Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

  • 1,5 ,9th house represent dharma 
  •  2,6,10 represent artha
  • 3,7,11 represent the Kama
  • 4,8,12 represent the Moksha

Once after the Mahabharath war was over , in a sabha Yudhisthira asked Vidura ,and his pandav brothers , which was more important among

  1.  Dharma
  2. Artha
  3. Kama
  4. Moksha

Vidura replied Man’s after life is dependent on Dharma and all others do not follow him , thus Dharma is most important among chaturvidh purushartha.

Arjun’s verdict was Artha is most important as it gudes the dharma to be undertaken. Artha is of two types 1.  daivaartha 2.manushyaartha. gyana[knowledge siddhis  obtained are daiva artha ] and money and other articles of enjoyments are manush artha. since obtaining vidya and other things precedes the dharma and its carriage , Artha is more important than Dharma.

Nakul Sahadev agreed with Arjun .

Bheemasena said Kama is most important. Because one has to desire to get anything . If one does not desire then nothing can be achieved ,Even purushartha word is laden with desire , purush and artha [ that which is desired] , Lord Narayana is most desired goal for  life . He is the desire and the desired. Lord as desire in the humans , desires himself. Thus such desires lead to better lives and moksha.

There are three types of kama 1 uttam kama one that leads to Dharma and Artha . Dharma and artha that are not mutually opposing , like gain of knowledge from a renunciate teacher who does not desire anything against his teachings. Thus dharma of learning under the teacher is obtained and artha of knowledge is obtained.

2.Madhyama kama, one which has sanctioned Dharma and unsanctioned kama or vice versa. like performing of Vishwajit yaga , where dharma is obtained but loss of vidya is possible , or other yagas where much money hads to be spent to obytain swarga etc. here there is artha haani but dharm sadhana , thus this kama is madhyam

Also day to day business of men , where there is gain of wealth but loss of dharma can be categorised under madhyama kama.

3.Adhama Kama -one which does niether facilitate the Dharma or give any real artha , like parstree sanga , it leads to loss of life longevity wealth and also amounts to sin. Thus such kama  of desiring others wealth women and possesions leads to destruction of dharma as well as artha. These should be avoided.

Only those wealth women and possesions should be entertained that are conducive for Dharma and Artha leading to Moksha.

Yudhisthira declared Moksha is supreme Purushartha to be desired by all the humans.


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