Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

  • Sixth  lord with venus and sun or saturn with rahu in krur shashtiamsa ,the native will die on account shirachcheda [ cutting off of head]
  • ninth saturn and third jupiter or eigth saturn and twelfth jupiter , makes one lose his hands[karachcheda yoga]
  • moon in seventh or eighth along with mars as sixth lord is weak ,one will get his hands cut off.
  • saturn rahu and mercury in tenth makes one go without hands .

Bhurishravas was an excellent warrior who could not be defeated as long  as he had a sword in his hands. the speed at which BHurishravas[Yuupketu] used his swords rendered other person numb , his sword could not be located while fighting. He had a natural rivalry and family feud with Yadavas [ on account of Marriage of Devaki[krishna’s mother] to Vasudev .]. Satyaki was a yadava who fought from Pandavas as he was very dear to Krishna .Satyaki was Arjuna’s Disciple . In the war when Arjuna’s Gandiv sound was not heard by Yudhisthira , he asked Yuyudhan[Satyaki] to go and get the information about Dhananjay . Satyaki after appointing Dhrushtadhyumna to look after Yudhisthir , went furiously fighting to look for Arjun in the battlefield.  killed Jalasandha on the way, and was totally tired when he caught sight of Arjun , happy to see him , he wanted to go back and inform Yudhisthira , when he was intercepted by BHurishravas[son of Somadatta] , old  rivalry ,family feud and passion of hatred ignited and both attacked each other fiercely ,after prolonged fight lost chariot and sarathis and bows, then holding sword in the hand , they collided like wild tigers and the a very long battle ensued between them , suddenly satyaki exhausted due to fatigue and prolonged fight fell unconscious , Bhurishravas caught his hair and dragged him by the ground into the open. He was cheered by the Kauravas [as Satyaki was most dear to Krishna being grandson of his uncle] .Bhurishravas put a foot onto the chest of unconscious SATYAKI and raised his right hand with a sword to cut off the head of Satyaki .

The All knowing Krishna urged to Arjuna to save Satyaki .Arjuna while fighting samshaptak rakshas ,cried how can he help him while Bhurishravas has not challenged him to war. neither is he facing him to challenge him. Though Satyaki is very dear and has come to this war to lay down his life for Him and his family , he feels utterly helpless to stop Bhurishravas on account of Dharma.

Krishna says it is dharma to save  a friend in distress ,trouble , look he is unconscious and unarmed and Bhurishravas is killing him , waste no time stop Bhurishravas for Satyaki had sacrificed everything for the sake of Pandavas ,it is Arjuna’s Duty .

Arjuna used bhallayudha to cut off the raised arm of Bhurishravas.[ Karachcheda]

Surprised Bhurishravas and other kauravas  looked for who had cut off , looking at Arjuna yelled , “so you developed the qualities of deception by the company you are in. who has taught you this unworthy fighting skill ,INdra or Drona . is it right to use weapons on me when i am not aware or when I am not fighting with you.”

Arjuna said ” who would not yearn for such a company that does not come by years of tapasya even in multiple births, You were killing a man unconscious and unarmed ,where come your good senses of warfare had gone then , where was your skills in fighting and challenging a tired Satyaki. I have done my dharma in saving my friend in trouble .”

Bhurishravas realising his mistake , took shastra sanyas and laying his shara on the ground and went into Yogic samadhi .

Satyaki just resuming from slumber without any loss of moment in a fit of anger , even before Srikrishna and other pandavas could stop him , he slit of the head of Bhurishravas [ Shirachcheda].

Bhurishravas attained heaven for having died in battlefield . SATYAKI was the only warrior along with Kritavarma who survived Mahabharath war by the grace of Sri Krishna.


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  1. Very beautiful story Guruji and very nicely written 🙂


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