiulBaztepo said:

    Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
    PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language 😉
    See you!
    Your, Raiul Baztepo


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