Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

  1. If eighth lord or decanate is in the sign of jupiter indicates journey to heaven [swarga] after death ;
  2. If eighth lord or decanate is in the sign of moon or venus indicates journey to land of manes [pitru loka] after death
  3. If eighth lord or decanate is in the sign of mercury  indicates journey to martya loka  after death ;
  4. If eighth lord or decanate is in the sign of mars or saturn indicates journey to hell [naraka and tiryank loka] after death

After Srikrishna left the earth ,Arjun went to Dwaraka and completed last rites of the remains of Srikrishna [left by leela by God for illusion] . While returning he escorted the wives of Srikrishna [except rukmini satyabhama and shanmahishi ,who had taken to sati] . On the way ordinary bandits from Abhir attacked Arjun . Arjun could not recollect any astras [he was 110 years old] nor could hit hard the arrows from Gandeev to stall the Abhirs . Abhirs abducted  the women ,and Arjun in  a devastated state went to Hastinapur and fell on the feet of Vedavyasa for soalce . Vedavyasa told All he had the glory with Gandeev only till Krishna was present on the earth ,since HE has finished his avataar ,it is indication for you all to leave this place and stop from bhubhar harana .Arjun taking the cue , established Parikshit and asked him to teach abhirs a lesson . Abducted wives of Srikrishna [ as adviced by Dalbhya rishi , performed ashadha ekadashi vrata to purify themselves and jumped into river saraswati.

Anirudhha son Vajra was made king of Indraprastha and Kritavarma’s sons were given panchal and other countries . Thus establishing new order , Pandavas left for Himalayas. They reached gandhamadan in a days journey by their yogic powers and then headed for NArayana Ashrama.

As they were reaching atop , first Draupadi fell [ fell dead according to Yudhisthir but technically left their bodies as they had no attachment to the body.] Then Nakul and sahadev fell . subsequently Arjun Fell . Bheema askedYudhisthir the reason for the fall , Yudhisthir explained , because they had defects .

Draupadi liked Arjun much more then other five.

Arjun had pride of manlihood

Nakul had pride of Beauty

Sahadev had pride of  being just

Bheema you always boasted as being superior most in strength and valour .

Thus Bheema also fell down . However a dog was quietly following the Dharmanandan. A chariot came to take Yudhisthira to Swarga .Yudhisthir refused to go to swarga alone and insisted on dog to be also accompanied. the sarathi argued that it is not possible then Yudhisthir asked him to give up the Idea of Swarga. Suddenly Dog assumed its original roop of Yama Dharma. Pleased with Yudhisthir , asked him to step in the chariot.

Yudhisthir went to Swarga there he saw Duryodhan in a swanky throne enjoying. Yudhisthir red with anger refused to be in one place with Duryodhana. He pleaded to be taken to his brother’s place. A sevak was assigned to take Yudhisthir into darkness and land of filth and foul smell , suddenly there were loud cries of   Bheema , Arjun etc ,as ” Oh brother save us from this dirty environment and sufferings , our presencedivine has reduced some pain for us” , Yudhisthir angry again at the justice of yama and Indra meted out to his brothers , He refused to go futher and preffered staying there . Suddenly Indra appeared and all the darkness and filth disappeared and a beautfiul swarga appeared with all the Pandavas with their original[mool rupas ] enjoying with their respective wives.

Surprised Yudhisthir asked what was that ? Indra said it was actually a punishment meted out to Yudhisthir for going against the words of Lord Krishna [ refusing to lie for Ashwatthama episode] he was given a illusion of naraka and temporary pain of suffering [illusion of brohers suffering narak darshan etc].

Infact other Pandavas were never at wrong so no hell or illusive hell either. Neither did they have any defects , Bheemasen was greatest in the strength among his contemporaries and was boast cing about . One can confidently speak a truth about one’s abilty if its absolute truth ad one has knowledge about it. This can not be treated as pride else Lord Krishna declaring himself as the superiormost and beginingless endless etc will become a  defect and pride.

They all left their bodies out of their will as their karma ahd ended and they ahd nothing to do with a human body.But Yudhisthir still had attachments to his body and was not leaving it and thus suffered still hatred towards Duryodhan although he was dead [ he could not forgive him for his misdemeanours ,and remembered him as a enemy who had given untold miseries]. Dead are dead and story should end there , but owing to human body , human elements of raga dwesha were remenant in Yudhisthir. Thus Yudhisthir ashamed , took a bath in holy ganag in swarga and regained his devata swaroopa. And enjoyed bliss of heaven.


Comments on: "Swargarohan -Fate after death" (36)

  1. Venkatesh said:


    What is martya loka & tiryank loka? Can you please explain where it comes in the hierarchy?

    My Pranaams


  2. Acharya,


    wow,,, i knew the story of yudhistira,,,, but always wondered how was he able to superceed Bhimadev ? …. this story really helped ..

    pranaam Acharya.



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