Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

What are Planets?

Planets are not just mass of elements in space that have extraneous influence on the humans and world affairs. These influence cannot be termed as a result of some gravitational or electromagnetic or other cosmic influence on each other and on the system as a whole. The popular methodology to seek scientific explanation for each and every phenomena around us does not apply to planetary system . The ways of God are systematic , Anything systematic and organized is scientific , but they need not be physically evident through some bizarre interaction of rays emanating from planets. Seeking such understandings and explanations would  be erroneous.

SO what are planets and how do they influence us?

The plane in which we are living is Bhuloka . The plane above this is known as Antariksha Loka or Bhuvarloka .This Bhuvarloka is below Swarga loka and is full of Planets ,subplanets and stars . Some group of starts from Rasi . Thus entire Bhuvarloka is subdivided into 12 Rasis or Bhachakra . Above this Bhachakra are innumerable starts . The entire Bhuvarloka is Supported by Lord Narayana in the form Shimshumara .The various limbs of this lord are various stars ,Rasi and Planets. This is half human and half scorpion body. The tail of the scorpion is towards the Swarga and Head is atop the MERU. The tail edge consistes of Dhruva the \pole star. It is the Dhruva through which the entire Bhuvarloka and bhachakra are bound alongwith the planets.

The Planets are governed by the Devatas by Name Sun ,moon etc. These have normal bodies as well as Astral bodies. How can a devata control a planetary mass? If we look at our body , we find that it has many parts , toes,fingers ,thighs ,abdomen , chest, neck ,head ,eyes etc. Each is placed at a distance from each other . It is all controlled by one souls who is residing in the heart . How can one small soul control such a huge body ? . WHy is it that if a small ant bites the toe and we get a sensation. The medical experts may say , it is the nervous system that gives the pleasure and pain to the soul residing in the heart. Thus it is the connection that exists between a body and  a soul that makes it work and experience. Body is not Soul. This connection is by the grace of GOD . It exists by his will and it is destroyed by his will. When this connection ceases , soul leaves the body , wesay body is dead. # Thus the body is immaterial ,it is the connection that God establishes makes it as a body of  a soul. [Soul is not present in the every part of the body yet it controls ].

Now This connection can exist even between a soul and a mass. Just as a human body can respond to the stimulus or desires of a soul , so can a mass of planetary body can respond to a the soul incharge ,if the Connection described earlier exists  the soul can even control the entire mass of the planet. Also by the Will of the GOD , a soul can acquire multiple bodies if God extends multiple connections. Thus the Devata named Surya has a body of his own ,which is akin to us but illustrious of light [ tejomaya] ,He also has a control over Suryamandal , Surya Rashmi and Surya tatva.The God within Surya makes this possible .

Just as we get up in the morning and go about our daily chores , so does Surya with his astral body .But our chores and its effect are limited to our family and surrounding and society in which we live and have influence, Sun has a the whole world under its influence. So does other planets.

  • Brahaspati is foremost
  • Then comes Sun and Moon
  • The Mars ,Rahu,ketu and Shukra
  • Mercury
  • Shani

These are the planets that are destined to affect human life and world in general. Other erroneuous bodies like pluto, neptune etc do not have Divine sanction to affect human life. If we think that planetary mass as a scientific phenomena affects us and just because pluto and etc also exist alongwith them and should affect us extending the principles of planetary interaction , this would be folly and the whole Jyotish would become indeterminate .

How do these planets influence us?

  • The jyotish has  four  entities
  • Bhava
  • Graha
  • Nakshatra
  • Rasi
  • Thus we have yuti phala
  • Bhava -rasi yuti
  • Rasi -graha phala
  • Graha -bhava phala
  • Graha – Nakshatra phala.

These are well established by  God in the Vedanga and thus are orders of Lord to Planets to act accordingly as per their positions. Planets do not default on this . Thus runs the great cosmic Clock in the bhuvarloka.

  • God never breaks the rules established by him as he is SatyaSankalpa .
  • Yet he always bestows his grace on the his devotees
  • Both statements being right the world witnesses a dynamic display of auspicious qualities of GOD in upholding the righteousness even under anomalies.


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  1. I searched for ‘shimshumara’ on your site and found this page. Thanks for this article.


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