Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

Shubh Ashubh Karma

The good karma gives

  1. good health
  2. favours from rulers
  3. gain of money /vehicles /houses /clothes /ornaments
  4. gain of friendships
  5. success in enterprises or work undertaken
  6. ever at peace mentally
  7. Gaining promotions / positions of prominence
  8. Affection of people society [popularity]
  9. Fame
  10. Birth of children

BAd karma gives

  1. Death
  2. serious diseases
  3. danger to near and dear
  4. destruction of dwelling
  5. fall from position [ exile]
  6. wrath of rulers
  7. loss of reputation
  8. loss of wealth
  9. theft
  10. Ill fame [ insults]

Karma are

  • Shubh
  • Ashubh
  • Dridha
  • Adhridha
  • manasa
  • vacha
  • kaya
  • Benefics in 6 ,8 and 12th or malefics in 1,4,7,10,5,9 cause the bad karma [Ashubh karma]
  • The malefics or benefics if in chandra hora indicate Dridha karma [ karma done intentionally and deliberately]
  • If in Sun ‘s hora it is adhridha karma .
  • From chatra rasi it indicates wrath of divine beings as the cause of misery of humans
  • From Arudha Rasi these indicate the misery as result of Brahmins’ curse
  • From moon they indicate the misery on account of enemies
  • From Lagna they indicate the miseries as a result of general hatred of people.[ unhappiness caused to normal people]
  • When malefics are in 2nd house , evils are due to speech , they result in loss of money
  • When they are in 5th house , the evils are due to mental hurt ,careless attitude , results in loss of children
  • When  they are in 10th house the evils are due to evil acts and results loss of honour , position and job.
  • The debilitation brings about severe  results and exaltation reduces the malefic effects .
  • When benefics occupy kendra or kona and exalted the nature enjoys good fruits of the karma.[Shubh karma].
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      I am a trance channel for a Seraphim Angel by the name of Saron. His purpose is to put people on or keep them on the pathway to ascension or enlightenment. I channel publicly weekly at the Ganesha Center in Las Vegas, NV. You can find my blog at:

      I love your blog!
      Thank you for doing what you do!



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