Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

  • If moon and jupiter are in 7th from karakamsha the person will have very beautiful wife[Atisundari]
  • Venus in the seventh from karakamsha ,the wife will be sensuous[Kaamvathi]
  • While mercury indicates wife well versed in arts [ Kalaavathi]
  • The sun so placed will give wife well protected[Rakshitha]
  • Saturn well placed will give pious wife [ tapasvini]
  • Saturn weak will give sick wife[ rujadya]
  • Saturn afflicted will give wife elder in age [ Vayoadhika]
  • Rahu so placed will give a wife ,who is already somebody’s widow [ Vidhwa]
  • Seventh from upapada if there is a benefic , wife will be roopavati [beautiful],bhavya [fortunate],gunanvita[virtuous]
  • mercury and rahu there ,wife will be stout[ sthulangi]
  • if mercury is in rasi of mars then wife will have nasal disorders.
  • if shani and rahu then one will shun or desert  his wife  on account of calumny

If one has vyabhichara yoga in the horoscope and if seventh house has :

  1. sun then one will have illicit relations with a barren woman
  2. moon then akin to sign,rasi[ virgo-virgins , libra-prostitutes etc]
  3. mars then with young models
  4. mercury then with wives of rich men or traders , or harlots.
  5. Saturn then with workers ,menials unclean etc
  6. Rahu ketu with minors

The breasts of the would be wife will be :

  1. sick and weak if saturn is in the seventh
  2. sun will give urdhwa kooch [prominent]
  3. Jupiter will give hard [kathinstani]
  4. Mars will give attractive [sustani]
  5. venus will give sthulastani [bulky and excellent]
  6. moon will give small and uneven
  7. Rahu will give lambastani

the seventh navamsa if it is exalted then one will marry woman of superior race.

Bheemasena was the first to marry among Pandavas .He married even before Yudhisthira although Yudhisthira was elder , Vedvyasa appeared and urged Bheemasena to marry Hidimbi [mother of Ghatotkach] .

Ulupi was a widow of a snake king from Naagloka , she was childless and hence urged Arjun to give her a child[ as per her husbands’ wishes] . Arjun initially refused but later after repeated requests obliged and Iravant was born. As he was born to a widow , he was exterminated from the land of Nagas , Ulupi raised him in Devaloka.

Iravant fought bravely in Mahabharata , while fighting Alamban both used maya to counter each other , at one stage Iravant tooka a form of a huge snake covering entire battle field and challenged Alamban , Alamban then took a form of huge Garuda and killed him . Ghatotkacha killed Alamban to avenge his brothers death.


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    1. Venkatram said:

      Jai Shri Ram…

      Current Time : 8:31 PM…, Current Place : Gainesville, Florida,USA…..
      (5) beetle leaves,nuts and fruits….
      Name : Venkatram Nagarajan
      Date of Birth : 03-Nov-1988
      Place of Birth : Trivandrum, INDIA,
      Time of Birth : 10 : 45 AM ..
      Body Part : Chest ….

      I have completed my Masters degree in august 2013..trying for jobs now….really worried if i will be able to get a good job…..had a bad experience by the start of this year ….which brought my confidence down…..So really worried about my career….Please let me know about my career…Thank you …

      Jai Shri Ram


      • you will get excel;lent paying job .. but mindset is not fully prepared and hence opportunity is not seen .. faqst on tuedays and recite ganapati stotra .. 21 times .. after you get the job do sankalpa to do gana homa with 108 modaks .. you will get job soon


    2. Please predict my marriage whether love or arrange.


      Ascendant: scorpio.
      I have 5 th house lord guru in 7 th house
      Lagna lord mars in 5th house.
      7th lord venus in 8th house


      Namaste Guruji
      Date of Birth 07/11/1980,time.4.50pm place.Tuljapur Maharashtra,
      Kindly tell me when i will get marriage and my marriage lifei want to about my carrer and about a relation
      Hari om


      • you will ahve excellent happy marraige .. delay is due to non fulfillment of item you ahve promised to give to DURGA devi .. as soon as you will fulfill you will get married .. get utsava naivedya done to TULJAbhavani


    4. sisira kumar bhattamisra said:

      Hari om sriman narayan and hanuman ji maharaj
      i want to about my carrer and about a relation
      Hari om


    5. guruji,
      my hands on the keyboard while writing the query.


    6. Om namo narayana Om anjaneyaya namaha
      Time:12:00-1:00 A.M
      Please enlighten me regarding my previous birth. I am always in a confused state. I left my job 6 yrs back to take care of my 2 kids and now since i have time i am clueless as to what to do. I was very much interested in doing a degree in music(since i had learnt it earlier) but that also does not seem to be possible. Pls guide me as to in what direction i should focus on.


      • you should not try for job . it will not give happiness ..


        • guruji, thank you very much for the reply. you have written exactly what was there in my mind. but i want to know in what i should focus. i feel like i am wasting my time and want to do something useful, helpful but dont know what to.pls guide me in this guruji.



      1365 , 136 , 439

      Name : Leena Sharma

      Sex : Female

      DOB : January 12th 1983 10.43 P.M

      Place : Hunsur-India

      Kindly tell me when i will get marriage and my marriage life, my parents are seeking groom from long time, please help me because till now no groom longetivity after marriage has come Nadi problem.

      my left hand fingers are on my head scraching when i ask this question ..


      Thanks & regards,


      April 5 2012 at 12:33
      1546 , 245, 358
      Name Harshita Joshi
      Sex Female
      dob Mar 22nd 1986 8:17PM
      Place New Delhi
      Please let me know when my marriage will be solemnised wherehe will belong to,my parents are looking for a groom for a long time, please reply …
      My fingers are typing on the keyboard when i ask this question …
      Thanks & regards
      Harshita Joshi


    9. venkatesh said:

      Hari , sriman narayana and hanumanji

      1789 , 456 , 187

      name : venkatesh

      sex : male

      DOB : October 2nd 1983 1.30 AM

      place : chennai – india

      please tell me when i will get marriage , my parents are seeking bride for the long time , please reply ..

      my fingers are typing on keyboard when i ask this question ..

      Hari , sriman narayana and hanumanji

      Thanks & regards,
      venkatesh .p


    Dear Readers , If you are asking a query , Kindly do not forget to worship SRIMAN NARAYANA and HANUMANJI and then write a number within 1800 followed by single digit number [ within 1-8 ] ,kindly Give time and current Place where you are asking query from ! , followed by number of virtual beetle leaves ,nuts and fruits you would like to give astrologer , and clear place ,time and date of birth . [take your hands off keyboard ] TOUCH a BODY part and kindly mention which part of the body Your hand is touching [ sprishtanga ] .... state your problem clearly , let us know what is it that your are looking for without ambiguity ! start and end with salutation to HARI ! If above procedure is not adhered to ,then no answers will be given !

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