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5th House – Children

Children are indicated by the 5th bhava in the horoscope. A son is called as putra in Sanskrit.Those who die without bearing a son are destined to go to  PUTA namak Hell . all the ancestors of that tree  fall in the hell named Puta. Since a son protects[rakshati] his ancestors from the Puta hell ,that means he does [“ra”ksha ] from [“put”a] hence he is known as “putra”

Woman become pregnant to concieve a child. For this their rutukala plays an important role. Moon and mars are important in determining rutukala that may lead to pregnancy. When moon is anupachaya places from a janma rashi of the woman , if being at any of these places ,if it is being aspected by mars ,that period/month will be capable in  bringing about the conception [garbhgrahartav] to those who wish to have a child.

that means if a woman becomes rutumati in an upachaya rashi from her janma rashi ,she will not concieve in that cycle. If in such a combination the moon is aspected by jupiter ,the couple will try for a baby.

if on the fourth day at the time of rutuvirama if aspected by venus woman will have extreme passion towards her husband.The seventh from lagna at the time samyoga ,if it is aries ,taurus ,leo sagitarius then they will engage in the sexual act akin to animals. if it is gemini virgo or aquarius ,then it will be like humans.if there are malefics aspecting then union will spring out of anger and difference of opinion. if aspected by the benefics they will have affectionate union. if not aspected by any planet it will be a quiet union.if both benefics and malefics aspect ,then union will start with affection and end up in discord or vice versa.

All these will have bearing on the birth and life of the child. venus ,mars,jupiter sun,moon,saturn,mercury,lagnadhipati[garbhadaan],moon and sun are sequentially guardians of the child in the womb for 10 months till birth of the child.

  1. Rahu with benefics in  fifth and jupiter also with benefics give many sons
  2. a benefic fifth lord with benefics and jupiter in kendra gives many sons
  3. Jupiter in kendra , exchange of first and fifth lord gives many sons.
  4. jupiter being strong [full] ,first lord in fifth and fifth lord very strong gives many sons
  5. fifth lord in own house aspeted by benefics gives many sons.

Srikrishna had 10 sons and a daughter each from all of his 16108 wives . Yet he prayed Shiva to give him a son in Himalayas and Pradyumna was born . At the time of war he had in all 1000000 [ten lakhs] sons and grandsons.

  1. Pandavas had From Draupadi Prativindya[son of Yudhisthira]
  2. Shrutasoma [son of Bhima]
  3. Shrutakirti   [son of Arjuna]
  4. Shatanik      [son of nakul]
  5. Shrutakriya  [son of sahadev]

they were all incarnation of vishvedevas and gandharva named 1chitrarath 2.abhitamra 3.kishore .4.gopal 5 bala .

Abhimanyu was born to Subhadra was incarnation of mercury [Budha]

Ghatotkacha was son of Bheema from Hidimbi .He was incarnation of Nirutya[lord of south western direction ]

Babruvahana was born to chitrangada -Arjun ,he was incarnation of manmath.

Iravant was born to Ulupi-Arjun was the incarnation of Mars [ mangal]

All these died in the war of Mahabharath except Babruvahan who did not participate.

Parikshit was son of Abhimanyu Uttara and thus was the only heir left after the war and hence was throned onto hastinapur.Since Krishna was protecting him through sudarshan , while in the womb he was inspecting the presence of  Lord He is known as Parikshit.


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  1. Hari om!

    koti pranam guruji,

    Number 400 300 204
    Bangalore, 19:03 PM 08-02-1977

    Am Madhuri.. I recently had a miscarriage of my second kid in 6 month.. I really miss having this girl child and really want one girl child..

    Pls let me know if I have second santana yoga in my life.. If we are not destined to have a second child of our own , We are wanting to adopt a girl child . Pls let me know if this is possible..
    Hari OM!


  2. Hari om Guru,


    Pls advise and when we will have another child,first born is 7yrs old.

    My details : DOB: 13/04/1979 Time : 7:19pm Place : Pune,India
    Husband’s details: DOB: 22/05/1975 Time : 11:55am Place : Singapore

    Pls advise if there’s another baby in our fate as I long for another child.
    Many thanks! I really appreciate.

    Jai shri krishna


  3. Namastey Chiraanji,

    After a long time a website/blog I found that is you, helping people through Jyotishya Shastra. Thanks for this service which shows light in the human beings life.

    I to have a querry if you don’t mind please help me in this regard. Which profession suits me best or exactly. Business or Polytics or both suggest me.

    DOB – 03/12/1986
    TOB – 03.05 PM
    POB – Bagalkote, Karnataka


  4. guruji kindly suggest me the remedy.


  5. thanx for the advise guruji.

    can you kindly suggests me the remedy for my problem guruji.
    may i know who is that relative causing harm to me??


  6. hello guruji
    number – 10
    my name is sharmistha basu
    DOB 17/11/1982
    time 8:30 pm ranaghat west bengal
    i want to know about my progeny prospects. plz help me.


    • children will be still born … you must do good remedies before concieving else frequent dissapointments will cause great grief …
      there is evil influences in the house you live ….. one of the relatives is responsible … influences are due to some menial tribes …


  7. rohin chugh said:

    wen wil u reply my query???


  8. rohin chugh said:

    respected guruji, when will u answer my ques.u hav taken so long time to answer it.


  9. rohin chugh said:

    guruji, plz giv me reply soon


  10. rohin chugh said:

    guruji, plz giv me reply soon


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