Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

When  Sun and moon are in the same rasi and navamsa then the child so born will be raised by Two Fathers.

This story when read with devotion gives children very soon to those who have not conceived  , without doubt .Those who read this everyday will live happily by the grace of devatas and their  forefathers .The following story relieves one of all sins when read early in the morning .

Once there lived a very learned Daksha a prajapati . He had thirteen daughters by name aditi,diti,danu,kalamuhurta,simhika,muni,ira,krodha,surabhi, vinata,surasasvasa,kadru,devashuni , He married all of them to Kashyap . The eldest Aditi gave birth to 12 adityas akin to Agni in lustre. They were Bharga, amsha ,aryama,Mitra ,Varuna , Savita ,Dhatru ,Vivasvan,Tvashtru,Pusha,Indra , Vishnu .

The world is illuminated by these twelve suns [Adityas] and thus there is day and night . The heat and rains are due to these Adityas . Varun is the middle among the twelve and attained fame as Lokpalak and obtained the ownership of western direction.He shines over the western ocean [pashchim samudra] .There is a golden mountain by name Shilochchaya It is very beautiful mountain with many mines of precious stones , beautiful ponds ,rivers and many a fauna and flora.Many parts of this mountain range were inhabitatedby siddas , gandharvas . When Sun goes beyond these ranges  the inhabitants of the region near this part of the world experience the night. Vishvakarma the devashilpi has constructed a beautiful golden city by name Vishvavati for Varun . Varun himself gives sunlight to this western part of Meru . He is served by gandharvas and apsaras by the grace of Bramha

Once Varun  along with his brother Mitra went to the Kurukshetra ,where bramharishis were always engaged in penace ,which is full of vanamool kanda [edible roots ] and flowers. There both the brothers decided to wear deerskin and engage in tapasya. Nearby a beautiful Pond named “Paundarik” was full of lotuses ,creepers ,birds and colourful fishes and tortoises .Suddenly “URVASI” along with her maids , descended in the pond and singing beautifully ,started taking the bath playfully . Her beauty was bewitching ,fair skinned ,with lustre of newly sprung lotus flower illuminated by morning sun , she was carelessly venturing in the pond with exuberance.Her lustrous wavy hair locks wet with water , face like that of moon in full bloom , lips like a buds ,Her every part of the body was oozing with beauty reflecting her equally beautiful mind ,with a bewitching smile and gait of intoxicated elephant that symbol Youth Urvasi ,attracted both Mitra and Varun engaged in tapasya .

Both of them suffered retahskhalan [ejaculation] at the sight of Urvashi ,by the wish of Lord Narayana. The retas fell at three places equally from both Mitra and Varuna [mixed] . One on a lotus flower , one on the pitcher on the ground and other in the water in the pond . As both were engaged in long penance , their semen was very potent  . The one that fell on lotus gave rise to VASHISHTHA rishi , one in the pitcher gave birth to AGASTHYA rishi and one in the pond developed into a a big fish . As this was happening , Urvashi left for swarga unaware of all the incidents.

Thus Vashishtha and Agasthya came to be known as sons of both Mitra and Varuna. And Mitra Varun continued their tapasya and then Virinchi appeared and assured them that Vishnuloka will be given to them , but for now let the two remain as Loksakshi the observers of world [Karma of people] . For having begotten such illustrious Sons their lives were as well very auspicious.

Any one who desires a child ,when he listens to this [papanashak] story with purity of mind and body begets a illustrious child.


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  1. deepak bhatia said:

    Jai Shri Krishna,,,Om bhagawate vasudevaya namah…

    25 …. 9… 2.14 am…Mumbai,India… 11 beetle leaves…21 fruits…..101 nuts…

    my name -deepak.dob- 25 May 1984,place of birth- mumbai,time of birth- 20.11 pm

    When will i get stability in my job? I keep on losing my job every year due to conflicts & politics in office..pls help.

    Also, will i ever get married?


  2. THanks for sharing this story and for the beautiful narration.


  3. Pranam Chiraan garu, I have read the story Varuna-Mitra and got a doubt if Daksha Praja pati relating to Lord Chandra’s story is different from Daksha over here. Has he given birth to other daughters and Parvati/uma later? Please forgive if iam wrong. Also please help me by providing ur response to query # 425.


  4. namaskara
    what happened to that big fish ?


  5. Namskara Chiraan!

    I always check if there are any new articles.
    You articles are informative and very encouraging.
    Request you to keep writing and help us lead our life in the right direction.



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