Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

Many a times we get such horoscopes where everything is fine , excellent positioning of planets , a good dasha ,a good gochara , yet the personwill be lamenting with problems . The source of problems unknown . All sorts of remedy towards the planet yield no results.

Such people usually [if] know a few combinations of astrology , do point out , sir I have such and such yoga , but I have not yet got any such results. What is the reason for these sufferings?

Curse is the only answer for such cases. Carefull observation leads to presence of curses in the horoscope , which does not allow the subject to enjoy any pleasures in the life. Old timers in astrology with experience proclaim that curse if present in a horoscope does not give fruits of normal yoga unless it is alleviated .

Curses are combination of lanets irrespective of lagna sometimes operative on a horoscope. infact every horoscopic combination indicates somekind of  latent curse . some take off early some late in life or few births away.

Till these curses are obsolved the subject does not gain fruits of his good karma. Just as if yogakaraka graha opearates its dasha only after longevity is exhausted ,no effect of raj yoga etc can be seen [ ie , if raj yoga is present but dasha giving this yoga is operation in 70’s but the person dies before 60 ,then such yoga is fruitless.] sinilarly a curse ridden horoscope is useless in terms of giving the good results.

Curses  are found in the horoscope by the placement of badhaka graha and its relation with sixth eighth and twelfth. The placement of badhaka in a inimical condition usually indicates curses.

What are curses?

A curse is a inimical thought of a helpless man/woman in condition of torment or annoyance. A curse can also be a order for fall frm a powerfull. Acurse is a punishment from a the heavens to the guilty when done with complete consciousness .A curse is a mitigation of excess favours one has to recieve By GOD .[ Like Gautam ‘ case]

In all curse has to be identified and then sevral remedies must be taken to mitigate them and recieve the proper yogas fruits.Curse can only be mitigated by sincere apologies and prayaschita.

Sometimes curse conjoin a dynasty , especially ruling class when they falter they undergo curses from masses and this can be seen in the eway coming generation suffer.

Such curses can only be removed by expert and empowered Yogis.

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  1. […] In the years I have followed gurujis teachings (since 2008) I haven’t seen him curse anyone until now, but I don’t get why members of the forum are getting serious on cursing. Read this as a reminder and think about how valid your curse may be. https://chiraan.com/2009/03/16/curse-an-astrological-perspective/ […]


  2. Rohit Sharma said:

    Since you have given a brief about the curses in the blog, requesting you to please show some light with a example or two so that everyone are blessed with the same.
    Looking forward to see a couple of example on the same.


  3. learner said:

    Namaste Chiraanji, In a situation if an elder gets anger because he was pointed out by an younger one for his wrong deeds , in that case if elder does namskara out of anger without noticing self faults will that be a ayuhksheena/bad for the younger? Also after some days if elder realised his mistake will that be nullified?


  4. D.O.B 29.1.1979, B.O.T 17 Hrs 21min.b.o.p maldah,west bengal INDIA JOBLESS.WHEN I WILL GET JOB


  5. Can you give examples of situations when a (helpless) person will curse? What’s the prayaschit if we don’t remember whom we hurt in this birth or in the births before this??


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