Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

My beloved guruji ,the PEETHADHIPATI of SRI RAGHAVENDRA MOOLASAMSTHANA MANTRALAYAM passed away yesterday . I present the following couplet in my Guru’s charanarvindam and relate my close encounters with him and influence on my life.

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Havyavahan samah tejam Hrudabji Prakashit narasimham !

Raghavendraamsha sambhuutam SriSushmeendra Gurum Bhaje!!

Beloved Guruji had always been a guiding force in my life . Whenever I was in a state of despair , in whichever city I would be ,Swamiji surprisingly would be in the same city to offer me guidance ,good wishes and new enthusiasm to continue. For as a many as three times I faced sabotage in my life , surrounded by enemies as I was , my only hope would be Raghavendra swamy mutt , where  would spend hours to seek solution , freedom from the web of enemies . Everytime Swamiji would somehow appear in that city as a part of his spiritual trip and my encounter and his darshan and Divya MOOLRAMA POOJA would immediately put my mind into calmness under the most impossible situation and I would always always escape enemy designs .

Some of the incidents that i could recall are thus

  1. I had completed my engineering from one of premier institutes of India in computer Technology , I had no wish to get a job for myself , I wanted to do something different ,My Father had given a clear dictat not to enter foreign land , Local industry was not aware of computer design and analysis and only thing Indians were attempting were a coding job , but I had three research papers to my credit , WHat should be my first steps in life ? I told my mother , that I am taking a break and going to mantralayam to seek answers for my future! My Father great astrologer as he was , has made note of tapasvi yoga in my horoscope  and my mother always gets jitters when I mention I am going to Mantralayam . somehow I convinced her my aunt took the responsibility of bringing me back in case i don’t return .This time I wanted  to experiment and put to test my spiritual endurance ,hence I left Hyderabad with only dhoti and shalya and only one way bus fares towards mantralayam and nothing else [ My contention was only Lord will orchestrate my return  and i will only concentrate on my next immediate steps ,orders to be taken directly from the Seer] .I spent next ten day on the altars of mantralayam sleeping on the temple doorsteps on the ground ,fasting without taking even water was a usual practice in the house.BUt as friday was usual fast day , next saturday was ekadashi [ brahmins fast complete 36 hours from dashami night till dwadashi morning] but again sunday was an extra ekadashi  and monday was vaman dwadashi a fast again . Thus four days went without water , I had totally dehydrated barely able to move [  think my three hours regular gym practise during college days had come handy in countering the stress] .The fifth day meals seemed like the only endeavour in life ,but somehow it was served at 10 am . The previous fasts had rendered me blank and I had forgotten the very purpose of my visit . There was a congregation of all major scholars , and my dressing was mistaken for one of the participants and as I was seated on a altar without hiring a room , people gathered around me to  know few things general about philosophy and slowly about astrology too . NExt few days my airs of being Engineer too vanished I was observing myself being reduced to a rustic fakir. BUt my aim was to know my future .ON the eigth day I met MY VIDYAGURU ASTHAN jYOTHISHI OF MATRALAYAM, he initiated  me into a mantra shastra , the next few days I spent my all day half dipped in tungabhadra practising what guruji had given the upadesha . My guruji had completed 10 crores of the japa thus I could easily see the difference the mantra was making on me because of his capacity . NInth day I had a dream of fabulous research [ which gave way for fantastic products later] . I wrote them down on a paper the next morning , presented it to my vidyaguru . Though he did not understand it [ computer science was not their subject, they had all the schooling in the matha pathshala in sanskrit ] ,guruji suggested , Shri SUSHAMEENDRA TEERTHA is guru for all of us ,so lets take his blessings .

I was skeptical what a religious pontiff would understand about a computer research , but my traditional upbringing and putting faith in everything uttered by elders forced me to the seer. I placed before him three bunch of papers of three different ideas, Swamiji gazed at it for pretty 15 minutes [ swamiji is known to be not so literate in his pre-sanyas days] , this was surprising me even more , after much afterthought , he flipped away the first bunch and then poured sacred MANTRAKSHATE ,on the other .

[till date the matter written in the first bunch could not be either proved or productised however dogmatically i spend my time in the lab I could see some flaw or the other creeping up in the equations . BUt the other two research immediately saw the light of day and i have found accolades for that coming easily my way. BUt the stranger aspect was guruji’s words to start it all by myself , my father was a bureaucrat in Government service and I had no great wealth to start a business of my own , but as lord’s grace would have it everything started with zero and piled up into a huge business .  ]

Slowly it was 12th day , my only dhoti and shalya were already mutilated , that afternoon shalya gave way into in the river , I mentally refused to go back  . 13th day dhoti edge tore off . now it was a must i acquire a new one or go back . I looked at Swamiji ,he signalled to make a move , but how ? I had nothing to back , i prayed RAghavendra swamy that if something would come by all by itself i would go back else i will sit here on his altar . that evening a trader from miraj came by sat besides me and asked , if I could tell something about his life, I told through palmistry that he was a perfume trader and had two wives , one of whom was untolerable ! tears rolled by his eyes , he then went on to ask many remedies and in the end placed a 100RS note before me , That made up for a ticket to hyderabad , with only dhoti and bear chested , I was  a spectacle to watch in the bus.

