Hitherto Unknown Secrets !


When there are benefics in 3rd and 9th house and Ninth lord is in gopuramsa ,one will have upadesha of secret mantra and blessings of a Guru.

In 17th century there was a bramhin boy by name venkanna. He had no parents and was living in his uncle’s house. Though being  a bramhin he did not have opportunity to study the shastras .Also his guardians were not interested in spending on boy’s education.They had set upon him the task of grazing cattle . The boy was very sad but had resigned to his fate.

One day a Great seer by name Shri Raghavendra Swamy [ peethadhipati of Madhvacharya’s Mool samsthan ,and author’s ishta guru ,beacon light of Madhva school of Vedanta , Kalpavruksha to many devotees in the country] came to the village . Everyone rushed to take the blessings of the seer . Shri Raghavendra was known to grant all the wishes of his devotee . He was known for his magnanimity, merciful and quick to grant boons .

Venkanna too went to the Acharya and after a sashtanga namaskaar ,and expressing his desire to study , gazed at the guru for some heartening words. But His holiness called the boy and uttered a upadesha in his ears and guided the boy to “remember him in the time of distress and chant the mantra”.

Venkanna keeping faith in the Guru went about grazing cattle as usual. Many days passed by ,the boy had grown adult but yet was uneducated. One day Nawab of  Adoni was passing by on a war trail . His troops were tired and reluctant .A terrible battle was anticipated. Just then a messenger came by with a written message in sanskrit . Unfortunately none in the camp were educated. All the troops were unable to decode the message . Nawab happened to see the Bramhin boy grazing cattle in the ground nearby .

Now it was foregone conclusion that bramhins were adept at sanskrit . Thus he ordered the boy to be brought before him.As the soldiers presented the Venkanna before the Nawab . Nawab requested him to read out the message for him. VEkanna as illiterate he was , pleaded he did not know to read and write. This angered Nawab ,he excalimed ” Bamman ka bachcha aur padhna nahi ata ;Bewakoof banata hai ” He threatened to kill him if he does not read out the message.

Venkanna closed his eyes remembered the Guru Shri Raghavendra and chanted the mantra to save himself . Alas !!!!

He instantly became the scholar of seven languages , he decoded the message that there was no need to go for war as friendly neighbourhood had intercepted the army and enemies had retreated looking at the friendly armies encircling from all sides.Infact the attack was planned thinking that Nawab was deprived of friends ,but as he amassed strength from neighbourhood they dropped their plan . At the same time Nawab was also blessed with a son. [All this was translated into pharsi for the nawab by venkanna]

Nawab was overwhelmed ,seeing the good omen in the bramhin he made him his Diwaan . Venkanna’s life changed in a moment ,not only was his desire of studying fulfilled but also he achieved the notable post to serve his people and the GURU.

Venkanna having witnessed Guruanugraha in his life, continued with faith and worship in MoolRama of ShriRaghavendra swami.

Many years later Swamiji came to Adoni ,Venkanna was overwhelmed and decided to give royal welcome to the Guru. He took permission from Nawab and as a routine expressed the mystique that is Guru Raghavendra . He obliged but at the same time decided to test the Swamiji .

Diwaan was anxious and nervous at the prospect of possible insult that would come Guru’s way. but there was no solution to his dilemma . He remembered Guru and chanted the mantra . Something in him assured that everything would be allright.

Next day Swamiji was accorded Royal welcome. Nawab himself came to pay his respect ,but Nawab had a plate full of nonveg covered and presented it to the Swamiji to accept it to be offered to Lord Ram that he prays. Swamy Raghavendra took water from his kamandalu and sprinkled it on the plate to purify it as ritual before offering to the Lord Rama .

Lo!!!! when plate was uncovered it was full of fruits and flowers !!!!!!!!

Nawab was taken aback ,he was quiet ashamed and at the same time was afraid that if Swamiji is outraged than he may very well turn his kingdom into null .Petrified he offered to donate land and riches to The Saint . He offered many well nurtured lands with plantation and agricultures and mines. But Shri Raghavendra swami refused to take them but as a token gift he requested him to donate the barren lands of Manchala village. Nawab donated it along with lots of riches and arrangements to establish the mutt there at manchala .

This is the modern Mantralaya on the banks of Tungabhadra river in Adoni taluk , Kurnool District Andhra  pradesh . Swamiji took jeeva asampragyat samadhi in this place is still present in th Brundavan at Mantralayam blessing his devotees .

Mukopi yat prasadena mukund shayanayate !RajRajayate rikto Raghavendram Tamashraye!!


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  1. Very beautiful article Guruji on Shri Raghavendraye Swamiji 🙂


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