Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

Samay and Kaalpurush.

Time is beginingless and endless . Yet the seconds that we count begins and ends. Thus time has both the qualities of being nitya and anitya . Hence it is nityaanitya. as a Kshana and muhurtha  it is anitya , but as a flow of time it is eternal. The Lord as time is known as Kaalpurush. Lord creates and destroys this world in a kshana . WHat is kshana to Vishnu is a life time for a Bramha and bramha kalpa is many crores of years for us on earth . Thus kaal pravah is undaunted. The time that has gone by is unique and does not repeat . ONly Lord Vishnu  is always present at all times . Sri MAhalakshmi is also present along with Lord Vishnu at all times . Thus she shares with him the quality of being timeless. kaltah samaan .

Lakshmi is dukhasprushta , that she does not have grief in any form , Lord Vishnu is always sukhpurush. INdependent , Lakshmi though dependent on Vishnu is still Untouched by Grief. Rest all souls are subjected to dukha.[grief].The cosmic time is recorded through Navgrahas and saptarishis in a creation . Thus a given time is unique in features and mutually exclusive with other moment , Thus the attributes attached to this moment is completly different than the next moment . THis an ordinary brain cannot decipher . Thus astrology and its learning becomes unending exercise , because humanly it is not possible to know what exactly is going to happen this moment , this moment at this place is different than this moment at another place ad evets at these two different places are subject to planetary conditions . Thus every moment becomes a research in its own way making astrology a vast  subject to just marvel at and leaves us all gasping for more and more understanding.

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  1. Malathi said:

    jai shree Krishna 1504391191Mumbai,21.15- 28/10/1964,heart.Will I have a remarriage .Thank You O Lord Krishna


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