Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

God is SatyaSankalpa .He never fails in carrying out the work that he resolves to undertake or carry out. Puranas written at the beginning of each manvantara are Hari sankalpa ,and they occur as it is ordained.God never breaks the rules set by himself.

Humans are on the contrary are sankalp Bhrasta .They always break the resolutions made by themselves. What is sankalpa ?

In our tradition before performing any work we undertake sankalpa ,a kind of declaration to ourselves and the God within us that On such and such day ,at such and such place ,I [ so and so belonging to so and so race and in the lineage of such and such personality ] by name ………… decide to undertake this [work ,desire, karma ] for obtaining such and such thing .

The purpose of this sankalpa is that it is registered and human undertakes many births to complete this sankalpa ,even if he fails in first attempt . If he fails , even then his desire does not vanish away or fade away ,it remains in his heart till death and even after death it remains as” vasana “[samskara] in the mind . This gives rise to further birth and further attempts till the soul acquires vairagya towards the object of the sankalpa.

Without sankalpa no objective can be accomplished. No remedies pooja or karma succeeds without sankalpa. Thus one must always start a work with proper sankalpa . For example ,

Sankalpa is of the form :

  • such and such day ; which day what is the reference ?
  • Aadya bramhane dwitiya parardhe [ From the day Bramha came into existence in universe , in his second half of the life cycle ie after 50 years to Bramha in 51 st year]
  • Shwetavaraha Kalpe [ a day in a bramha’s life starts with fresh creation of species ,so each day is special and this day is that when Lord Narayana took the form of White Boar and salvaged the earth from the deep waters and raised it with his tusk .
  • Vaivasvat Manvantare [ in every day of Bramha there are 14 manus of which 5 have passed in the sixth the Son of Vivaswan is the Manu ,hence this is Vaivastwat Manvantara ]
  • Kaliyuge pratham pade [ in this Manvantara 27 mahayugas have passed and in 28th , Krita ,Treta and Dwapar has also passed now we are in Kaliyuga and in the first quarter 5109 years later ]
  • Bauddha avatare [ In the time When lord has taken birth as Buddha]
  • at such and such place ,which geographical reference?
    • Jambudweepe [ In this Bramhanda on the earth Bhumandala there is a Jambudweepa island surrounded by lavan samudra ]
    • Meru: Dakshin bhage [ In the centre of Jambudweepa there is a golden mountain named Meru , to the south of this mountain ]
    • Bharatvarshe [this southern region is divided into three portions 1. Himvat varsha 2,Kimpurush 3.Bharathvarsha]
    • Bharath khande[ there are nine globes in the Bharath varsha ,the ninth last globe bordering lavan samudra is what we call prithvi and is known as Bharath Khand- aasetu himachal paryantam]
    • Godavari Dakshin teere [Land on the to the southern banks of the Godavari river ]
    • Mamagruhe [ In my house]
    • Devata sannidhau [ near the Lord dwelling in my house]
  • description of the day
    • evam guna vishesha vishistayam
    • Sarvadhari naam sanvatsare
    • Uttarayane
    • Hemant rutau
    • Pushya masau
    • Krishna Pakshe
    • Budha vasare
    • Ekadashi tithau
    • Anuradha nakshatre
    • Vriddhi yoge
    • Bava karane
    • Shubhe Shoban Muhurte
  • Who am I ?
    • Angirasa Bharamyashva Moudgalya pravaranvit [In the lineage of Angirasa ,Bharamya and Mudgal ]
    • Moudgalya Gotrotpanna [ directly descending in the line of Moudgalya]
    • Chiraan naamdheyasya [ By Name Chiraan]
    • Mam Gyaan Bhakti Vairagya prapthyartham [to gain knowledge ,devotion and detachment]


    • Bhagavad prernaya prapta vidya anusarenaYatha shakti Hari Guna varnan lekhan sevamaham Karishye                     [Inspired by the lord ,in accordance to my learning and capacity I write blogs about the attributes of Hari]


    • Bharatiya raman Mukhyapranantargata SriLaxmiNarsimha supreeto Bhava.                                                              [ May lord as present in Mukhyaparana be pleased ]

    This is Sankalpa. Sankalpa made thus gives us strength to complete the task thoroughly and accomplish the desired.

