Hitherto Unknown Secrets !


when twelfth lord, twelfth house and 22nd drekkana all are exalted and aspected by benefic only then the subject achieves moksha . In all other cases one has to take a rebirth .

As mahabharaha war was being fought fiercely , Arjun with his Gandeeva ,[ with Srikrishna as charioteer , Bheema by his side and Hanuman on the Flag] was moving at a blazing speed vanquishing his enemies. Arjuna for a moment felt proud about his achievements and Said to himself ” oh what a great warrior I am ! There is none to defeat me , I am the best and Look I am responsible for this win “.

Immediately Hanuman on the flag cautioned Arjun of incoming astra and said ” hey! Pashu , watch out ” .Arjun immediately regained his self and realising he was carried away by pride apologised to Hanuman and insisted to explain , why Hanuman had chosen to address him as Pashu[Animal] . As Guru Hanuman does speak anything in vain  there must be something hidden in his  words.

Hanuman explained , ” If anyone is given a chariot [invincible] from Indra , possess a divine Gandeeva and With Srikrishna as guide and protector , and Supervision from Hanuman the vayu , is there anything special about such man being Invincible ! Yet Arjun you are attributing your success to your self . So conscious are you about the Lord’s presence and your dependency on him , yet you have acted independently ! You have heard Geeta so carefully yet you have forgotten its primary message .Thus you will be reborn as animal to fortify your knowledge about bhagvadgeeta ” .

Thus When Bheem came to the earth again as Madhvacharya , MAdhvacharya rote many commentaries on Vyas sutras and Geeta , totalling 37 in number . IN order to understand them one requires immense intelligence and concentration. A bull has supreme concentration. THus Arjun [Indra ] chose to become a bull to capture these teachings from MAdhvacharya . Everday this bull sed to carry all the granthas on its back and during pravachan ,it recapitulated Geeta with complete concentration sitting opposite Acharya.

Once all th pupil curiously asked Acharya as to who would be lucky enough to write notes and commentaries on Acharya’s works . Everyone was nourishing a thought that he would be assigned the job . But Acharya pointed to the bull .

Years later bull died and was reborn as  king of deccan in the Village of Mangalvedha , in maharashtra . The boy was named DHondurai ,by his father Raghunath .The boy was skillful in archery and horse riding . He had abundant riches and was married to two beautiful women . at the age of 17 , he had everything a person would long for in a material life.

Once when he was hunting by the banks of river sandhyavalli , he was thirsty and he rode alongwith his horse deep into the river and suddenly leaning down from the horse , he drank the water without getting down from the horse and riding it at high speed ,cutting through the river waves and water pouring into his mouth as a result of ride against the river flow.

On the banks was seated the disciple of Madhvacharya , Sri Akshobhyateertha swamy , The swamy looking at the lad asked ” were you an animal in your last birth that you are drinking water like an animal”

This sentence stunned the young boy , who at once shed his boyish nature and recaptured his past birth and he being Arjun the Sesha . His purpose of the birth to read and write the commentaries on Geeta and Sutras and gain better understanding of Principles taught by srikrishna , became clear to him . He decided to take sanyasa from the Swamiji.then and there itself.

Raghunath the father came abusing towards the Swamiji and accused him of brainwashing his young son to take up sanyasa. Swamiji denied the allegation and allowed Raghunath to take his son back if he can . Father took back his son and took to task his daughter in laws for failing in their duties to attract his son towards the Material life.

So a lavish room was adorned with all pleasurable articles to woo the boy towards the charms of life and wife was sent with all the decoration and bridal grandeur . But the wives instead found a 1000 hooded snake in the room rather than the 17 years boy , this terrified them and entire gathering alongwith the father witnessed the 1000 hooded Sesha [ Arjun] seated on the cot , Thus accepting the destiny , Raghunath brought the Boy back to Swamiji and the boy was ordained to Sanyasa as Sri Jayateerth Swamy . This is the highest form of Vairagya displayed by Arjun [ a rich family , kingdom , youth , two wives and pleanty of wealth and enjoyments , renunciated in minutes for the love of study and sadhana ] .

The Acharya Jayateertha wrote the magnum opus “Nyaya Sudha ” a commentary on the Anuvyakhyana of Shri Anandteertha[ MAdhvaharya] .Jayateertha wrote what he had listened to under the tutorship of MAdhvacharya as bull . This book is commentary and thus he is also known as Teekaacharya .

It is said of NyayaSudha that “there can be only two meaningful purpose of life , one has to be either born as king of entire Jambudweepa and lead a pompous life or one has to be intelligent enough to keep diving and surfing in the ocean of logic of Nyayasudha “


Comments on: "Rebirth-2" (20)

  1. brigga223 said:

    i have just attached this file to an email which i sent to you at chiraansastrology@gmail.com


  2. brigga223 said:

    Sir.. i want to post this thing.. out of Sanjay Rath’s ebook that was freely distributed on docs.rohinaa.com:
    (there were many things in the ebook out of which i am posting a few that matter to this post..)

    In the following adhi deva is the “how this planet functions OR this looks like what OR similar to what..?”
    tattwa deva — the god representing the real essence of the planet — “tattwa” or element

    Adhi deva of Mercury – Vishnu
    Tattwa Deva of Mercury(tattwa is Earth) – Sri Ganesha
    Devi form — Tripurasundari

    Adi Deva of jupiter — Indra/ Ganesha/ Samba Sadashiva
    Tattwa Deva or Jupiter (tattwa is Akasha or Space) — Vishnu
    Devi form — Tara Devi

    I think the tattwa form is more important.. And i feel it is true that the “tattwa form” dictates the “adhi deva form” — example(in case of jupiter, if well placed), since Vishnu agrees, the native can live like Indra.

    In case of mercury, if well placed: Since Ganesha agrees, the native can live like Vishnu..

    I hope i make sense. whether what i say is correct or not .. is what i request you to verify.. and give explanations…


  3. brigga223 said:

    i dont know where to find a guru.. whatever you have given in this blog is already quite awesome.. but having a guru will give a definite path and the spiritual progress can be systematically and methodically understood and applied… what you say sir is correct..(again quoting one of your comments..): ” it is not materialistic wealth itself that matters but the stable wealth that sustains us to experience Narayana in everyday life… should be the most sought after thing..’ and this wealth includes our health, stable senses, decent family , job etc etc..


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