Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

Ramarajya is the best rule ever on the earth by any Emperor. It lasted for 13000 years . Raghupati Raghav Rajaram was the just King ,where in his kingdom everyone knew the interpretation of LAW.Not only humans  but also animals enjoyed rights and went to the court for any misgivings or mishaps. The dharma shastra says miseries to the subjects[praja] is due to the laxity of rule by the King. so every citizen in the tretayuga demanded an explanation from the king for his misfortunes.Men never experienced grief on account of death of children ,Wife never faced any widowhood.No one died before the age of 10000 years .everyone lived full and happy life with all the amenities of life .There were crops all the twelve seasons of the year .It never rained in a non agricultural area and Sun never was too hot . Wind blew with full pleasure of citizens.Trees bore only sweet fruits .Jewels were use of everyday items , utensils were only of gold. All the people were born beautiful and women exhibited complete beauty and youth to the delight of their husbands.In the morning when their blouses got stuck in the ornaments of  husband SUN hesitated to rise ,fearing the disturbance in the conjugal pleasure of the citizens. That was Ramarajya

  This story from RAMAYANA is the crown jewel of episodes during RAMARAJYA.

Once when Shri Ramachandra the great king in the lineage of Ikshavaku, the avatar of Vishnu was ruling in Ayodhya .One day fa bhikshu [sanyasi] was walking all through the streets for bhiksha[alms] , BUT a great sabha was organised in the palace of  Jagatpati Ram . All the saptarishis and celestial beings and citizens had gathered in the sabha. Owing to it all the streets were empty and Bhikshu could not get any food ,As he was walking in the sun [midday] , he saw a dog lying in his way . Angry with hunger and frustration , he showed his ire on the DOG and hit it with his stick.

DOG became upset and headed straight to the durbar of ShriRamchandra Prabhu. As it was standing at the gates of the palace , Shri Rama asked LAxman to look if someone has come to ask justice.[Shri Ram did not instruct his servants or gatekeepers dwarpala ,sevak  but he asked Laxman the prince to go and check for himself to ensure anybody is asking for justice] Laxman looked for all the places and did not find anyone and at the gates HE found a dog sitting quietly. He went back and told Shri Ram that except a dog none is there at the gates.

Shri Rama asked Laxman to bring the Dog inside the Hall . LAxman went to the gates and asked Dog if he had any grievance .Dog replied ” Yes but since I am a dog , I should not enter Rajmahal , as there will always be presence of Devatas in Rajpraasad and houses of holy men , by entering will render it impure and Devatas would leave those places and also good fortunes will leave along with them ,So oh prince kindly take my message to LORD ” . Laxman went back to Lord Ram . Ram instructed Laxman to bring the DOG inside the palace with due respect [ because DOG had the extraordinary sense of dharma and behaviour ,it entitled him to enter Rajpraasad] . Laxman brought the Dog before the Lord Rama.

Rama asked what is the grievance. Dog with utmost devotion said ” Oh King I seek justice , I was unnecessarily beaten by a BHikshu with no fault of mine whatsoever , it was unwarranted ” Lord Rama summoned the Bhikshu .Bhikshu said ” he was hungry and frustrated and took his ire and anger on the dog ” .

So in the Sabha of ANGIRASA PULASTYA VASHISTHA VISHWAMITRA GAUTAM  PULAHA AGASTYA ETC  were asked by Ram to give a verdict on the appropriate punishment to the Bhikshu . everybody was surprised and after prolonged deliberation asked Shri Ramchandra to adjudicate the punishment himself.

Shri Ram declared BHikshu be made the mathadhipati [priest head of institution] of the richest matha [temple] at the outskirts of Ayodhya. Everybody was stumped , is this a punishment or Reward ? saptarishis said this seems to be a reward rather than chastising the BHikshu for wrong doing.

Shri Ram said verdict should be such that it should bring the feeling of justice being done to the petitioner or aggrieved.So the dog should be the primary one who should be convinced of the verdict .So let us ask if the dog is convinced!

Dog is delighted at the verdict and expresses its deep gratitude towards Lord RAM. Astonished all the rishis request Lord Ram to explain the reason for such verdict. Lord Ram says” why not hear it from the DOG itself”

Dog says ” he was the earlier bramhin head priest of that temple in his previous birth . He was very sincere and performing his duties towards the deity in the temple with complete devotion and as per shastras .But still out of some unknown sins he had to take a birth and reborn as dog . This bhikshu does not have control of senses at all , he can neither resist hunger nor anger , thus he is bound to be born as a dog  [owing to the preisthood of the temple ] there cannot be better punishment than this for him”

The use of donations and gifts and materials given to LORD in a temple by priests will ensure them a rebirth as a dog .

Everybody applauded the knowledge of the dog and Justice of Raghuvanshi Shri Ramchandra .


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  1. sorry i meant inside the darbar, not temple*


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