    Note :This sankalpa is being uttered by everyone in India from time immemorial . This was used by my ancestors as well and also the ancestors of every Bramhins in India . This was taught from father to son in every family . There does not arise any  scope for doubt in this words as father would never mislead his son.Not every father in a nation of billion people .This goes on to prove that we Indians have a lineage of lakhs of years as dates of the rishis mentioned as forefathers exists in every literature and dates back to many millions of years. There was a prosperous civilization even millions of years ago and we take pride in the fact that they were our forefathers and every story recounted thus is not a myth but a reality and a lesson in humanity.

    This disproves darwin that we have emanated from apes as none of the mentioned above were ever apes .This also proves that kaliyuga is 5109 years old and great war of Mahabharatha was fought before that.

    • The fifth pada if exalted and aspected by jupiter and ninth lord and simultaneously 10 pada be in mutual trine , once sankalpa will be successful.
    • Benefics in trines and malefics in 3 6 11 will ensure success in sankalpa
    • Thus choosing good muhurtha for a task is equally important for success of the task .

    If mental resolution is strong and dedicated and according to dharma then success is foregone conclusion.

    The story of Raghu the Great grandfather of Shri Ramchandra Prabhu is testimony to this .

    Once there was a bramhin sage by name Varatantu who was Kulpati of a school in pratishtapur . Kautsa was  a disciple who had completed the study under his tutorship . After completing the study Kautsa wished to give Gurudakshina to the sage . Sage said an able students zeal in completing the study is enough for a Guru as dakshina. Money is not to be sought for imparting education . 

    Kautsa repeatedly pleaded for the Guru to ask for a Gurudakshina . Angered by this pestering Guru said ok then get me 14000 crores of gold coins for the fourteen years of the study .

    Kautsa was deeply taken aback by this . Now a word is word it has to be carried out . Kautsa set out to earn such a wealth. He contemplated for a while and decided to ask dana to Emperor Raghu .

    Raghu was the son of Dileep and Father of Aja [grandfather of Ram]. Raghu had won entire earth . But he undertook Vishwajit yaag ,where by one gives up all his wealth and then lives all by himself not dependent on the people or land that he has donated.

    So after donating everything he had , Raghu was living in a small hut ,eating in an  earthen vessel and sleeping on a kusha [grass] . The disciple came looking after the King and surprised at his fate and king’s state of existence [Impoverished] ,he cursed unto himself the moment whence he insisted for Guru Dakshina.

    King Raghu welcomed the Bramhin and asked for the purpose of his visit , Hesitatingly Kautsa put forward his necessity for  14000 crores of gold coin . King Raghu asked him to accept his hospitality for  that day and promised to give him the money in a three days. Kautsa agreed .

    King Raghu thought that kind of wealth will probably not be there anywhere on the earth to be instantaneously acquired . BUT Kubera might definitely be having it , so why not wage a war on him and get the wealth . Raghu made a sankalpa to give the Bramhin Kautsa 14000 crores of gold coins from Kubera’s treasury. Thinking so , he prepared to go to the land of Yakshas [ Alkapuri] in the north of Meru . He gathered all the arrows and astras in is trench and slept that night to start towards Alkapuri .

    Kubera having known Raghu’s Sankalpa , thought ” why war for just few gold coins ” Raghu is invincible and would definitely get his desired . So why not give him what he wishes for and avoid conflict .So he deposited much more wealth than what Kautsa demanded on a shami tree in the Raghu’s hutment [during the night] and went away . Next day seeing the wealth got , Raghu was happy and thanked Lord Narayana for having completed his sankalpa . and gave the gold coins to Kautsa.

    Kautsa took just 14000 crore coins and presented it to Varatantu . Sage though happy at his disciples’s feat said , wealth is not meant for bramhins, Bramhins must not accumulate wealth for selfish purpose , The King is the right owner of this wealth as he uses it for the welfare of his subject. Sage returned it to the King for the welfare of the state. Thus great wealth came to city of Ayodhya to the delight of its citizens whose all wishes were fulfilled by it .

    Great is the capacity of the kings in Surya vamsa of Ikshvaku lineage , Great is king Raghu ,who fulfilled his people’s need just by a mere Sankalpa.


    Comments on: "5th House – Sankalpa and Emperor Raghu" (2)

    1. Namaskar GURUDEV,

      Now I got Sir why panditji do sankalpa before starting SATYA NARAYANA KATHA at home….i used to think…itna sab bolne ki zarurat kya hai….GOD know yahan katha ho rahi hai….now got it..SHASTRA anusaar …bina wajah na kuch bola jata hai na kiya jaata hai …

      Thanks and Regards ,


    2. Beautiful story Guruji….. 🙂


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