Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

  • Shukra is a planet that encompasses all the emotions of a man on the earth.
  • The Shukracharya [presiding diety for the planet] is a great rishi and exhibits all kinds of knowledge .
  • He is daitya guru . But Param vaishnava.He is first to invent Mrut sanjeevani Vidya [ giving life to dead]
  • Venus is the planet that imparts beauty with lustrous hair .[ Rukmini devi had a beautiful curly hair]
  • Venus also gives warrior like nature.
  • Parashurama is the Vishnu rupa that arises out of Venus .
  • Parashurama killed all the kshatriyas on the earth not once but 21 times . 
  • So Venus is also a violent planet.
  • Venus gives great urge for knowledge because its father is sage Brighu ,the ultimate in knowledge.
  • Without the blessings of Bhrigu no knowledge can be mastered in this world.
  • Venus is known as Bhargav
  • Venus is the most sensuous planet
  • Kaamdev is the manifestation in Venus .one who stirs the heart of the people is known as Manmath
    • People can stay calm and unnerved and controlled when their Mann[mind] is still .
    • When this mind whirls due to churning  [mathan] ,one loses self control and is infatuated and yearns for a mate . The very presence of Manmath ,churns ones heart ,wherecome then the senses listen . Manmath is specially present in darkness of night , on the bosom of a woman , in the vicinity of jasmine ,mango leaves ,full moon night and picturesque view of mountains ,forests ,lakes and gardens. Thus these arouse passion in the man. But even this manmath looses his senses before Rati , who is responsible for this [ of course lord Narayana who is sakshat Manmath Manmath. one who churns the heart of Manmath]
    • But the same Manmath can also become ferocious like Skanda [avatar of Manmath, the great commander of Devatas]
    • Shiva under the influence of Venus mated with Parvati for a 1 lakh year .The retas became so hot and energetic due to prolonged mating that it became golden in colour and Parvati unable to bear it gave it to krittikas , thus ferocious Kartikeya was born.Venus gives rise to Martial nature.
  • Same venus [Manmatha] can be very obedient Bharath .
  • Venus also gives rise to innocence and  Vairagya seen in Bharath ,Sanat kumar , Samba [all avataras of MAnmath]
    • Venus is a poet [Kalidasa]
    • Venus is also an Astrologer [Sahadev].
    • Venus strongly placed in horoscope automatically makes one a good daivagnya [Jyotishi]
    • Kalidasa  in uttarakalamrita says  Venus in saturn antardasa exhibits its virakta swabhava [withdrawal tendencies ]
    • Narada was a great poet but also a virakta.
  • Venus in kendra exalted gives  Mahapurush yoga .
    • Kings born in this yoga are handsome ,great warriors ,excellent administrators , knowledged and excellent singers [ King Vikram of ujjain appeases Shani with rare exposition of Deepak Raga]
  • So Venusians exhibits all the qualities that are there in this world .
  • And no planets gives enjoyments akin to Venus.
  • It gives the great intoxication of the self Ahankara to the Souls due to abundance of joys
  • Shiva is the adhipati for Ahankara ,
  • Shiva is Ashvaththama as Ahankara
  • Venus as learned and Angry in shiva gives Durvasa
  • But same Shiva can be most calm and serene and Viraktha as Shuka muni.
  • Lagnadhipati if weak and aspected by Venus and moon attains sanyasa in the later years of the life.

During samudra manthan when Amruta came up , Devatas and Rakshasas started fighting for it . But Amrut was meant only for Devatas as per the wishes of Narayana . One who partook Amrut he became immortal and rakshas if immortal would create havoc in the universe. So to delude Rakshasa from Amrut[nectar] Narayana took the Form of Mohini , one of the most beautiful female forms of Narayana , a 16 years damsel who could get everyone yearning for her beauty .

Rakshasa as they were lechers by nature lost their senses and asked Mohini to distribute nectar for them. Mohini in all her beautiful and youthful peak , suggested that she would feel shy at the peircing glances of rakshas [who could just not take their eyes off her beauty even for blinking] , thus everyone must close their eyes and she would pour the nectar in each one’s palm . Demons agreed and Devatas also agreed.

So Devatas and Demons formed a row and Mohini out of her maya created two pitchers ,one with original Amrit and other with sweet water . Amrit she gave it to Devatas , just water to Demons , who drank it out of their ill senses.

Shiva was lying unconscious due to consuming of Poison [halahal]that had just emanated  before Amrit , his neck had become deep blue and thus he came to be known as NEELKANTHa .

He could not witness the Mohini rupa of Narayan. Having heard the beauty of the Mohini , he pleaded Narayana to show him his beautiful rupa once again. Narayana asked him to come next morning alongwith his wife parvati .

When Shiva came to Vishnus abode , having a look at the Mohini he lost all his control he just embraced her in passion even when Parvathi was present. Narayana smilingly brings back Shiva into his senses.

This is the same Shiva who had burnt Manmath to ahses when he tried to disturb the tapasya . But such a controlled Shiva who had won Manmath , lost to the MANMATH MANMATH shriman Narayana.


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  1. brbr2011 said:


    I was reading about mohini… shiva loses control and embraces…if you have any photo/painting of mohini-pl. put it. so that we can also see her.

    Bharathiramana mukyaprana anthargatha sri mohini namaha..can we say like this.



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