2. Second time was when in mid twenty I had just about made a installation of a system that was first of its kind in India , and a very big business house wanted to acquire it and my father was against giving it up and I skipped a grand party and gathering given by the business tycoon[ at mumbai’s five start hotel] to announce our merger , i was in no mood to join them , I cooly switched of my mobile phone [ those were the days 16rs /min outgoing call] and went away to Mantralayam without informing anyone , the party went in my absence giving hiccups to my managers and brothers who were co directors were finding it hard to explain my absence .

The non merger in business sense was a great mistake in everybodys’ eyes , for me my fathers’ words were more important , I took refuge in Sushameendra teertha alongwith my vidya guru , who reassured me i would never come down in my life .Merger failed but gave way to many enemities.

3. In one of the cases of sabotage from unwanted sources , i had lost everything ,my establishment ,wealth and near dears , I somehow escaped the fatality and reached Jogeshwari, my father had expired by then , and I was trying to find out the whereabouts of my near and dears , just then Swamiji was there and he ordered a pooja to be made on my behalf and many people were given bhojana on account of the occassion , and lo ,  I dared to go all alone as a lay man to a minister’s house [ ALL my acquaintances had shut door on me on account of fear of goonda forces acting against me], standing outside his house for twelve hours [reciting atharva sukta], by evening I had the previlige of meeting this high profile minister as he descended from his car . HE accorded me a warm welcome and within minutes a huge force was employed to trace the whereabouts of my near and dear  the guilty though the most powerful then were brought to book by SHRI SUSHAMEENDRA TEERTHA’s grace.

5. I restarted the whole thing again and at the peak of my days , I visited UDUPI stayed there for 10 days for the purascharane of HARIVAYUSTUTI  saptaka and on the eighth day I performed a homa of purashacharne , it was first time full format homa was being done , a seven by seven feet kunda was constructed and homa lasted for four hours . , a convoy from MAntralayam had come down and his disciples notified swamiji was in my native the next day, I rushed to see him , and the very morning as i Reached home , My mother complained of chest pain and was hospitalised in one of speciality clinics ,under observation 24 hours , this was a moment i was desperately in need of assurance from elders or seers. Swamiji was there ,communicating through his eyes , and at the end of aarthi he declared all will be well. Just by Doctor came and assured things were all right. I thanked Swamiji for calling me back to native . MY mother needed more my presence than udipi [ where i had planned to stay few more days].

6.[I had thought of marrying and settling down ] and again at the behest my vidyaguru And we met SriSushameendra teertha swamiji and this swamiji was in the midst of prayer , as pushpabhisheka was being done to Sri MOOLARAMA at MAntralayam , Swamiji took one rose out the bunch from the feet of RAMA and threw it at me [I was seated at 20ft away] and swamiji blessed with a smile . It seems he had already known the purpose of my visit.I was blessed to have one of the most beautiful women in my life and a wonderful marriage remembered by near and dears for many many years even now.

As i write this my mind is unable to accept that he is no more ,This great seer who is the amsha of the RAghavendra swamy himself [ also appanacharya] will always be with us to be beacon light in our lives .

GurusarvaBHAUMA Govinda Govinda

Comments on: "Sri 108 SUSHAMEENDRA TEERTHA" (9)

  1. anandnarayanchabbi said:

    respected sir,
    In this yuga that too these days,what a devine grace and blessings shovered by shri Hari,Yaau,Gurugalu on yourself.I bow at your sacred feet.Please bless me and my family.
    Anand Narayan Chabbi,Sangli,Maharashtra.


  2. Beautiful compilation Guruji ……..May we too be blessed with your grace always just like you got blessed by your Guruji Shri Sushmeendra teertha 🙂 We have so few people like Him these days…..South India seems to be such a beautiful and religious place…..wish i was born there too…….or atleast i wish i could shift my residence in the future there 🙂


  3. I too had the good fortune of getting mantrakshate and yantra from pujya Sushameendra Swamiji days before joining my job..I felt blessed.


  4. harini bhuvaragaan said:

    very good informations and pictures
    i am so touched in this movement


  5. Pavan said:

    Hi i wish to add your excellent article in my book composing on Sri Sushameendraru as per the orders of Sri Ramakrishna Ballal.. I request your permission… Please mail me at pavan.bannanjemutt@gmail.com

    Liked by 1 person

  6. brigga223 said:

    Sir, excellent experience shared.. you’re lucky to get to meet sri sushameendra teertha swamyji. Do you follow raghavendra mutt’s philosophy(as in , is that what your family follows), because i do…


  7. Sir,
    Excellent guru and his grace. goodluck.


  8. narendra said:

    pranam sir

    what to say … thanks for sharing



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