Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

what is karma?

It is often most used term KARMA ! But exactly what is Karma ?

Karma is  the actions left behind by the soul .Actions from manasa vacha kaya!!!

All these karma are interaction of 24 tattvas in the universe. Our bodies are made of 24 tatvas .

  1. Avyakta
  2. sookshma prakriti [satva rajas tamas]
  3. Mahat
  4. Ahankar
  5. 5 panch gyanendriya [chakshus ,shrotra,ghran,tvak ,jivha]
  6. 5 panch karmendriya [ hasta , pada , payu upastha , vaak]
  7. 5 panch tanmatra [ roopa,shabda ,gandha,sparsha ,rasa ]
  8. 5 panch bhoota [ tejas ,akash, prithvi, vayu, jal]

Gayatri [24 syllables ] represents these 24 tatvas , its japa energises these tatavas . Human body [ infact entire creation] is made of these jada tatvas. When the world interacts , there is exchange of these tatvas from one body to other and one element to the other. Thus there arises a need for equilibrium of this tatvas both in micro and macro levels of creations[ pindanda and bramhanda] . This exchange of sookshma tatvas and its debt and credit are termed as Karma. Creation and its sustenance and destruction is process of bringing the cosmic balance of this tatvas .

Thus we are born in the same city where we would have performed in our previous lives ; we use the same utensils that have been recycled from previously used materials. etc etc.

As we think act and speak a huge amount of tatvas are used and expended forming a anubandha. This are depostied as karma [sanchita , agami ,prarabdha] as huge as mountains beyond Lokalok parvat. As the bramhanda is covered with 24 layers of Tatva [kharpar] like a coconut shell. The bookkeeping of these karmas are in the very nature and also inside our bodies in the form 72000 nadis. A look at a person’s astral bodies gives a picture perfect view of his karma , Astrology only reconfirms this Karma through mathematical calculations and planetary motion. So Planets are only indicative phenomena , real karma is our deeds , and is present in our own bodies.

When we have excess of Papa karma , our antah karana is heavy and sagged due to presence of excess tamo guna and we are unhappy. Tamo guna is slow in movement and hence our thoughts move slowly and man is brooding . A visit to a temple removes this tamo pradhan akaash  from the mind and replaces with the satva pradaan antahkarna , we feel a sense of calmness and relief and our burdens are lightened. So we say we are at peace after visiting the temple.

Such is the greatness of Lord vishnu that even if one bows to him in arrogance or ignorance or through hautiness or jokingly or with cunning attitude , Papa[sins] accrued in 100 births vanish .

Shattyenapi yatkrutam namaskaram shata janma papam vinashyati.

Comments on: "what is karma?" (6)

  1. Acharya,

    “even if one bows to him in arrogance or ignorance or through hautiness or jokingly or with cunning attitude , Papa[sins] accrued in 100 births vanish .” I agree with this statement; could you please provide the quote that says this.

    There is Acharya’s statement in tantrasaara and also harivamsha quoted in Brihadaranyaka:

    tIrthadAnajapAdyAshcha svAdhyAyo harikIrtanam |
    dvAdashyAdivrataM chaiva tuLasyAdyairathArchanam ||
    sarvaM bhaktyarthamuddiShTaM niShphalaM tat tayA vinA |

    Which in effect says that without Anusandhana; it is nishphalam ? How to reconcile this ?

    Jai Bharateesha,


  2. Too good an article Guruji…..the last few lines were a music to my ears 😀 🙂


  3. respected guruji pranama
    does this apply same for the person we meet in this life where the same in previous life too.
    humble pranama


  4. As per infallible laws of karma … we reaped fruits of karma performed! Nothing in cosmic system happened of its own! If we suffered in present life… all owes its existence to bad karma performed by us in past or previous lives!


  5. Chiranji,

    Can you please explain different karmas (Sanchita, Prarabdha, kriyamana and Agami) wrt to planetary positions



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