Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

Many a times we see People claim marriages are made in heaven.

  • Then we see many people calmouring after women folks to marry them . 
  • Parents of eligible girls flock around to get a suitable match for their daughters.
  • In the process many seems to be strongly opining their likes and dislikes wrt each groom or bride. 

If marriages were to be made in heaven , does this not seem to be a superflous exercise?

  • Just wait for a right right time and the prospective people would be married? is it possible. Do we believe in it? 
  • If marriages are made in heaven then why at all we see a break in a marriage ?
  • If marriages are made in heaven why one goes through so much of grind in identifying prospective groom or bride.
  • Finally almost every star matches with other star in some way or te other does that mean people of these stars eventually marry
  • even after Astrologer proclaims a match is good , people dont’ marry , talks fall off !
  • Even after horoscopes dont match people marry
  • Some elope to marry
  • some suffer in marriage
  • some elate in marriage
  • Some marry to be happy ever after!!! What’s so heavenly about it , how astrologer can say whether the two horoscopes in question will definitely marry or not?

Astrology does have answers to all this……………..?

WHen two horoscope are matched , its the nimmitta that suggests that whether the marraige will occur or not. The position held by the messenger speaks a lot about the marital proceedings . The nadi of astrologer primarily holds sway on the marriage to be solemned . Also muhurtha chosen sometimes lays foundation for destroyed marriages. Called off baraats.

There are three types of people in this world , for the fisrt category Marriages are indeed made in heaven. These people need not wory about their marraiges , they inavariably marry those they are destined to , whether the world agrees aor not , whether it is practical or or not aor howvevr impossible , the marriage takes place even if these two prospective groom and bride live at the opposite pole of earth  , they marry ,simply because they are destined.

The second type undergoes marriage yoga every 10 years and every month in a year. These people if make an effort end up marrying someone or the other and  its the muhurtha of the marriage that determines the qualities of this marraige. Here marraiges are not made in heaven. Its the instantaneous Karma that brings about such union.

The third type of people , marriages are only meant to give unhappiness . Such people invariable marry wrong types , get decieved in marraige, marriage is a curse for them ,they suffer for it . It is there destiny to suffer.

Most of the males if born as females in this birth , marry only for conveneince and rarely there is any sense of belonging between the pairs. 

For those who have been not lucky to have a partner born for them , usually with remedial measures marry the second types. 

So the real true devotees of God need not worry about the marriage at all . Just wait for heavens to shower the blessings. But excessive contemplation will result in early marriage with the second types. So choice is your’s.

Comments on: "Marriages and Astrology- an opinion" (3)

  1. now i get it 🙂 😀 Last line is nice and cautionary 😀


  2. Hello Guruji,

    My birth date is 22-12-1978, Time: 18:30 pm at Mumbai. kanya rashi, mithun lagna. I have sun and mars in sagitarius in 7th house and venus and uranus in libra in 5th house. Also 7th lord Jupiter is placed in exaltation in cancer in 2nd house.
    Please tell me when will i get married? How will the spouse be? Will it be arranged or love marriage? Will it be a happy married life?


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