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4th House -Sukha Dukha Asha

  • The fourth ,tenth and seventh bhava are sukha sthanas for a person in a horoscope.
  • These denote special happiness that strike humans .
  • These places if placed well man will be happy .
  • Venus in fourth will give all kinds of wealth and enjoyments all through the life.
  • People with venus in the 10th house are rarely found to be hard working ,but surprisingly the whole world works for them , there is something special about a bhog graha in a karma sthana ,that even he enjoys during work hours too. he exerts very little and yet achieves a lot . People are mad about these personalities and form a subject matter of gossip due to envy.
  • 4 th house especially points to general happiness , venus well placed in this house makes one a happy go lucky . He will be a ashavaadi .[” boss Umeed pe duniya kayam hai” , this will be his mantra]
  • But venus in the seventh house is not preferable as this will not give conjugal bliss due to excessive demands of the person. He will have multiple partners and always unhappy about his marital status.
  • However venus in 4th house gives abundant joys , friendships and a place of admire among relatives.
  • Moon in fourth house gives enjoyments with  a woman in a unfinished house .
  • Mars in such position gives enjoyments in a stable of horse
  • Venus and mars makes one enjoy in a cow shed or buffalo shed.
  • ketu will give a  broken house
  • saturn will give a house made of iron
  • sun that of wood
  • mercury will give modern house.
  • moon with rahu makes one adjust to pleasures in a water pump room.
  • Affliction to fourth house will make one weep in his lifetime
  • If fourth house is polluted then the person will fall prey to schemes by others.
  • If fourth lord is with malefics one will leave hopes and become pessimistic
  • Fourth gives what is known as quality of life , standard of living.
  • Fourth in the rasi indicates external signs of happiness
  • Forth in kalamsa gives internal happiness
  • If fourth lord  is badly placed in kalamsa then however happy his position would reflect ,he will be straining his mind in terms of anger and jealousy and inner fear and sense of loss.
  • On the contrary when fourth lord is ill placed in rasi yet well placed in kalamsa , however unhappy a man seems to be , however unfortunate his position may seem to be , he would be infact making merry all the time in solitude.

Pandavas lost father at a young age

  • Their births were questioned
  • They grew in jungle
  • They suffered murder attempts every now and then all through youth
  • They were denied a place to live
  • They were insulted
  • They were exiled
  • They wandered from place to place
  • They had to marry in disguise
  • They had to live in a broken house
  • They had to live separately from wives time and again
  • They bore children in anonymity
  • Their children grew without their presence
  • They were always war stricken
  • They faced poverty
  • They faced tough enemies
  • They had to serve others as unknowns .[identity]
  • Lost manliness
  • They were repeatedly spied ,chased and troubled
  • They lost all the children before them
  • They had to kill their own relatives
  • When they got kingdom they had none to share it with , only one grandson  of Arjun survived.
  • They reached swarga by walking entire Himalayas and shedding their bodies[death]during cumbersome journey .
  • All this when HImself Lord was with them by their side.

Can all this be called misfortunes.? Yet they never complained . Infact Kunti [Pandavas mother] goes onto say ” Oh Krishna give us only miseries every now and then , for it will make us remember you all the time and our miseries will definitely be destroyed by YOU”.

Kauravas had everything in this world that a soul could wish for

  • Parents fully supportive
  • Royal birth
  • Royal upbringing
  • Royal Guards[ Bheeshma Drona etc]
  • Royal friends [ Karna shishupala etc]
  • Obedient advisor [ shakuni]
  • Kingdom at young age
  • Riches of others easily got
  • Mild and patient opponents
  • Many wives and no separations
  • All relatives supported them [everyone wanted to marry their daughters to these and not pandavas or their sons]
  • Whole world leadership
  • All the world admired and obliged
  • Got everything he wished for[material wishes]
  • When in peak he shared his riches fame and wealth among kith and kin [ 100s in number ]
  • Body immortal except thighs
  • Died in battlefield and went to swarga while gandharvas showered flowers on him and a special aircraft[viman ]arrived to take him.
  • He never acknowledged Krishna as Lord .

Can this be called Fortunes ? Yet he always complained , He was dissatisfied , He grew jealous day by day . He could never sleep .He spent most of time hitting the statue of BHeema as practice. He was preoccupied by schemes to trouble Pandavas and they always failed. He was extremely unhappy all through his life .Gandhari [mother of kauravas] cursed Krishna that his clan be wiped just as her sons had been wiped out .

On the contrary Pandavas were as happy as in Moksha and lead a contented life as they never had any desires and were only preoccupied with service to Lord Sri krishna.


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  1. Deepak Namdeo said:

    My son Shivansh DOB-11-08-2003 at 7-42 am, Jabalpur Madhya Pradesh is suffering serious Eye problems. Please suggest what can We do.


    • one eye will come out of problems easily , for the other recite KRISHNA STUTI .. and get surya japa 7000 times and donate copper and wheat …and red chillies to a bramhana … offer white silk to raghvendra swamy mutt near ur vuicinity … both eyes will recover .. however some operation will be undertaken ..


  2. what does having jupiter and ketu togather in the 4th house mean? Is it good or bad?


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