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7th House -Husband

In stree jataka[female horoscopy] ,the planet in the seventh navamsa or the lord of seventh navamsha decides the quality of the Husband.

  • if sun is in the seventh or sun is the lord of the seventh then the husband will be of  very tender body or quiet spoken ,mild man. He will be a very hard worker . [atimrudu ,ati karmi]
  • If moon be similarly placed or if seventh house is cancer in the amsha , the husband will be one who will hanker after other women , he will also look after his wife well , he will be kind hearted soft personality.
  • If mars is present in the seventh house the husband will be very loving towards women , he will be easily given to anger and rash personality.
  • If mercury is in the seventh amsha or virgo/gemini is the seventh house  then he husband will be a scholar , he will have a good sense of humour ,if well placed he  may  a trader or accountant , when in the amsha of the venus it will give persons well versed in arts.
  • if jupiter becomes the owner of the seventh navamsha ,the husband will be highly educated ,blessed with many good qualities , and will have his senses and under control , will never look at other woman .
  • If saturn happens to be lord of seventh then the husband will either be a fool or the age difference between husband and wife will very high. he will be  a old man. if it is ketu then he will be impotent .if with Rahu he will be already married to someone else.
  • If Venus is the lord of the seventh navamsha then husband will be very handsome and will be very fortunate person. He will have excellent attractive features and a pompous style and blessed personality.

Amba was determined to Kill BHeeshma ,she undertook severe penace to shiva  to be born as man to kill Bheeshma . Shiva said woman cannot be born as Man ,however he gave her a boon to become the cause of death of Bheeshma. She insisted she wanted to become Man. Shiva said she would be assisted in becoming Man.

Drupad prayed Lord Shiva for a son, soon Shiva appeared and said a son would be born . But a Drupad’s wife gave birth to a daughter , amused Drupad thought for a while , Shiva’s words cannot be futile , this must be some test of his faith.

So he raised the girl child as a male ,he dressed her like a man and even taught her all the warfare and named as Shikhandi. When the child came of age , it was decided to marry the Prince[ss] . So neighbouring Kingdom’s King had a beautiful daughter , her hand was proposed in the marriage , Marraige took place grandly ,but later bride  found that Groom was actually a woman. Upset she left for her Parent’s House. Parent furious addessed Drupad [ Drupad said he has raised as  son and Shiva had told HIM that his child is male ] and agreed for a Angapariksha or war.

Shikhandi fearing insult to her Father that night went deep into the forest ,deciding never to return . As she was contemplating suicide with heavy sobbing and cursing her destiny . Tumbur[ Gandharva ] was passing by ,He was cursed by the rishi to become a woman . He was also unhappy .But seeing the plight of the Shikhandi , he offered, He would lend his body [male] to her .But the problem is a female cannot control a male body , [but a male can take  a female body and control it and live in it] this is nature’s law. So Tumbur offered to control her body and she be just present in it[ Tumbur offered to be present in the manner devils possess the human body]

Thus overnight Shikhandi acquired a Male body , she would desire , Tumbur would carry it out for her. She came back to palace , During Angapariksha , In laws were very happy to see a man for her daughter ,They scolded her for unusually doubting the groom[handsome gandharva] . Drupad thanked Shiva for a great miracle and happy to see his faith in Shiva honoured.

Shikhandi later became cause for the Death of Bheeshma .


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  1. Namaste guruji,

    MY birth details:

    My DOB: 03/06/1982,

    Time: 1 pm.
    Longitude: 82 01 E
    Latitude: 16 35 N

    No Choosen 18

    can you please let me know how would be my husbands carrier..

    BORN ON : 18-2-1980
    9:4:0.AM (Time of birth not so perfect)
    Long: 9:10:NORTH
    Lat :78:6:EAST

    Please reply…

    Thanks guruji,
    srastanga namaskaramlu


  2. guruji my date of birth 8th november 1982,1.15a.m sholapur

    Tel me why delay in my marriage? and how wil be my husband?

    om namo narayanaya namah
    jai Hanuman
    1765 543 565,
    dob 8th nov 82
    pob sholapur
    tob 1.15a.m

    my left hand palm is touching right hand palm.


  3. Pranam guruji,

    i am very enthusiastic asking this question
    Some times you mention handsome husband.. how do we tell a parson handsome? that is depends on the perception we believe or any astrological description for that?
    Does that mean he is with good height, personality, color?

    Please reply guruji.


  4. Namaste Guruji

    Please guruji, please give a reply… Following are my birth details.

    26 APRIL 1981
    9 PM
    I want to know what kind of husband I will get and at what age I will get married?


  5. sir,
    pls let me know that what type of husband i will get?my details are
    d.o.b: 22/02/1985
    t.o.b: 9:23 a.m
    p.o.b: jaipur(rajasthan)



  6. Respected guruji,
    num chosen-1030 1 3

    i want to know the service (govt or private), looks,family background,siblings of my life partner. whether I will have a Love marriage or an arranged marriage ,how will be my marriage life.when i will get married?
    regards and thanks
    my details-


  7. channa123 said:


    Namaste Guruji

    Please guruji, please give a reply… Following are my birth details.

    1407 2 3 Kolkata (INDIA, TIME : 10:20 pm, DOB: 12-6-1982)
    I want to know what kind of husband I will get and at what age I will get married?



  8. channa123 said:


    1407 2 3 Kolkata (INDIA, TIME : 10:20 pm, DOB: 12-6-1982)
    I want to know what kind of husband I will get and at what age I will get married?



  9. channa123 said:

    Namaskar guruji!

    I want to know what kind of husband I will get and at what age I will get married?
    My details are : DOB: 12-6-1982
    Time of birth: 10:20 P.M
    Place of birth: Kolkata(INDIA)

    Best Regards


  10. Deepika said:

    1600 7 6 New Delhi(INDIA, TIME : 6:04 pm, DOB: 16-9-1989.


    • a highly passionate short tempered husband .. will be highly influenced by his mother … will have been rejected by a cruel hard hearted woman .. so would not believe in love ..


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