Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

  • If seventh is hemmed between benefics one will get good wife.
  • If 7th lord 7th house and venus are strong and aspected by jupiter one gets devoted wife.
  • If  sun is aspected by venus or mercury ,and 7th lord with jupiter ,the wife will be chaste and virtuous minded
  • seventh occupying quadrant ,and in a benefic navamsa the wife will be a paragon of chastity.

Shukamuni once asked his Father Shri VedaVyasa , ” kindly tell me the most interesting and surprising incident in this world that would bring lots of punya having listened to and destroy all the sins”.

Vedavyasa says”oh son listen to the conversation that once took place between a Bramhachari and a Pativrata

Once there was a bramhin named Kashyap ,well versed in all the vedas and neeti. He had the clear understanding of all the shastras and the meaning they conveyed, and and imparted it to many.He was completely immersed in his Dharma , performing agnihotra ,pitrukarya atithiseva and meditation of  Lord Narsimha .

He had a equally pious and very chaste wife named Savitri ,she was very dear to him because on account of  her excellence in household work she had attained the Paroksha Gyana and he was very proud of her.The very brilliant and learned couple lived happily in the Madhyadesha ,in a village named Nandigrama.

In the vicinity there lived another bramhin named YagnyaSharma ,highly learned in many fields alongwith his wife named Rohini.Excellently qualified Rohini gave birth to a male child to the happiness of the husband, who ,after having a holy bath , performed the jatahasamskara to the child .On twelfth day after the punyavachan ,he named him as “DEVASHARMA”

in the fourth month he took him a temple as nishkrama samskara ,sixth month he performed annaprashana and by the year end he performed choodakarma. In the eighth year he completed vratabandha. After completing upanayan samskara  ,devasharma without fault started his vedadhyayan . As he completed his first veda, his father died .

Having lost in grief both mother and son completed the last rites with difficulty , Devasharma in the company of sadhus thought of taking sanyasa and leaving his bereaved mother and after a bath in ganga started living on the banks of the river calmly chanting the japa and vedas. He was living by bhiksha in the nandigrama .

One day as he was drying his clothes ,two birds caught hold of his clothes in their beak , Devasharma tried to scare them , they after excreting on the clothes flew away , Bramhin gave an angry glance to the two flying birds , both birds burnt down and fell on the ground.

Devasharma was very surprised at his new found power on account of vedic study.completely arrogant of his power ,he went into the village still in an elated and excited state of mind.  Slowly he came to Savithri’s house and waited for the BHiksha . Savithri readied for the bhiksha just as her husband came by , she setting aside the bhiksha , offered a seat to her husband and washed his feet with warm water , having satisfied her husband ,she came back to Devasharma and offered him bhiksha .

The delay made devasharma angry and he glanced at her angrily , nothing happened , he glanced at her again and again . Savithri smiled and said ” oh Bramhin of a short tempered nature , I am not those two birds lying dead on the banks of the river ,whom you have burnt down, if you wish for bhiksha kindly take it” .

Surprised by her ability to know the things that have happened far away from her house ,he started thinking what could have made her amass so much power[shakti] , he after accepting the bhiksha , asked her ,” oh punyavati, kinldy tell me the truth as to how you have the knowledge of things that have happened far away at a distant place from your place of living”

Savithri said ” Oh bramhin listen to my words carefully ,I am always engrossed in my dharma , For  a woman , service of the husband is only primary dharma[Patiseva] ordained by God . oh intelligent and learned bramhachari , I am completely devoted to my husband and his well being I do this as my duty and worship and do not have interest in any other avocation except the means to make my husband happy .I do not get into any act that is not liked by him or not approved by him.Because of my swadharma nishtha ,i have the power of knowing things happening all over the world without actually having seen or hearing or reading about them.If you like to know sincerely then I have something more to tell you listen”

” Your father was excellent bramhin living only by unchhavrutti ,thus he was most purified being ,Having learned from him a Veda and having completed his last rites you have come here. Your mother is alone , unhappy ,miserable and widow , instead of looking after her ,you have deserted her come here to fill your belly daily in this village . One who has taken pains to give you a birth ,raised you , protected you and took care of you in the childhood ,you have shunned such mother in the name of Dharma.

What Dharma will you gain by deserting your mother drenched in misery and pain of separation of near and dears and roaming in the forests . Since you have ill treated your mother and caused her a pain , you are suffering from bad odour of the mouth .And because you have been taught by a illustrious father ,you have acquired the powers of tapasya. But oh sinner , what have you got by killing the birds unnecessarily .Your Tapasya has no meaning

  • One whose mother is suffering with pain and unhappiness [dukha] ,his life is utterly a waste and purposeless.
  • One who looks after his mother well with bhakti and vishvas[faith sincerity], his all karmas give good results
  • Those excellent among men ,who never transgress mother’s words , are worshipped in this and other worlds.
  • So you immediately go back to your mother and take care of her.
  • This is only the greatest dharma and tapasya for you .

After being advised thus by Savithri , devasharma  asked her to forgive him and further insisted on telling her about ” what should constitute his future course of action”

Savithri said” First go and protect your mother from succumbing to grief , Perform prayashchitta for killing the two birds and purify yourself . In the next street there is a bramhin named yagyasharma , his daughter will be your wife . If you go to him he will give his daughter’s hand to you in marraige. Live with her according to the dharma , you will beget a son worthy of your family. You will also live like your father by unchchavratti . After your wife would die ,you would take tridandi sanyasa . Having ordained in the yati ashrama and treading truthful path and prayer to Shri Narsimha , you would attain Vishnu Loka. If you believe in my words ,kindly go back to your mother”

Devasharma expressing gratitude towards the PATIVRATA ,hurriedly went back to his mother and having lead life as predicted by Savithri attained MOKSHA.

For a Man born on the earth protecting once mother is the greatest dharma and duty [ paramdharma ] One who follows and treads  this path of the Dharma , he will cut off the tree named samsara ,an  imprisonment due to avidya and agyana  and attain SHRI VISHNU LOKA ,thus said Vyasa to Shuka as per Sutas words to Bharadwaj .


Comments on: "7th House – Chaste Wife -[Pativrata upakhyana]" (5)

  1. Guruji you have written it is param dharma for a man born on this earth to protect his mother….Guruji it is same for women too??


  2. Veryyyyyyyyyyy nice post Guruji!

    I loveeeeeeeeeee my mother 🙂 she’s very pretty 🙂 and my father too 🙂


  3. Respected Chiraanji,

    Am just curious, How to predict from women’s horoscope about her character? Please write about Ahalya,Draupadi,Sita, Tara and Mandodari also. Please consider my request

    A H Rao


  4. Sir,thank you very much. Mother is a mother. no comparison.



  5. Narendra said:



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