Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

If 5th house be owned by saturn or mercury and be occupied or aspected by saturn and mandi ,one will have adopted issues

Once there was a king named Pratip in the lineage of Kuru. He had three sons, Devapi ,Balheek and Shantanu . Devapi the eldest was disinterested in the worldly affairs and hence seeking the permission from Father went away to other lands for tapasya , He will be under penace till the end of this kaliyuga and come back for the procreation of subjects in the new mahayuga.

Balheek was a very auspicious birth , as he took birth there was a loud roar in the heavens , and this roar created a fear among the rakshasas at the time and they fled away to caves and forests ,and many horses and animals vomited blood as the earth shook with tremors. Thus Balheek was the most powerful of his time . very strong by the grace of Vayu and terror for evil during his times. Balheek was the reincarnation of Prahlad . Balheek was given as dattak putra to the inlaws of King Pratip and thus became king of Balhik country beyond Gandhar[modern afganistan] . Balheek had son by name Somadatta who had three sons Bhuri ,Bhurishravas and Shalya.

As Balhik was given away in adoption , Shantanu became king of Hastinapur even though he was the youngest . BAlhik was elder to Bheeshma as he his uncle and the oldest warrior in the Mahabharath . He was the only Vishnu Bhakta whom Bheemsena Killed . Balheek had the capacity to die at will , He was more aged than Bheeshma . Balheek requested Bheemasena to kill him . Balheek had a wonderful chariot which could fly into heavens , He donated this chariot to Bheemasena when struck with Mortal blow as mark of respect and obsolvence of sins to have fought against Krishna and his devotees.He happily accepted death at the hands of Bheemasena.

Similarly Babruvahan was also adopted by Chitrangada’s Father ,ruler of Tripura and Kaamrupa desha. Babruvahan though son of Arjun and alive after Mahabharath war did not ascend the throne of Hastinapur . Because when Arjuna was being married to , Chitrangada , her father took a promise from Arjun that if a son would be born to his daughter ,he be known as his son ,as he is without a son . This is known as Putrika Putra vidhana . { one can accept the son of the daughter as adopted son , but this has to be done before marriage of daughter }In such cases , daughter never goes away to the land of husband but remains with her father and her lineage is continued as father’s. Thus Babruvahan was not made heir to the throne of Hastinapur.

After the battle of Mahabharat was over , Pandavas decided to perform Ashvamedha yagnya. Thus Arjun took up the mantle of winning the world again . Winning across the world , he came to the land of Babruvahan. Babruvahan came with kamandalu and sandal paste flowers to welcome Arjun his father. Arjun felt unhappy that a lad being kshatriya is devising ways to avoid war. He challenged the boy to fight then resort to worship . Babruvahan enraged fought bravely . But unable to contend Arjun by mere arrows decided to use astras. [He was also anxious whether his astras that he had learnt were really potent ] Thus remembering a astra taught by Uluchi , he used it on Arjun . Arjun died on the spot . Babruvahan bereaved at fathers’ death and his own folly prepared to kill himself , just when uluchi appeared and with her mantra shakti brought Arjun back to life [ She was a nag kanya and was aware of mrutsanjeevani vidya] .

Arjun happy at the prowess of his son was immensely delighted seeing his son cross over the valour of Father. Blessing his son to be worthy and accepting supremacy of Hastinapur [ Victory of son is Victory of Father] Babruvahan prayed his Father. Apsara and Gandharvas showered flowers on Him.

Worthy son of  a Worthy Father


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  1. hai i need t know now my wife is pregnent but i hope for the boy whether it is yes or no plz help me


  2. Nice article Guruji … 🙂

    Mahabharta was an extraordinary epic….poor honest people ready to commit suicide after performing dharma due to loss of dear ones….honest, sensitive,dharma loving people fighting the battle 🙂


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